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3D CAD design is a great asset to any design project. Whether you're developing new consumer products, working on an engineering project, or designing new medical devices, 3D design is a useful tool at many stages of the design process. Early on, 3D models and virtual prototyping is a powerful and cost-effective strategy for concept testing and iterating designs without having to physically produce anything. Later, high-quality 3D renders can be used as marketing tools and to impress investors. 

3d-design-servicesWith modern CAD software, the detail and complexity possible with 3D modeling allow designers do a lot of early development work digitally which used to have to be done through hand draw sketching and prototyping. Today, software tools like Autodesk Inventor and SketchUp allow CAD designers to perform stress analysis and other forms of engineering analysis on virtual prototypes before any money has to be spent on creating tangible prototypes. While this doesn't eliminate the need for real prototypes down the road, it allows for designers more fully test out ideas during the conceptual phase of design fearlessly and with as many iterations as needed.

And when it does come time for a real functional prototype, 3D design still has a role to play. With modern 3D printing technologies, rugged functional prototypes can be rapidly manufactured using materials that are similar or identical to those used in final production. Without having to worry about tooling or production runs, additive manufacturing heavily streamlines the prototyping phase. And, of course, you can't take advantage of 3D printing without a good printable 3D design. Many of the designers at Cad Crowd are experienced in creating STL files for 3D printing and understand the manufacturing process. 

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Cad Crowd stands apart from conventional design firms and outsourcing platforms. We connect you with pre-qualified, vetted, professional freelance CAD designers for customized services that are tailor fit to meet the requirements of your specific project. You don't need to spend your time sifting through applications and bids to find a qualified 3D designer — we'll find them for you, selected from our top-ranking CAD freelancers based on your project description. Our services are available both for large businesses looking to outsource some of their design work in order to meet an upcoming deadline and for smaller independent entrepreneurs, designers, and inventors who need help creating 3D designs of their ideas. Whatever the nature of your project, whether large or small, Cad Crowd has got the custom fit world-class design services you need. 

By taking advantage of modern digital technologies and efficient business practices, Cad Crowd is able to offer our clients top-quality services for a fraction of the cost of conventional design firms. Without the overheads associated with running a traditional brick and mortar shop, more of your money goes towards design talent. There's no need to compromise between cost and quality. With Cad Crowd, you get the benefits of both. 

 Let us know about your project. We'll provide you with a no-obligations free estimate for the cost of our services. Then, we'll connect you with a top-tier freelance 3D designer whom we've selected for you based on what you've told us about your project. Because we stand behind



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