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With advances in manufacturing technology and materials science, medical and surgical equipment have become a growth area. With advanced 3D printing, it's never been easier to produce innovative and useful new medical devices. Our global network of design experts is available for both entrepreneurs and independent inventors as well as corporate clients looking to bring a new product to the market.  We offer everything from initial concept models to prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

medical designWearable technology and the Internet of Things is changing the way consumers interact with their healthcare. More than ever before, healthcare is moving out of hospitals and doctors' offices and more into the homes and hands of the public themselves. Moving forward, this trend will surely continue. The horizon is broad for the development of exciting new medical devices.

Working with experienced designers who understand the medical industry, materials, and the manufacturing process will help you bring your medical innovation to market. Whether you're designing equipment for use by doctors and hospitals or consumer-grade devices for use in the home, our network of designers is ready to help you realize your project goals.

Our professional designers understand both the specific requirements of the medical field, as well as the manufacturing process. With advanced techniques such as composite manufacturing and fused deposition modeling, even the most sophisticated and sensitive pieces of medical equipment can now be created through rapid manufacturing, from MRI coils to surgical tools. Our CAD design experts will work with you to produce an optimized industrial design for mass production.

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3D Design and Freelance CAD Services for New Medical Tools

Our design and manufacturing services are available for a variety of medical applications, including:

  • Surgical Devices
  • Dental Equipment
  • Orthopedic Brace
  • Veterinary Equipment
  • Lab Equipment
  • Customized Prosthetics

Cad Crowd differs from your average medical device companies in that we offer inventors and developers a complete range of product design services, from freelance 3D modeling and concept design through to prototyping and full production. We also offer patenting services to help with getting a patent.

Considering crowdsourcing?  Check out our crowdsourced design competitions. You set the prize level, review the submissions, and you pick the winner!

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