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Design Contests
Design Contests
Design contests allow you to get multiple designs for your new product, interior design, 3D printing or 3D modelling project. This is great if you'd like a variety of ideas viewed by thousands of designers.
Hourly Services
Hourly Services
Need help on an ongoing basis? Send us your project details and we'll choose a pre-qualified designer to help you on an hourly basis.
Hire a Designer
Hire a Designer
Work confidentially with one of our pre-qualified designers and ask for a quote on your design project.

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Merichelle Villapando, Global Accounts, OMD
The freelance 3D designers on Cad Crowd helped us create a trophy design for our annual awards with PepsiCo. We received over a dozen 3D concepts from the contest, which all looked great when printed with our 3D printers. We have ongoing marketing initiatives and the extra support with CAD design has been great.
John Taylor, CEO, Tridyne Projects Corp.
We had hundreds of drawings that needed to get done and several freelance designers helped us accomplish the task. Cad Crowd has allowed us to get qualified help on demand for all the overflow drafting and 3D modeling that come up on a day to day basis. It's a service that we'll continue to use moving forward.
Katie Keating, Founder NowPotty
I came to Cad Crowd with rough pencil drawings and no proper design communication skills. These sincere gentleman had the patience and professionalism to sift through my sketches, my unintelligible suggestions, and some nearly functional ideas. Armed only with my meager foundation, the Cad Crowd team repeatedly delivered practical, intelligent suggestions in a timely fashion.
Darren Mullen, Refined Design
As a startup, being able to find qualified, experienced 3D designers so easily was invaluable. It took the guess work out of finding the right price and designer and instead let us focus on what was most important, our product. The way Cad Crowd lets you set up your competitions gives you limitless doorways to finding what works best with your goals.

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