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How many great ideas have withered and died on the vine in the past year? Probably far too many. From conceptualization to prototype development, inventors encounter obstacle after obstacle, many of which originate in the inventor’s mind.

Project development can be made simpler with a prototype design service. Use such a service to get your ideas off the drawing board and closer to becoming a tangible reality.

A novel idea remains a pipe dream unless the inventor takes the initiative of working toward its realization. Whether designing the floor space of a new business, helping people manage their hectic work lives, or designing a gardening tool that eliminates weeds effortlessly, a 2D or 3D model of a concept can act as a quantum leap toward the goal of producing a marketable product.

Cad Crowd has the expertise you want to get your project moving forward. Cad Crowd knows that every project is unique and that budgets are a prime consideration for the inventor. That’s why we provide options to help you find your comfort zone. One option is for the inventor to provide Cad Crowd with the requirements and specifications required in a prototype design. Our team will work around the clock to provide a 2D or 3D prototype ready for presentation to manufacturers, investors, and financial institutions.

If time is less urgent, another option for inventors is to hold a Cad Crowd design contest, allowing you to choose from various top notch designs. We’ll use our database of modelers and designers to get the word out quickly that a project requires developmental assistance. The input from these professionals may have you thinking about other options for your invention that you hadn’t considered. Once the competition is complete, you decide which design is best, and only the winner gets paid the amount you set as a prize.

Once a prototype is finalized, Cad Crowd helps propel inventors to the next stage by suggesting manufacturers from its extensive list of quality companies. Make your presentation to companies or institutions confident, knowing specialists who predicted and worked out any possible shortcomings during the design stage have engineered the prototype to be its best.

Cad Crowd is mindful of budgets throughout the conceptual and design process and continually liaises with the customer. 3D printing has proved invaluable for rapid prototype development by allowing designs to be repeatedly changed with successive improvements. Stages of prototyping include producing a concept model, presentation model, functional prototype, rapid tooling, and low-volume production.

Varieties of rapid prototyping

Cad Crowd lets you decide what type of rapid prototyping suits your project. Concept model prototyping provides an inventor with a “first look” at an idea in a tangible form. This cursory view is invaluable for discerning an idea’s imperfections at the tactile level, even though such a model may not be fully or partially operational. Also, as a means of attracting investor support or interest, an idea is taken off the screen or paper to produce a prototype, which can then be put in the hands of manufacturers or patent officers for a more accurate representation.

Demonstrate your idea with flair by producing a presentation model that utilizes various materials and colors. Using SLA or SLS 3D printing technology, this form of rapid prototype produces a certain amount of awe from interested groups and individuals who can more easily envision the project’s potential.

SLA (stereolithography) 3D printing structures a prototype through layer technology, and SLS (selective laser sintering) 3D printing forms prototypes by fusing powdered materials with a laser to solidify them. Discuss these methods with Cad Crowd’s technologists to decide which rapid prototyping service method is best for your invention.

When the development has reached a stage where a prototype can become a working item, a functional prototype would be the best choice to convert neutral or even negative beliefs into positive ones. Utilize Cad Crowd’s rapid prototyping services to create a physical blueprint of an item before mass production begins. Made from the same materials used in the production process, test the prototype with all the rigors it can expect as a marketed item before manufacturing machinery is put into gear.

Prototypes help get your ideas off the ground

Projects that require exclusively manufactured parts in the development stage can get expensive when only small runs are needed. Cad Crowd’s rapid tooling provides tools and parts at a fraction of the cost of conventional machining methods.

Often the best test for a prototype is to let other people, like family or friends, try it for a while. Rapid prototype development facilitates this through low-volume production. Whether you want the prototypes to have a market-ready look or be more rudimentary in appearance is entirely up to you.

The critical thing to remember when using prototype design services is whether you have an idea to promote and market. Cad Crowd is a full service prototype design and development company that turns dreams into reality. Once you’ve taken the first step in creating an idea, take the next step by contacting Cad Crowd to confidentially discuss your project and its development.

What used to take eons to complete now takes only days; to develop a rapid prototype that is ready for presentation to others. Contact Cad Crowd for a free estimate on the best method to take your idea to the next level. From the earliest stages, Cad Crowd will ensure you have the best options for your project and budget, allowing you to maintain control over every decision.

Some companies try to sell a package of products; Cad Crowd, on the other hand, is selective, providing only what you need with absolutely no pressure tactics. Utilize our rapid prototyping techniques or hold a global competition and get ideas from multiple designers and modelers. Whether your idea is large or small, complex or relatively simple, we provide the tools you need to make your product successful.

Customers who use our rapid prototyping tools have been delighted at our freelancers’ skill in producing quality prototypes in a few days. Rapid prototyping can make the difference between having a product-ready design or losing your idea to someone else.

The first step is to have an idea for something new or come up with an enhancement for an existing product. Contact Cad Crowd’s prototyping services to turn that idea into a 2D or 3D realization. With today’s prototyping services and technology, the time of good ideas shriveling up is over.

Prototyping steps to consider

Before your idea is market-ready, consider carrying out the following steps:

  • Develop your idea through drawings on paper as thoroughly as you can.

  • Ask yourself questions that others would ask if unfamiliar with your idea and provide answers.

  • Contact Cad Crowd to begin a confidential information gathering process with our prototype development team.

  • Use the meetings as idea expansion sessions for refining a concept and turning your prototype plans into reality.

As the Greek philosopher Plato said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” How many objects do you use daily that began as an idea and became a solution for what were common problems? Great ideas are often right under our noses, but it takes someone special to notice it. Contact us for your free consultation, and we'll get your idea ready to be noticed.