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Engineering design is the art and science of making things work. From the largest hydroelectric dam to the smallest microprocessor, engineers are the people who figure out how to turn far-flung ideas and impossible dreams into the everyday products and machines that we take for granted.

Cad Crowd connects you with the freelance engineering services you need to solve your technical challenges. We provide engineering solutions for individuals and companies that require engineering design and analysis. Helping you solve your design problems is our business. 

We offer professional engineering services for product design, mechanical design, and architectural projects. Our leading network includes civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers ready to take on projects of any scale. From PCB design for new electronic devices to structural engineering, we'll pair you with the services your project needs to meet and exceed your goals while staying on budget. 

Our flexible engineering services are fully customizable to suit the requirements and timeline of your project. Whether you're looking to bring on short-term help to meet a rushed deadline or are seeking to hire a long-term engineering consultant, with Cad Crowd, you can hire the professional help you need. 

Engineering services we offer include:engineering cad services

Cad Crowd connects you with pre-qualified, vetted, talented engineers who can work with molded and formed plastics, machined components, sheet metal, castings, and weldments. Hire a skilled freelance engineer to help you design your product. Use digital prototyping tools to analyze how that product will respond to vibrations, heat, fluid flows, fatigue, and other real-world stresses. 

Cad Crowd stands apart from conventional engineering companies by offering a complete range of design, freelance 3D modeling, drafting, and engineering CAD services. We also offer patenting, rapid manufacturing services, and an all-in-one, easy-to-use interface for inventors and entrepreneurs. We connect you with the professionals you need, whether it's expert architects, engineers, or both. And without the overhead associated with operating a traditional engineering design firm, we can offer high-caliber services at a fraction of the price. 

Engineering services combine form and function

What's the point in spending time and energy developing a product that doesn't work? In every field, good design maintains an emphasis on real-world functionality and provides an innovative solution. Conceptual designs that aren't grounded realistically by the physical constraints of production and extended operation will always result in costly redesigns down the road or disappointed customers and stakeholders. 

Working with technically skilled designers from the beginning ensures your project won't fall into this trap. A talented engineer will help you to produce a reliable product on time without encountering costly mistakes. That means a better and ultimately more profitable design.

The engineers in our network have worked with clients to design everything from oil and gas skids and mixer tanks to retractable pens. With over 10,000 designers in our global network, we have an expert on hand for any project, large or small. Cad Crowd is an expert source for technical upstream to downstream solutions. 

Let us know about your project. We'll evaluate your requirements and provide you with a free estimate. Get a quote now, and connect with experienced engineering professionals. 

engineering services

Our commitment is quality service

Digital technology is changing how companies do business and new ways for individuals, entrepreneurs, and companies to connect with global talent. We believe that open innovation and new platforms for creative collaboration offer powerful growth opportunities. We aim to provide our clients with instant and easy access to high-caliber engineering and CAD design services. We help clients leverage the incredible efficiencies that digital technologies and online tools offer.

Through Cad Crowd, you have instant access to a roster of professional and experienced technical drafters and engineers with experience in everything from structural analysis to machine design to electrical drafting. Our top-ranked engineers understand the engineering-design process and are ready to pick up with you wherever you are in the cycle. We're prepared to help with the following:

  • Initial research: Reverse engineering, locating information, identifying existing solutions.
  • Analyzing the design requirements: Establishing the problem definition and identifying needed functions and specifications.
  • Assessing feasibility: Analyzing project potential for informed decision making.
  • Ideation/Conceptualization: Brainstorming, risk assessment, and evaluation of proposed solutions.
  • Preliminary designs: Schematics, technical drawings, layouts, and diagrams to create the general framework of the design.
  • Final design: Elaborating preliminary designs, solid modeling, identification of material, and packaging requirements.
  • Production planning and tool design: Preparing for mass production.

