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Mechanical engineering is the application of physics, material science, and engineering science to the design, analysis, and creation of mechanical systems and machines. While it might seem very modern, mechanical engineering is actually one of the oldest engineering disciplines. A talented mechanical engineer combines broad theoretical knowledge with real-world practical experience in order to plan and build reliable, safe, and effective machines. 

A skilled engineer is central to the success of any mechanical design project. Take advantage of Cad Crowd's engineering services to connect with a world-class mechanical engineer. Our expert freelancers are skilled in CAD design, product lifecycle management, and structural analysis. Our services are available for both design and analysis of any and all mechanical systems, including manufacturing plants, robotics, machinery and industrial equipment, vehicles, HVAC systems, and everything in between. 

From mechanical design to production to analysis

Good mechanical design introduces a range of valuable benefits to product design and innovation. Reduced manufacturing costs, increased efficiency, improved user experiences, better performance, and higher environmental safety make any mechanical system more desirable and competitive.

An engineer who understands material science is invaluable during the design phase of any mechanical product. The proper selection of materials ensures that your product will be able to withstand the various stresses and forces that it will likely be exposed to. But material selection is also a major cost factor, and a knowledgeable and experienced engineer will be able to help you make the right choices that will avoid costly mistakes down the road, and make sure you're maximizing your budget.

There are a number of engineering analysis tools that greatly enhance the design process. Our engineers can help you with static and dynamic analysis, kinematics, and fluid mechanics. The use of sophisticated CAD software allows engineers to perform many of these analyses before a product is manufactured. This lets designers expedite the iteration process before beginning prototyping.

Our roster of qualified and talented mechanical engineers, CAD drafting technicians, and designers are available for both individual entrepreneurs and corporate clients. Our engineers use cutting-edge computer-assisted design technologies for everything from 3D modeling to virtual prototyping to frame and stress analysis.

Our flexible mechanical engineering services are fully customizable to meet the specific demands of your project. Whether you need to bring on temporary help to meet a looming deadline or are looking to bring an engineering professional onto your team for the long term, our expert engineers and drafters are ready to take on your project. Using powerful modern digital technologies means complex engineering tasks can be handled remotely in ways that we could only have dreamed about previously. 

Quality mechanical engineering is critical to producing successful products. Cad Crowd has a roster of talented mechanical engineers, designers, modelers, and drafters with industry specialties that range from energy analysis for oil and gas to automotive, product design, industrial design, and manufacturing.

mechanical engineering services

Mechanical engineering services we offer include:

  • Electronic and mechanical systems integration and optimization
  • Material selections
  • Engineering analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Thermal modeling
  • Tolerance fit analysis
  • CAE and CFD analysis
  • Reliability planning
  • 3D rendering services

The mechanical engineering services your project deserves

With engineering services tailored specifically to the needs of your project, Cad Crowd is a great way for entrepreneurs and independent innovators to connect with the high-quality mechanical engineering services they need while sticking to a budget that is realistic for them. Through efficient business practices and by taking advantage of the networking power of digital technologies, we're able to offer world-class engineering talent at a fraction of the cost of traditional engineering firms. 

Because our services are flexible, you only pay for the work you need, when you need it. We connect you directly with a pre-qualified, top-ranking freelance engineer, so you don't have to waste any of your time vetting applicants. And with a complete range of product design services, Cad Crowd has everything you need to complete your design project on time and within your budget. 

Finding good help online shouldn't be stressful. We want our clients to feel confident that they are hiring skilled and experienced freelancers. We stand behind our designers and offer you a guarantee that your new design will be accurate to your project description. 

Cad Crowd offers a new way for innovators to connect with creative designers and engineers quickly, easily, and reliably. We are proud to offer high-quality mechanical design and engineering solutions for any application. As a U.S based company, we understand the pressures and realities of the design and manufacturing industries, and we're ready to address all inquiries.

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Freelance mechanical engineers and mechanical drafting

We've re-invented engineering and mechanical design services. Unlike conventional mechanical engineering firms, Cad Crowd connects you with a broad range of design specialists, whether you need a freelance engineer or a product development team. Cad Crowd is your one-stop-shop for all engineering and design services. With our diverse network of freelancers, we offer expertise and services covering all aspects of the product development cycle, from conception to industrial design to CAD modeling.

For inventors and entrepreneurs, we also offer a full range of contract manufacturing and patenting services. With a complete range of product design and development solutions, Cad Crowd is ready to help you with any and all aspects of your design project.

If you're interested in crowdsourcing, take a look at our crowdsourced design contests. You can review submissions from multiple engineers and designers, and you select the winner!

Get an estimate now, and tell us about your project. We'll review your requirements and connect you with an industry-leading mechanical engineer with the skills and experience you need to realize your project goals. 

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