Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, and 3D Printing

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Manufacturing, 3D Printing, and Rapid Prototyping Services 

Are you looking for a manufacturing services company to help bring your consumer product idea or prototype to life? We'll connect you with the best US-based product manufacturers, rapid prototyping companies, and 3D printing firms in the United States. Without our network of production experts, we offer a comprehensive array of manufacturing technologies to handle any design application with unparalleled quality and lead times.

Take advantage of contract manufacturing to connect with the best manufacturing firm for your project. Tell us about your project, and we can help identify the optimal technology, whether that be additive manufacturing services or conventional milling and casting,

Rapid Prototyping

Our network of manufacturing experts provides a range of rapid prototyping services. Whether you're looking to produce a stunning investor model or to test a rigorous functional prototype, you'll find a wide variety of technologies and materials at your disposal, including both 3D printing and rapid machining. Produce a few early concept prototypes, or create thousands of end-use parts finished and ready for your clients. Find the solution that works for your designs.

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing

The technology for 3D printing parts and assemblies has really taken off over the past few years. 3D printers are growing ever more powerful Take advantage of state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies to manufacture complex parts and assemblies directly from CAD files. Design your parts for optimum functionality, not to meet specific machining requirements! The design flexibility, fast lead time, and diversity of printing materials make 3D printing one of the most exciting fields of manufacturing technology. 

Our additive manufacturing experts can produce parts from a wide variety of metals, plastics, and resins. Technologies include:

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective Laser Sintering is a manufacturing process that uses a CO2 laser to fuse thermoplastic or metal powders into functional, durable 3D objects. A range of materials are available to meet different mechanical requirements, including metallic and silicone-like elastomers in addition to plastics. SLS printing produces parts with low weight and considerable functionality. Though originally used for prototyping, SLS manufacturing is now also used in the fabrication of end-use parts and assemblies.

The benefits of SLS include:

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

An additive manufacturing technology similar to SLS which creates 3D printed metal objects. Direct Metal Laser Sintering uses lasers to fuse powdered metal to create complex metal parts that would be impossible using conventional manufacturing technologies. This technique allows for a much more flexible approach to design, as complex geometries can be maintained within a single part, avoiding the extra costs and engineering restrictions of multi-part assemblies. 

Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography is a layer-additive manufacturing process which uses a UV laser to solidify photosensitive resins into intricately detailed objects with smooth surface finishing in a wide variety of materials. With layers as thin as 0.002 inches, extremely precise details are achievable without the need for any post-processing. One of the earliest 3D printing technologies, SLA remains unrivaled when it comes to producing intricately detailed parts with high-quality surface finishing. The benefits include:

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Fused Deposition Modeling is a layer additive manufacturing process for creating parts and assemblies from production-grade thermoplastics. Parts can be built to the same rigorous standards as conventional manufacturing, allowing for both highly functional prototypes as well as rugged end-use parts. FDM machines are reliable for precise replication of parts and so can be used for production runs.

CNC Machining (Milling / Turning)

CNC machining uses a subtractive manufacturing process where a high-speed cutting machine removes material from a block or pre-existing part. Extremely precise detail is possible with minimal lead time, making it an ideal rapid manufacturing technology for high-tolerance applications. Virtually any engineering material can be machined, including wood, plastic, metal, and foam.

Composites and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Molds

Composite and carbon fiber reinforced parts for situations where you need extra strength or protection. Composites are used for a variety of applications, from compartment covers and recreational vehicle panels to MRI coils. Use reinforced composite covers to house sensitive equipment and to protect other materials from the elements, or to complete the perfect look for your consumer product. 


Our manufacturing experts offer a wide selection of conventional prototype tooling and manufacturing services for high and low-volume production runs. Available services include:

Injection Molding and Casting

Conventional molding and casting services are available for production runs of any size. From prototype to full production, our expert manufacturers are ready to make your design a reality. Technologies include:

Injection molding is ideal for low and mid-volume production runs with fast lead times. Hundreds of materials are available.

Cast Urethanes

Urethane casting is ideal for creating that stunning presentation model you need to wow your investors. Rapidly manufacture cost-effective prototypes and early-development parts with the high degree of detail and surface texture you would get from a final production piece, without the need for expensive hard tooling.

Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM)

With Direct Digital Manufacturing, your project goes right from digital CAD file to a real tangible object, without any additional overhead costs and time associated with conventional manufacturing. Using layer additive technologies, DDM can achieve a similar quality to injection molded parts, but at a fraction of the cost. Strong metal and plastic parts, created right from your CAD design!

Part Finishing and Post Production

With the finishing and post-production services offered by our network of manufacturing experts, you won't have to worry about doing any sanding or painting. Prototypes and parts will ship to you with precisely the level of finishing that you specify. Finishing options include:

We don't just offer manufacturing services!  We've also helped thousands of clients make their visions a reality with our CAD design services. Find an expert CAD designer to transform your idea into a workable design. And once you've got that idea on paper, it's time to protect it! Our network of leading patent attorneys can help you through the patenting process.