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Design contests
Design contests
Launch a design contest and get multiple designs submissions for your concept. A contest is a great option for small projects and can results in dozens of entries.
Hourly services
Hourly services
Need help on an ongoing basis? Send us your project details and we'll choose a pre-qualified designer to help you on an ongoing basis.
Hire a 3D designer
Hire a 3D designer
Private projects are perfect if you'd like a confidential quote from one of our vetted design experts.

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Bringing You Quality Design Solutions with Global CAD Design Experts

Cad Crowd has an in-house quality control team of engineering experts who assign projects to the best contractors and review designs for precision and quality. We are committed to providing clients consistent quality that is delivered on time and on budget. Without the overhead costs of running an office like a traditional design firm, Cad Crowd provides more affordable services while maintaining world-class design and engineering services. 

The Cad Crowd platform allows you to hire pre-qualified professional designers and CAD artists with proven expertise and knowledge, or to post a design contest and review submissions from multiple participants. The choice is yours!

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How Can Cad Crowd Help
With My Project?

Cad Crowd helps clients with one-time and ongoing project needs. Our specialties include 3D modeling, 3D design, CAD drafting, 3D animation, engineering and 3D renderings, 3D industrial design, prototype design, 3D printing design, mechanical design, architectural design, structural design, 3D interior design, and CAD landscaping design services.

Our CAD designers and drafting contractors work with AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Maya, 3ds Max, CATIA and many other types of software. Submit your project description and work with a pre-qualified 3D artist, CAD designer, drafter, 3D modeler, 3D animation or engineer specialized for your project needs.

What Our Customers Say

We had hundreds of drawings that needed to get done. Cad Crowd allowed us to ask dozens of designers to submit a drawing sample, then we choose the best freelancer to handle the complete workload.
We were able to get 8 concept prototypes created for a wireless router we’ve been developing. Cad Crowd is worth the money.
Cad Crowd helped me to complete a file conversion from Google Sketchup to Revit and save hundreds of dollars.


Why Cad Crowd?
We have the world's best group of 3D freelance designers and CAD experts. In addition, freelance designers can save clients an average of 35% over the cost of traditional design firms.
What software do the freelance designers use?
Our freelancers have all the modern 3D CAD design software, including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp, CATIA, Autodesk Inventor, Maya, 3ds Max and more.
Will freelancers sign a NDA?
We've got this covered. Our legally binding terms of service which covers contractor non-disclosure. If any contractor works on your project on Cad Crowd, they're bound by the terms of our non-disclosure agreement.
What is our accuracy guarantee?
We guarantee design accuracy based on your description or we’ll issue a full refund within 30-days.
What kind of work can Cad Crowd help with?
We can help with virtually any type of work including industrial design, product development, packaging design, architectural drafting, mechanical engineering and more!
Do I own the designs & IP?
Yes. Our legally binding terms of service legally assign the ownership of intellectual property (IP) from the designer to the service buyer for all paid designs.
Do you offer 3D printing services?
We help a large network of 3D printing firms with 3D printing design work for their customers. Because of our relationship with these firms, we are happy to refer clients to the best 3D printing shop for their specific needs.
How much does it cost?
We estimate each project need where rates are based on the complexity of the project and the skills required. Hourly design ranges between $50-120/hr, which depends on industry experience, if phone support is needed and if daytime hours are needed.
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