We're here to help you bring your product to market, whatever it is. Our engineers have worked in every imaginable industry, from aerospace design to automotive to medical devices, and everything in between. Our engineers understand material stress requirements, load calculations, functional analysis, and health and safety requirements. 

Instead of merely providing a platform for freelancers to apply for jobs, at Cad Crowd, we select the best candidate for your specific project. We connect you with an expert who has a proven record of high quality and successful engineering design work. We trust our freelancers to deliver the level of service that people have come to expect from Cad Crowd. 

We are based in the United States and cater primarily to clients from the U.S and Canada. We understand the local manufacturing industry and the constraints and possibilities within which design firms operate. We stand behind our services and are ready to help you in any way that we can. 

Get a free estimate now, and we'll get to work on connecting you with the expert engineering services you need to meet and exceed your project goals. For world-class design services, quick turnaround, and fair prices, look no further than the Cad Crowd CAD design and engineering community. 

Different types of engineering

Engineering design

Excellent engineering requires top-notch engineering design. For services such as this, Cad Crowd provides everything from ideation and layout to prototyping. Whether you need someone to dig into conceptualization or engineer the realization of a project, we have engineering professionals in all fields, ready for confidential contracts whenever needed.

Let us know the project’s timelines, and we’ll connect you with a civil, electrical, structural, or mechanical engineer that can complete your work in record time and under budget. From the design of a consumer product to an internal application, have a seasoned engineer create the drafting or 3D models necessary for your project.

With advanced computer-aided design programs, our engineering services designers are able to craft unique solutions for your firm or client. If you need a specific application or file type, we can make that happen too. Just let us know.

Civil engineering

As the field of engineering is primarily associated with environmental construction or design, civil engineering necessitates a wide range of models and technical documents. If you’re working on a structure such as a road or bridge, tunnel, or dam, you need someone experienced in working with city architecture and infrastructure.

This is precisely what our civil engineers offer: flexible solutions for permanent investments in new designs and structural elements of the environment. Functionality and elasticity define the civil engineer’s role. At Cad Crowd, we work with the most talented and accomplished designers in this capacity. From private to public, temporary to permanent, and everything in between, we have civil engineers ready for your job.

Mechanical engineering

When you need materials sciences to combine with physics for many wide-ranging engineering feats, you’re best off working with a mechanical engineer. In the highly diverse field of mechanical engineering, operators work with critical analytics and design of machines as well as other forms of mechanical systems.

Beyond this, however, tenured mechanical engineers have the ability to design with the real world in mind. In other words, mechanical engineering, at its best, brings together the wider theory of machine structure with actual hands-on practice. As a result of this combination, you can expect designs that not only work but that last and provide safe and reliable environments in which to work for many years to come.

Mechanical engineers at Cad Crowd provide solutions for projects relating to systems and machinery, of course. Additionally, though, they also work extensively with industrial tools, robotic equipment, manufacturing systems, automobile engineering, HVAC equipment, and much else besides. Whatever your mechanical engineering question or task might be, we can absolutely provide the answer.

Electrical engineering services

Within the broader world of engineering, electrical aspects have their own particular problems, issues, and safety mechanisms. Because of this, when you're working with electricity you want to use an experienced engineer that knows how to be safe, effective, and efficient, while providing reliability at the same time.

At Cad Crowd, we don't leave anything to chance. Electrical engineers that we work with have extensive experience both in design work and in the field. No matter how large or small the project might be, there is no substitute for excellent engineering design services. Our designers take time and listen to your parameters and requirements in order to provide you with the most satisfactory solution for your electrical engineering needs.

At its best, electrical engineering exists as an interplay between analysis, conceptual frameworks, and applied solutions. If you work in consumer electronics or have commercial or industrial needs, our freelancers can help meet any goal, and they’ll do it on time and within the specified budget.


As a profession primarily connected to the optimal use of a wide range of complex systems, processes, and organizations, industrial engineering ranks as one of the most difficult and valuable of all engineering roles. This is largely due to the integrated nature of the process.

