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Wearable technology is an exciting new sector with unlimited potential for innovation and growth. Our 3D modeling and product design services are available for both entrepreneurs and companies looking to bring new wearables to the market. We offer everything from electrical CAD drafting to prototyping services, making Cad Crowd your one-stop-shop for product development solutions.  

As the Internet of Things continues to expand, wearable technology is becoming an increasingly important sector. While smart watches were a thing of science fiction only a few years ago, today they are commonplace. And this growing trend towards wearable tech and personal tracking devices is changing the way consumers interact with everything from their favorite brands to their own healthcare. The potential for entrepreneurs with disruptive ideas is huge. Cad Crowd is here to help you leverage that potential.

wearable techOur global network of expert designers understand the manufacturing process and specialize in producing CAD designs optimized for rapid manufacturing. They will work with you to create the ideal CAD design for your product, and will help you in selecting design materials and can offer advice on manufacturing methodologies.

Part technology and part fashion, wearables have to both look and feel great. Work with designers who understand both the aesthetic requirements of a successful product, as well as the material options available in rapid manufacturing. Our flexible CAD services are fully tailored to meet the specific requirements and timeline of your project. Get an estimate now.

Wearables meet 3D CAD modeling & advance product design

With direct digital manufacturing, it's never been easier to transition from the design stage to production. Once you've got a workable CAD design for your product, you're ready to start producing prototypes and presentation models. 

Cad Crowd reinvents product development services by offering inventors and entrepreneurs a complete suite of design, modeling, prototyping, and manufacturing solutions all in one convenient package. Our roster of freelance product design and development professionals can handle any phase of the development process for your new piece of wearable tech. We also offer and USPTO patent search and patenting services from leading U.S patent attorney so you can be sure to protect your intellectual property.

We also offer crowdsourced design contests. Crowdsourcing is a great way to review submissions from multiple designers. You set the prize level, and you pick the winners!

Get a quote now, and connect with leading 3D designers and experts in wearables product development. 


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Tiffany & Co.
CNOOC Limited
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