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Each year, the medical community continues to make critical advancements in the techniques and technologies used to treat medical issues. The health of our global community depends on the innovation and creativity of doctors, researchers, and other medical professionals. However, many times new tools and equipment are needed to facilitate these advancements. In fact, according to research from HIMSS Media, there are a variety of technological innovation needs in healthcare. HIE/Interoperability, patient experience, and telehealth were the top three places where healthcare advancements are needed. 

Whether there is a requirement for more effective—and secure—patient record sharing, or more precise medical instruments, the medical industry must stay in a state of constant improvement. A lot of this weighs on the importance of medical device design. 

Unlike practical products meant for consumers, the design of a medical device can save someone's life. This reason is why it is crucial for medical professionals to find product design services that are skilled in medical device design. Their work can mean that populations across the country can receive the medical care that they need. 

Nevertheless, we understand that finding superb medical device design help can be a challenge. These professionals need to blend design principles with today's healthcare needs. We want to help you find designers who can accomplish this. The team at Cad Crowd is committed to helping entrepreneurs and professionals in—and outside—of the medical community find exceptional design talent. 

We know that the work that medical professionals carry out is pivotal to managing the world's public health, and those that design medical devices hold a similar responsibility. So, for a closer look into the importance of medical device design, and how our team can help, stay tuned below. 

World-class medical device design freelancers

With advances in manufacturing technology and materials science, medical and surgical equipment have become a growth area. With advanced 3D printing, it's never been easier to produce innovative and useful new medical devices. Our global network of design experts is available for both entrepreneurs and independent inventors as well as corporate clients looking to bring new products to the market.  We offer everything from initial concept models to prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

medical designWearable technology and the Internet of Things are changing the way consumers interact with their healthcare. More than ever before, healthcare is moving out of hospitals and doctors' offices and into the homes and hands of the public themselves, and this trend will surely continue. The horizon is broad for the development of exciting new medical devices.

Cad Crowd's designers understand the materials and manufacturing processes utilized by the medical industry; they have the experience you need to help bring your medical innovation to the market. Whether you're designing equipment for use by doctors and hospitals or consumer-grade devices for use in the home, our network of designers is ready to help you realize your project goals.

Our professional designers understand the specific requirements of the medical field and are well-versed in the manufacturing processes. With advanced techniques such as composite manufacturing and fused deposition modeling, even the most sophisticated and sensitive pieces of medical equipment, like MRI coils and surgical tools, can now be created through rapid manufacturing. Our medical design experts will work with you to produce an optimized industrial design for mass production.

Get an estimate now. Our experts will analyze your project requirements and connect you with industry-leading medical device design companies ready to work with you to bring your product to market.

The significance of medical device design 

The innovations of medical device design are crucial to the health and safety of the global community. New technologies and devices mean that patients have access to healthcare that is potentially more affordable, increasingly effective, and less painful. For example, advanced technologies that monitor a patient's vital signs and organs may be able to detect diseases faster or keep individuals alive long enough for doctors to use additional medical interventions to save lives. 

On the other hand, medical device design can also extend to data collection and monitoring. For example, more powerful computers or software can allow hospitals to collect better data and efficiently share this information with other medical facilities. In addition to these provisions, medical device design can also prevent significant errors during critical procedures. 

Medical device design is crucial to enhancing the state of medical care around the world. From pacemakers to hearing aids, the advancements made with these items can improve medical care for the better. However, before you take that device concept or design to the next stage, it is helpful to have an experienced designer who knows how to combine medical needs with your design specifications. We want to help you find an expert designer. 

For a more in-depth look into how our team helps to match entrepreneurs and professionals with expert design talent, please take a look at our How It Works page. 

The benefits of outsourcing your medical design 

The medical industry is a fast-paced one. It requires a time commitment not always seen in other sectors. This reason alone is enough for medical professionals and entrepreneurs to consider outsourcing. There are many perks associated with outsourcing, and our team wants you to experience each one. Here are some benefits of outsourcing your medical device designs:

Add efficiency to the development processIt is safe to say that your workflows have to be smooth in the medical field. Whether you help hospitals develop new tools, or are managing a research lab, you need efficient timelines. This step is where a Cad Crowd designer can come into play. They can work on medical device designs at a more rapid pace since they are not a part of your core teams, producing designs efficiently and accurately. 

Support your core teamIf you do have designers on your team, you may need them for other projects as well as for overall design strategy. They may not have the time to get into the details of medical device design, and their talents may be better served on core business activities. Fortunately, a designer can take this task off their plate so they can handle the responsibilities they are better suited for. 

Receive expert adviceYou want to work with someone who is not only knowledgeable about design but also understands how their contributions impact the medical industry as a whole. Working with a Cad Crowd designer enables you to work with someone who is pre-vetted by our team of in-house designers, and is experienced in their niche. 

Decrease costsWhen you outsource your medical device design services to a designer, you only have to pay for the actual work done. Also, this setup puts you in the position to work with a freelancer to come up with a mutually beneficial wage without having to handle high hiring costs. 

Encourage innovationInnovation is crucial to the healthcare industry. A capable and talented designer can offer ideas about advancements you may not have thought of. In turn, they can encourage innovation by giving another perspective on design improvements. 

Your team is doing important work in the medical sector, and it helps when you have resources that allow them to continue doing that work. Working with a CAD design service provides your team with the additional help they need to accomplish important goals while adding ease to the design hiring process for you. 

It is crucial that you find someone who has both the medical and design knowledge to support your medical device design project. Regardless of where you are in the process, we are dedicated to helping you find excellent design talent. If you are in a position where you are ready to move forward, we invite you to reach out to us for a free quote today

Medical design freelancers and CAD services for new medical devices

Our design and manufacturing services are available for a variety of medical applications, including:

  • Surgical devices
  • Dental equipment
  • Orthopedic braces
  • Veterinary equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Customized prosthetics

Cad Crowd differs from your average medical device company in that we offer inventors and developers a complete range of product design services, from freelance 3D modeling and concept design to prototyping and full production. We also offer patenting services to help with protecting your innovations.

Considering crowdsourcing?  Check out our crowdsourced design competitions. You set the prize level, you review the submissions, and you pick the winner!

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