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Product design and development is the process of transforming an idea into the kind of great product that consumers expect. Your product must resonate with people and create a memorable, positive user experience. The market has high standards, and so do our designers! Working with talented product designers or design firms is an essential part of a successful business strategy.

We make it easier than ever to connect with a top-ranking freelance product designer. Cad Crowd offers a full range of product development services for both corporate and individual clients. Our services include industrial product design, creative packaging design, and product development. We offer everything from initial concept design and 3D modeling to prototyping and manufacturing, making Cad Crowd your one-stop-shop for CAD services. 

We've reinvented product design. The world-class designers, engineers, and manufacturers in our global network can work with you to complete any phase of the product design process. Our flexible services are tailored to satisfy the demands of your specific project, budget, and timeline. We work with both corporate clients and individual inventors and can turn your product from a vision or sketch into full production. Or, you can take advantage of our roster of CAD freelancers to hire the help you need when you need it. 

Industrial design: Performance-designed products that workproduct design cad crowd

Industrial designers create products that are ready for mass production and consumption. From planning to production, we bring together design, strategy, and engineering to develop outstanding consumer products for the market.

Our design experts understand the manufacturing process and will work with you to create product designs that meet both functional and aesthetic requirements. These designs can be optimized for rapid manufacturing, 3D printing, or conventional molding and casting. We work with industry-leading freelance product designers who have worked on projects ranging from luxury cell phones and automotive parts to accessories and headphones. Our experts will work with you to create a design that will look and feel great for users.

Comprehensive product design and development services

While 3D printing and other technological advancements in CAD design and manufacturing have changed the game, there are core fundamentals of the product design process that will always stay the same. Product design and development is often a non-linear process involving many revisions, reimaginings, and recalibrations. Even so, an effective product design process is characterized by three core phases: Analysis, conception, and implementation. These stages are not wholly distinct, as the designer will move back and forth between them continually during the design process. 

  • Analysis: This is the initial stage where the goal is to first define what problem needs to be solved by the new design and then to determine the most efficient route to solve that problem. This is a critical stage in the design process. The design problem becomes the selling point of the product and the value proposition you have to offer customers down the road. The product design and development process is fundamentally centered around the task of providing an elegant solution to a real-world problem. This is the phase of the design cycle when preliminary research is undertaken to identify the problem and channel the direction of product development. 
  • Conception: The product begins to take shape. The problems identified during the analysis phase become the design goals that the product will need to satisfy to succeed in the market. The niche into which the product will fit is clarified, and focus is given to the design project. This phase represents the shift from identifying the problems to be solved to thinking about the product that will solve them.
  • Implementation: This phase takes place in tandem with the conception phase. Brainstorming is the method, and innovation is the goal. The idea is to come up with a limited selection of feasible and appropriate solutions. It now becomes possible to develop a plan for the actual creation of the product. Prototypes can now be generated and compared, materials selected, and the contesting solutions can be evaluated to determine the ideal implementation. 

We help our clients through any or all of these design phases. The right freelance product designer can guide your project through each step of the process. Our services are flexible to reflect the different points where inventors and entrepreneurs may need assistance in the design cycle. We offer professional, experienced designers who can assist you with the initial analysis, and we offer custom-tailored services to help you meet your project goals at any other stage of development. Let us know where you are in the design and development process, and we'll meet you there. 

Wrapping it up with a bow: Packaging design and marketing presentations

Designing an excellent, innovative, and functional product is a great start. But the product will never be successful if you can't get it into the hands and homes of consumers. Developing compelling and creative packaging design for your invention is almost as important as the design of the product itself. They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but they also say a picture is worth a thousand words, yet we keep putting covers on books! Our creative packaging designers will ensure that your product gets the attractive package it needs to be successful on the market. You can also take advantage of our marketing display and exhibition services to create professional and compelling retail displays.

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Product design and development & freelance CAD design

Our goal at Cad Crowd is to simplify the product development process. The industry-leading designers, engineers, and manufacturers in our global network are able to handle any aspect of product design and can work with you from project inception to completion. Our goal is to provide you with a freelance product designer to meet the specific demands of your project. Services are offered in all industry-standard technologies, including AutoCAD, CATIA, and SolidWorks.

In addition to our comprehensive set of services, we also offer patenting services so you can protect your intellectual property. We'll also connect you with leading manufacturers based in the U.S. when you're ready to start production.

Interested in crowdsourcing? We got you covered! Check out our crowdsourced design contests.

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