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Find freelance help for 3D gaming design for your company's metaverse and Web 3.0 projects. Services include 3D design for digital game assets like 3D models (fbx/obj), 3D NFT design, rendering and conceptualization for your next initiative.

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The metaverse is a virtual society that allows you to engage in real-world activities like buying, selling, and socializing. And recently, gaming has joined the list. Whether you want to enjoy a multiplayer adventure with friends or turn the purchasing of NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) into an entertaining activity, the metaverse comes with various ways to interact while you game.

Even though the world is new, gaming within the metaverse will likely grow. As a result, there will be a greater need for game design, including 3D models and gaming assets.

Read on about how gaming intertwines with the metaverse and how our designers can help you expand your reach in this industry. Most metaverse projects focus on gaming, and startup leaders anticipate other industry verticals, brands, and digital products. The anticipation is for metaverse gaming to grow to $400 billion in revenue by 2025.

What is metaverse gaming?

The definition is still evolving, but a metaverse game lets users immerse themselves in games while socializing and potentially earning cryptocurrency. Even before Meta's (formerly Facebook's) journey into the metaverse space, video games have been the pioneer of the metaverse. Multiplayer online games have already allowed gamers to socialize and collaborate using digital avatars.

Games like "Fortnite" and "Minecraft" have enabled gamers to create worlds, interact with other gamers using gaming avatars, buy and purchase in-game items, and participate in scheduled gaming activities. Even titles like "Call of Duty" and "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" have metaverse characteristics in their makeup. We are starting to see metaverse gaming universes mirroring these worlds, allowing users to switch from passive to active gameplay with other users seamlessly with the help of virtual reality rendering, augmented reality, and digital avatars.

Also, since the metaverse connects to the blockchain, users can participate in transactions and earn cryptocurrency while playing. For example, a game could allow users to purchase 3D NFT assets to participate. There are many ways for large and small companies to take advantage of gaming within the metaverse, and design will play an integral role in this environment.

If you have design goals for the metaverse, Cad Crowd's team of expert designers can work with you to develop 3D gaming models and designs for use in this platform. Whether you are at the ideation stage or have worked with someone else and need some help pushing your design goals forward, our team can meet you where you are to move your projects forward.

3D metaverse game design, 3D digital assets & rendering services 

Our designers can offer many services to help you capitalize on the metaverse:

  • 3D modeling/rendering: Even though the game is in the metaverse, it still needs to be attractive to audiences. Our designers can work with you to create the building blocks of a metaverse game. Whether your game is in the middle of a forest or a city, a freelancer can use a 3D modeling design services skillset to bring your metaverse gaming vision to life.
  • 3D NFT modeling: NFTs and cryptocurrency have made their way into metaverse gaming. Gamers may buy, sell, distribute and even create 3D NFTs during their gaming experiences. For businesses, it's a great time to offer gaming assets and designs in the form of 3D NFTs. metaverse gaming platforms like The Sandbox have already allowed designers to provide characters and digital assets as NFTs for users to use in games. Our vast network of 3D artists includes 3D modelers that design 3D NFTs to expand your brand in metaverse gaming.
  • 3D art: Exceptional digital game art is necessary to create an immersive experience for gamers. Cad Crowd freelance designers can help you make everything from practical lighting effects to dynamic 3D animation services.
  • 3D asset creation: While characters and environments play a significant part in the metaverse, objects and items are also crucial. Well-designed character health meters, weapons, and in-game rewards like coins or food items add nuance to games. We work with designers who can bring your metaverse gaming ideas to reality and ensure that it has the accessories needed to create a captivating and interactive experience.
  • VR gaming: VR is an essential piece of the metaverse, and this technology has come a long way to facilitate this medium. VR can help games effectively showcase 3D graphics, 2D graphics, panoramic views, and photorealistic models. Cad Crowd designers can work within the limitations of VR to create an interactive environment that adequately uses lighting, detail, and camera movement. Wherever you are in your metaverse VR gaming process, our team can help you create an engaging gaming experience for your audiences.

Metaverse gaming, VR NFT, and cryptocurrency

Creating a metaverse game with VR technology and corresponding assets intertwines with blockchain and cryptocurrency. Gamers can "play-to-earn" cryptocurrency through your game — making it an even more engaging experience for gamers.

However, you can also use this platform to earn and invest in cryptocurrency. For example, The Sandbox allows designers to create VR NFT designs and earn SAND Token, the platform's version of cryptocurrency. From there, this currency can be bought, sold, and invested in on crypto marketplaces.

Work with skilled 3D metaverse and VR NFT gaming designers

The metaverse is changing the way users enjoy their games. Today, gamers can use virtual and augmented realities to increase immersion in new titles. However, today's gaming isn't only about entertainment. Many games are moving into the GameFi and Play-to-Earn spaces as gamers can earn in-game assets, exchange NFTs, and turn these tokens into real-world money.

Designers who engage in GameFi stand to create value for themselves or the companies they work for. Nevertheless, the first step in any Metaverse gaming design project is to find an exceptional freelance designer. Whether you have an idea written on paper or some design assets you've worked on, our team can connect you with a designer who can take you to the next phase.

If you're ready to develop a 3D Metaverse game and incorporate virtual reality design, we encourage you to contact us for a free quote today.

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