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I am a Design & Production "Mechanical" Engineer,I’ve been working as a CAD/CAM/CAE Expert since 2015. I have a master’s degree in Designing and Production of machines.
Now, I am studying master in Robotics and Computer vision.
I Work With Autodesk Fusion360,Inventor,Solidworks,Ansys,Catia For Designing 3D models , Render,Test,Analyze the Product and Implement Mathematical Models to help understanding the Designing and Construction with MatLab and Python.
I’ve worked in three major industrial companies, Made a lot of Projects Such as Robots, CNC machines, and industrial equipment.
For example, I have designed mechanical models and implementation stages of production for many Pressing, Molding, Forming, Fixtures & Jaw, Lathes, Drillers, and Milling Machines.
I participated in the design of these machines from the draft and tested them on analysis programs (such as ANSYS, Autodesk Nastran, ABAQUS, COMSOL, and many other applications), and conducted many experiments and tests to know the changes that would occur to the design such as (stress analysis, vibration analysis, etc.) And the use of Matlab and Python to applying all possible analysis methods even to the most complex combinations and mechanisms.


  • MECHANICAL DESIGNER Freelance · Freelance Sep 2016 – Present 7 yrs 9 mos Latakia, Latakia Governorate, Syria Designed and tested simulate various types of machines .such as Fasteners and fixing jaws and Simple CNC machine.
    Supervised processes of manufacturing, testing, and simulating the operations of many parts such as bolts, nuts, valve caps.
  • Mechanical Engineer Emaar motors · Full-time Apr 2018 – Sep 2018 5 mos Latakia, Latakia Governorate, Syria Designed the wheel and the rims for the company on AUTO-DESK inventor and manufactured it using the AUTO-DESK HSM by a CNC machine.
  • Mechanical Engineer ASCO steel · Full-time Jan 2017 – Mar 2018 1 yrs 2 mos Jableh, Latakia Governorate, Syria Designed the rolling machine and the bending machine using Inventor and automated their production in accordance with the metal hardness tests and welding method tests.


  • Innopolis University Master of Engineering, Robotics and Computer Vision 2020 – 2022 Design and study Robots, Drones and implement CV techniques with mechanical skills to offer a complete solutions to the real world
  • Damascus University Master of Engineering, Design and Construction of machines, Very Good 2019 – 2021 ARCHITECT FRIEND

    •Implemented and designed the website using
    •Implemented functionality to draw tensions on each joint and rod
    •Automated top 3 suggestions for improving the blueprint.
  • Tishreen University Bachelor of Engineeering, Mechanical engineering, Very Good 2013 – 2018 I have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Section of Design and production engineering, Rating of Very Good.
    I have been working as a cad/cam expert since 2016,
    I have been awarded the Best Graduation project.
    Design and manufacture a lot of Real machines.

Other experience

  • ARCHITECT FRIEND Implemented and designed the website using
    Implemented functionality to draw tensions on each joint and rod
    Automated top 3 suggestions for improving the blueprint.
  • GRADUATION PROJECT (FLASK-LESS MOLDING MACHINE) Designed and assembled a sand mold printing machine, that can produce all mechanical widgets in a time and financially efficient manner, This machine can be used as part of an integrated production line with a smelting furnace and a conveyor belt To produce and manufacture various mechanical parts with a short time, large numbers, acceptable quality, and low cost.
  • RESEARCHER in WELDING AND OPERATING MACHINES LABORATORY (DATA ANALYST) Using mechanical methods to manufacture a machine that can print the preparation of mechanical parts or forms in a short time
    without errors.
    Performing tests on the different mechanical connection methods.
    Experimenting with different welding methods and their effect on the quality of mechanical connections.
    Working on operating machines and recording notes and the differences between them and automated operating machines.
  • EXPERIMENTER AND DATA ANALYST in CASTING LAB. Carry out experiments on different sand mixtures to obtain the appropriate sand mixture for the printing machine.
    Choose the appropriate metal mixture and compare it in terms of density, Moisture, and grain size.
    Take notes on the comparison between ordinary casting methods and mechanical casting methods by performing some tests on the products.

Licenses & Certifications

  • Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining Coursera May 2020 – Present See credential
  • Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers with Autodesk Fusion 360 Coursera May 2020 – Present See credential
  • Python Data Structures Coursera Apr 2020 – Present See credential

Joined: May 16, 2021

Last seen: July 22, 2021

Area of Expertise
Automotive Design Machine Design 3D Modeling General Design Jewelry Design General CAD Drafting Mechanical Drafting Display Design Exhibition Design Industrial Design Services Concept Design Engineering Design Mechanical Engineering New Invention Development Electronic Devices Furniture Design Lighting Design Jewelry Design Toys & Games Design Hourly Services 3D Printing Services Computer Numerical Control Injection Molding and Casting Finishing Patent Drawings Copyrights Drone Design 3D Rendering Services 3D Design Services CAD Drawing Services Injection Molding Design Tool Design Services 2D to 3D Conversion Services FEA Finite Element Analysis CNC Programming SolidWorks Design Services HVAC Design Services Mold and Die Design Services 3D Solid Modeling SolidWorks Engineering Services AutoCAD Design Services Mechanical 3D Rendering Part-to-CAD Modeling 3D Furniture Rendering 3D Product Rendering and Design Design Engineering Services 2D CAD Drafting Services Assembly Drawing Services Assembly Modeling Services 3D Product Animation Furniture Design and Engineering Services MicroStation Design Services Robotics Design Services Machine Drawing Services Paper to CAD Conversion Mechanical Design Services Metal Design and Fabrication Computational Fluid Dynamics 2D CAD Design Services PDF to CAD Conversion 3D Interior Visualization Mechanical CAD Design Manufacturing Drawings 3D Product Demo 3D Product Modeling Product Engineering Services 2D to 3D Modeling 3D Visualization Services Design for Assembly Services Photorealistic Rendering Mechanical Drawing Services Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Design for Manufacturability (DFM Services) Design for Additive Manufacturing


English Full professional proficiency

French Elementary proficiency

Arabic Native or bilingual proficiency

Russian Elementary proficiency


Nicosia, Nicosia, Russia