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The emergence of the metaverse opens up new and exciting possibilities for creating and selling 3D artwork and designs. It is a virtual world where users can live, work, play, and buy and sell digital goods and services.

Virtual reality (VR) technologies allow you to assume a digital identity to participate in the various locations and activities of the metaverse (think Fortnite or Dencentraland), while Web3 enables you to buy and sell virtual items on the digital ledger and database known as the blockchain.

These new virtual platforms present an intriguing opportunity for solopreneurs and companies who want to profit from creating 3D designs and models for the metaverse or selling digital artwork or assets. The options to capitalize on this new platform vary, whether you make a 3D VR location, create a virtual avatar, or develop a game housed in the metaverse.

The team at Cad Crowd has helped entrepreneurs and companies stay on the cutting edge of new technologies, design trends, and CAD services by connecting them with pre-vetted expert designers and modelers. Read on to see how the metaverse impacts the design world and how our team can help you take advantage of this new medium.

Web2 and Web3 3D design

Web2 and Web3 (Web 3.0) represent phases of our internet. The former includes companies that run websites that allow individuals to create, share, and communicate online. Web2 represents the current state of the internet. Nevertheless, Web3 could be the next phase as it allows users to run and manage decentralized transactions and communication systems.

A famous example of this setup is the blockchain. Here, there is no intermediary. Instead of marketing, buying, and selling within the confines of Amazon or Facebook, Web3 lets users manage and track the process of buying and selling themselves.

How does this impact the design world? Whether you want to sell digital 3D artwork on your preferred social media platform or bypass e-commerce giants to buy and sell in a decentralized system, our network of drafting services designers can create 3D designs or models for use in a Web2 or Web3 system.

3D design for VR/AR

VR is already becoming a staple of the metaverse. VR/AR is the fabric of this platform and facilitates its immersive experiences. Meta, formerly Facebook and a forerunner in establishing a communication forum in the metaverse, has already begun to embrace VR with the development of its VR social platform, Horizon Worlds.

Because of the growing popularity of interacting with others in the metaverse, there'll likely be a continued need to create immersive assets like environmental layouts, buildings, and virtual avatars.

Cad Crowd's network includes experienced designers who work with VR/AR rendering services technology to create exceptional designs that fit your brand.

3D NFT design & NFT drops

Web3, online marketplaces, and cryptocurrencies have made it possible to buy, sell, and track ownership of digital artwork and assets online. Today, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be linked to digital images to ensure that original owners retain ownership of the work and receive direct compensation.

NFT designs have increased in popularity, and a market has formed that allows solopreneurs, small businesses, and even large corporations to create and sell NFTs.

Marketplaces like Rarible, Opensea, FoundationApp, and Superare facilitate NFT design transactions. If you're looking for a way to sell or rent 3D designs, consider working with a 3D modeler, designer, or 3D NFT design service to develop digital artwork and assets.

3D architecture and avatars

The metaverse mirrors our physical world, and there is a need for 3D metaverse architectural services for homes and commercial buildings. Buying and selling virtual real estate is on the rise, and there will be a growing need for 3D renderings of internal and external architectural projects. Even though the properties are virtual, they could still use the skill and expertise of a CAD designer with experience in creating 3D architectural renderings and models.

Alternatively, the metaverse will require 3D avatar designs and 3D avatar design services to communicate and interact with others. Regardless of your avatar's style, Cad Crowd's network of expert designers can develop customized 3D avatars that represent the look and preference of your customers.

3D gaming design (.fbx/.obj files)

Gaming is a critical component of the metaverse. And there are multiple ways to expand your company's reach in design through gaming. According to XR Today, an online publication sharing extended reality news, there are a variety of possibilities for metaverse gaming. Users can add to the virtual world around them, interact and network with others in social activities, participate in profitable events, create and sell in-game assets, and seamlessly blend augmented reality into the gaming experience.

Regardless of the type of game, there'll be a need for in-game assets, characters, environment creation, and level design. Do you want to design a game to further your company's brand? Or do you represent a gaming studio looking to develop your next game for Metaverse audiences? Cad Crowd's metaverse 3D game design services can help build the necessary assets for your next metaverse gaming design project.

Allow Cad Crowd to help you find your next metaverse, VR, and Web3 3D designer

The metaverse brings with it a new and sometimes complex reality. However, there are numerous opportunities to benefit from this platform. According to Statista, 54% of U.S. adults expressed some interest in VR technologies, a critical component of the metaverse. Also, a 1,263-person Forrester survey found that 29% of respondents were interested in exploring the metaverse. While that isn't the majority, it does show a budding interest in this new platform.

Whether you're looking to be an early developer of virtual real estate or want to create in-platform games that promote the buying and selling of NFT designs, the options are vast for how you can participate and invest in the metaverse. And the core of the platform will include 3D designs and models.

For over a decade, the team at Cad Crowd has worked with companies of various sizes to help them reach their design goals. We want to help you to exceed your goals by finding an exceptional designer to help you with your metaverse-related design needs.

Regardless of where you are in the process, our team can help you move forward. If you're ready to start the process, we invite you to reach out for a free quote today.

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