Industrial engineers must work in design, development, systems integration, accounting, conceptual knowledge, and data processing, as well as physical equipment, not to mention various materials and energy sources.

It is this amalgamation of processes that create such a difficult yet vital function. Industrial engineers have to apply their training and skill set to sciences that relate to physical, mathematical, or physical engineering. Combined with theoretical knowledge and practical applications of design and analytics, industrial engineers must clearly define the parameters of a project in advance. Additionally, they regularly need to provide forecasts about the future state of a dynamic environment and assess given results across a range of complicated systems.

If you need an industrial engineer to provide any of the bevy of skills or conceptual assets at their command, Cad Crowd can help you do it. We work with industrial engineering and design freelancers with the practical and technical know-how to get your work on its feet with coherence, versatility, and skill.

Automotive & aerospace engineering

Automotive and aerospace projects work with a wide range of different engineering professionals. A mechanical engineer might design the nature of the machinery. Chemical engineers can assess the petroleum gas and other chemistry necessary for the device to function. Additionally, an electrical engineer could assess the electric issues associated with the object and how it might work with any other components.

In other words, automotive and aerospace work both exist along the continuum of the expansive world of engineering and design. If you need assistance getting a project up on its feet in the worlds of aerospace or automotive industries, the engineers at Cad Crowd can provide the exact solution you need. Whether it’s a single engineer or a whole team from various fields, we can connect you to the best person or group for the job every time.

Chemical engineering

As it pertains to physics, math, biology, and chemistry, it makes sense that chemical engineering is enormously complex and difficult to master. The experts in this area have advanced degrees in this space or similar fields such as process engineering. Due to the hazardous materials that regularly arise in such a discipline, it also makes sense that you would only want someone with expertise and a long track record of success working on your chemical projects.

Chemical engineers have the Herculean task of design ways to streamline energy use regarding utilization, production, design, transformation, and transportation. This ranges from the very big to the incredibly small. Whether you need someone to work on nanoparticles or a raw material like petroleum, Cad Crowd can connect you to the perfect professional for your job.

Oil & gas and petroleum engineering

Speaking of petroleum, chemical engineers often transform into oil and gas specialists. Energy and natural gas work continues to boom well into the twenty-first century, with no shortage of supply or demand. If your work relates to hydrocarbons in any way, then you need an oil and gas engineering design expert.

This might entail drilling, purifying, or manufacturing. Due to these disparate yet interconnected tasks, petroleum and gas engineers must also have a working knowledge of geological concepts and economic factors as well as any other of the myriad components involved in petroleum and natural gas work. 

In this capacity, chemical engineers and geologists often work side by side to determine optimal analysis and production of a specified gas in a particular area. If you need a specialist to lend their expertise to your petroleum engineering project, reservoir work, or other natural gas solution, get in touch with Cad Crowd. We only team up with the best chemical and petroleum freelance engineers at work today.

Geotechnical engineering

A related field to chemical and petroleum engineering shows up in the space of geotechnical design and analysis. Interestingly enough, geotechnical engineers are actually also similar to civil engineering in many ways, as well as in work for construction, environmental analysis, the military, and mining companies. They’re kind of the Flintstones family of the engineering world.

As experts in earth science and the functioning of such materials, engineers in the geotechnical space apply theoretical and practical knowledge to a range of industries and applications. If your project relates to work being completed in connection to earth materials or below the earth’s surface, you will likely need a geotechnical engineer.

Our earth specialists can help you to assess the nature of your project and clarify the type and amount of material necessary. At the dig site, your geotechnical engineer’s work will allow you to analyze the soil itself, along with any fault or rock formations in the area. This influences a determination on what properties the earth contains in that area and the proper way to go about interacting with it and working alongside it.

Whether in developing a new mine or rock quarry or setting up the foundation for a new structure, we can help. Cad Crowd’s geotechnical engineers are the best in the business and can bring a truly incomparable level of expertise and efficiency to your project time and time again.

