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Outstanding new inventions start with a great idea. And then comes a quality design. Every inventor knows that the real work of coming up with a new invention begins only once you've started translating the idea into something a bit more tangible — the actual product design. Ideas are a dime a dozen, but inventions take time, effort, and investment to pull off. 

You have an idea for an invention, and our global network of product development professionals are ready to help you transform that idea into a real product. One of the first steps along that road is to develop a workable CAD design that represents your invention. Having a 3D designer create a realistic rendering of your concept provides a range of benefits that continue to provide value throughout the development cycle. Initial 3D models serve as a kind of early prototyping, helping you get a sense during the conceptual stage of how your invention ideas will take shape in three dimensions. Later, 3D CAD files can be used to create 3D printable STL files for rapid prototyping. And quality 3D renderings are also valuable early-marketing tools, helping you to communicate your vision with investors and early adopters while your product is still in development. 

New invention concept modeling & product designnew invention ideas

Back in the old days, the early conceptual stages of product development meant getting your invention down on paper. While sketches are still valuable as a first step, 3D CAD design tools open up new vistas of creative potential for inventors. A 3D modeler can work with you to create a fully three-dimensional representation of your product ideas, allowing you to get a much more accurate sense of what your design possibilities are before you start building prototypes and physical models. Unlike physical prototypes, CAD designs can be easily altered, manipulated, and re-designed as you work through the conceptual development of your new product. 

3D modeling and CAD design allow you to see your invention fully fleshed out digitally before you have to worry about building anything. This means you can catch potential inherent problems, identify your design trajectory, and begin to really develop your invention before moving into the more tangible modeling and prototyping phase. 

Understanding users

Being an inventor takes a lot of skills. Creativity, perseverance, mechanical aptitude... The list is long. Product design also involves a set of skills. One of them is understanding how the customers will interact with a product. This is a knowledge that comes with experience, and might not be something that every inventor intuitively knows. An experienced product designer can offer some much-needed input when it comes to implementing your invention idea in such a way that it will be received well by users, while also keeping it affordable to manufacture and realistic to assemble. 

Investor presentations and marketing tools

Professional 3D models can serve as useful tools for generating investor and market interest in your product early on. Having a functional prototype that shows off the feasibility of your idea is great, but they often fall a bit short when it comes to capturing the vision of how the final product will actually look when consumers get their hands on them. Pairing a functional prototype with a gorgeous 3D rendering lets you demonstrate the operability of your design while also showing off how the thing will look when it makes its way to store shelves. 

Realistic 3D models are a great tool to have when approaching investors or seeking to secure a product licensing deal. You don't always want to go through the expense of producing a physical presentation model before you begin marketing your invention. A 3D modeler can help bridge the gap .

Rapid prototyping & digital manufacturing

We work with product designers, freelance engineers, and rapid manufacturing firms to provide all the services you need to take your product from conception to full production. Our design experts understand the manufacturing process, and will work with you to select the ideal materials for your project and create a design that is ready for direct digital manufacturing or 3D printing. Once you've developed a workable CAD design for your product, our expert designers can translate it into an STL or VRML file for 3D printing or any other file type for other rapid manufacturing technologies. 

Our full range of flexible product design and development services is completely customized to meet your specific project needs. Cad Crowd stands apart from conventional product design services by offering a comprehensive set of product design services for entrepreneurs, inventors, and corporate clients. We connect you with the design and production solutions you need to make your project a success, all through one convenient and simple interface.

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Invention design and development services

We love working with inventors! That's why we've made Cad Crowd a one-stop-shop for all the invention help and product development services you need to bring your idea to market. From product design to prototypes to patents, we've got you covered!

With 3D printing and rapid manufacturing, it's never been easier to transition from the design phase to full production. Our network of expert will work with you not only to design your ideal product but design a product that is ready for manufacturing. With advances in modern production technologies, rapid manufacturing is cost-effective and reliable for both entrepreneurs and companies. A talented CAD designer is all you need to bring your product idea to market.

We also offer patent services and USPTO patent searches to help you patent your idea. Make sure you protect your intellectual property and consult with one of our patent attorneys.

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