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Vladislav E.

Blender Designer

  • 3D Rendering
  • 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • 2D to 3D Conversion
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Surface Modeling
  • Advanced Surfacing
  • CAD Design
  • 3D Texturing
  • Model Making
  • Surfacing
  • Hard Surface Modeling
  • 2D & 3D Modeling
  • Commercial Architecture Design
  • Product Rendering
  • Furniture 3D Rendering
  • 3D Modeler
  • 3D Architectural Visualization
  • 3D Art Design
  • Rendering 3D Design
  • Furniture 3D Modeling
  • 3D Graphic Design
  • Render 3D
  • Rendering Architecture
  • Animation 3D Design
  • Texturing Materials
  • Shop Front Drawings
  • Advanced Surface Modeling
  • 3D Model Maker
  • Advanced Assembly Modeling
  • Rendering
  • Lighting Controls Design
  • Game 3D Design
  • Electronic Device Design
  • 3D Exhibit Rendering
  • Interior & Exterior Designer
  • hardware design
  • Affordable Housing Design
  • hard surface design
  • 3D Interior Rendering Design
  • 3D Technical Animation
  • 3D Animation Rigging
  • 3D Exterior Rendering
  • 3D Exterior Modeling
  • Lighting Calculations
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Advanced Geometry
  • low poly modeling
  • product visualization
  • junior
  • hard working
  • photorealistic imagery
  • gamedesign
  • surface modelling
  • visual art
  • commecial design
  • Balanced Design
  • Models - Patterns
  • team building
  • high poly modeling
  • 3d render
  • Game ready modeling
  • Hand painted textures
  • Precise work
  • Shading
  • environment modeling
  • Lamp Design
  • Light Design
  • high detail
  • electronic Product design
  • game
  • asset modeling
  • Rendering Images
  • English Speaking
  • Advertisement Design
  • Organic Modeling
  • High-end Visualization
  • Light Visualization
  • ecommerce
  • Game Asset Modeling
  • animation
  • realistic
  • Pragmatic
  • Lighting
  • 3D Environment
  • 3D Rigging
  • 3D Interior Modeling Design
  • 2D to 3D Modeling
  • E-design
  • Furniture
  • Hardsurface Modeling
  • Ad Design
  • Facebook Advertising
  • English Writing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • electronic hardware design
  • Amazon services
  • Model Based Design
  • V-ray
  • Background Art
  • atmospheric
  • 3D real estate rendering
  • 3D rendering services
  • 3D Architecture Modeling
  • lowpoly
  • Gaming Modeling
  • Lowploy modeling
  • visualizer
  • Visual
  • 3D rendering and modeling
  • 3d texture mapping
  • Electronic Devices
  • render animation
  • 3D asset
  • 3D Game Modeling
  • advertisement model
  • cg modeling
  • commercial render
  • cycles
  • electronics redner
  • objects
  • product 3d
  • render
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Blender
  • V-Ray
  • Substance Painter
  • Blender Cycles
  • Blender Eevee
  • photoshop

Last updated: Nov 30, 2023

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FAQ for Hiring Blender Designers

First released in 2002, Blender software is a professional, 3D, open-source graphics system that is used in a wide variety of fields that ranges from animation to interactive 3D applications, visual effects, video games and a host of other digital platforms. The many Blender features provide many 3D modeling features that are used in texturing, match moving, video editing, camera tracking, sculpting, soft body simulation and a host of other applications.

At Cad Crowd, we offer a host of Blender freelancers who are highly skilled in the use of this software system. Our community consists of many professional freelance Blender designers who are highly skilled in using this software system for a wide variety of platforms. For those in the film, television, computer graphics, and related industries, you can find a highly qualified individual skilled in the art of Blender services that will meet your needs for the projects you have to complete.

As Blender has developed over the years, it has become the go-to software system for a wide number of visual effects. Used in fields as diverse as art, television, movies, web design, and more, the ability of Blender to create beautiful 3D models is unsurpassed in terms of the versatility, potential, and reasonable cost of the system itself. Of course, any tool as powerful as Blender can only reach its full potential when used by someone who is fully trained and experienced in the program itself. That’s why it is more cost-efficient for companies looking to add this software system to their projects should hire a Blender freelancer.

With Cad Crowd, you can get the best freelance Blender designer for your particular needs. This means finding one that has worked in your industry before so that their Blender services that are tuned to your particular field. In our pool of Blender freelancers, we only use the best, top-rated, and pre-qualified designers. This means that they are ready to go when it comes to working on your project. They can work individually from their location or integrate with your team in order to achieve the goal on time and on budget. At Cad Crowd, we ensure that the designer you choose is one that can work to your specifications so that the job is completed to your satisfaction.

You can hire a freelance Blender designer today from our pool of experienced designers. You can look over their profiles and choose the one who has the skills, experience, and knowledge of your industry so that you can achieve your project goals. Or, you can submit your project for a free quote and we provide the designer best suited to complete the task. This means that get the type of experienced, knowledgeable designer that will meet your project goals and exceed your expectations with the results.

Blender freelancers are one of many different groups of experienced personnel we have available at Cad Crowd. With thousands of members, you can find the right Blender services to meet the needs of your project. Let us help you in getting your project completed on time and budget today!

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