Environmental engineering

The array of skills and knowledge that chemical and geotechnical engineers must master in the pursuit of their field is vast. Given this, one might wonder at the breadth of such expertise that’s necessary to work in environmental engineering. Hint: it’s a lot.

Specifically, we’re talking all the “ology’s”: biology (and its cousin, microbiology), geology, ecology, and hydrology. And this doesn’t even include the chemistry, physics, and math involved. The point is that environmental engineers provide a skill set that extends far beyond the environment as such, spreading out into virtually every scientific discipline one might come up with.

In tangible terms, this refers to recycling, of course, but also waste management and water disposal, as well as other more general concerns for public health, such as smog or pollution mitigation. If your project involves the environment or interacts with municipalities in some capacity, you’re probably going to need an environmental engineer to work on your team.

The engineers specializing in environmental practice at Cad Crowd bring the wide expanse of their knowledge to bear. This comes in the form of practical considerations and design solutions for infrastructure, new land expansion, hazardous materials, and even the complex legal considerations regarding environmental law and construction. Team up with Cad Crowd to ensure that your development of the natural world goes smoothly from the first step to the last.

Structural engineering services

In the construction and architectural fields, few things have more importance than security and safety. It’s the job of structural engineers to assess the load a building will bear and provide calculated predictions on how to make it all work. Structural engineers also work in the development of non-architectural projects, such as automobiles, manufacturing equipment, and medical apparatuses. Anything that requires a significant emphasis on structural integrity.

Our cadre of engineers here at Cad Crowd are available for work that runs the full spectrum of structural projects. From residential to commercial, big projects or small, we have the right structural engineer for you. Let us help you to evaluate and design your project at the highest quality, with attention to detail, and execute plan for success.

Finite systems analysis (FEA) engineering

Though it’s less well known in some circles, finite systems analysis fills an important role in engineering for the real world. Sometimes called FEA (for finite element analysis), this branch of engineering focuses on analysis and computational models for mathematical predictions in a certain area. Examples may include anything in the physical world, such as force or vibration, energy, and fluidity.

FEA engineers also make evaluations of the robustness of an object, from tools and equipment to commercially sold products. They answer questions as to the durability of a given item, primarily, which helps manufacturing companies know how to gauge warranties along with how to improve the product itself.

If you’re in need of a finite systems analysis engineer, Cad Crowd can connect you to a vetted professional with years of experience and expertise. Make this next project your best yet with an FEA engineer that can your products and equipment to the next level of durability so they stand the ultimate test: the test of time.

Thermal analysis engineering

Just like it sounds, thermal analysis is a branch of engineering focused on temperature. Thermal engineers utilize a number of different procedures in order to analyze the temperature of a particular entity. These vary in nature and in scope. In one study, they might gauge the difference in temperature over time. On another project, engineers could analyze the specific gases inherent in the material and the process of their decomposition.

Whatever form of analysis is required in your particular work, the thermal analysis engineers at Cad Crowd are equipped to help bring your project to fruition. With the highest level of thermal analytics, our engineers can evaluate projects large and small, no matter the extent or range.

Connect with a CAD designer, engineer, or drafting technician

All of our engineers have a proven record of expertise and competence. Whatever the scale and timeframe of your project, you will find talented professional individuals available for both long-term and short-term contract work. 

We pride ourselves in offering flexible services custom tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project and budget. We take the guesswork out of online hiring by connecting you directly with pre-qualified top-ranking engineers with a proven record of expertise and success. 

We also offer crowdsourced design competitions, which allow individuals and engineering companies to take advantage of the creative power of open innovation. Set out the contest's parameters, set the prize amount, and review submissions from multiple participants. You select the winner!

Engineering design can be one of the most important aspects of a project. We're here to help! Let us know about your project. We'll review it and provide you with a quote. Get an estimate now and connect with the expert freelance engineering services your project deserves.


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