Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing services

Design highly accurate and precise models, patterns and prototypes with our SLA 3D printing services

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Extremely precise 3D printed models, patterns, and prototypes

Stereolithography, along with PolyJet, is one of the most precise and accurate rapid manufacturing technologies available. Use our SLA 3D printing services to connect with the best U.S. based additive manufacturing companies, and impress investors with high-quality aesthetic models and prototypes.

Stereolithography uses a UV laser to solidify a range of photopolymer resins to create extremely detailed models and parts, creating layers as small as 0.002 inches. With this level of detail, even the most intricate designs can be realized quickly and cost-effectively. The different resins available allow for various mechanical, visual and thermal properties to suit any application. Because of the high degree of precision and the variability in materials, SLA is an ideal 3D printing technology for creating presentation models to market your product to investors early in the production process. Models can be finished with painting or texturing for a production quality look and feel. 

Prototypes produced by SLA can be tooled and are ideal for creating highly detailed master patterns for molding and casting. Once you've got the exact part you want, cast it and replicate it! Stereolithography machines are capable of producing parts of any size and can produce large assemblies.

Advantages of SLA Manufacturing
  • Precise detail and smooth finish
  • Capable of high-resolution printing, with dimensional accuracy within thousands of an inch
  • A variety of materials are available 
  • Capable of producing highly accurate large geometries
  • Clear, opaque, and transparent materials are available
  • High-temperature resistant
  • Resins can mimic the properties of ABS, polycarbonate, and polypropylene

Our stereolithography 3D printing services are Ideal for form-and-fit checks, concept models, presentation models, and master patterns. SLA is used to create parts and light-duty functional prototypes in the automotive industry, medical instruments, oil and gas, and consumer products. 

Get a quote now and get the best SLA manufacturing companies in the U.S. to transform your CAD designs into elegant models, patterns and prototypes. 

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