How hourly services work

Need ongoing CAD design, CAD drafting, 3D design help? Hourly services are a great way to get ongoing help from vetted design experts.

Why hourly services?

Do you need ongoing help from a CAD designer, CAD drafter, or 3D modeler? Our hourly service allows you to hire a dedicated freelancer for on-demand work.

This is great for ongoing work that needs close communication with a freelancer by phone and email. Our hourly time-tracking tool shows work screenshots and ensures you're paying for the exact time worked (to the second).

Our hourly designers can help with almost any project, including freelance industrial design, architectural drafting, architectural design, 3D modeling, mechanical design, interior design, product design, and engineering.

Contact us and get started with a product designer, mechanical designer, interior designer, industrial designer, architectural designer, or architectural drafter to help with your latest projects. Get a quote now!

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How hourly services work

Tell us about your project

1. Tell us about your project

Describe your project, estimate the number of hours needed, the duration and software requirements.
Pre-qualified expert freelancer

2. Pre-qualified expert freelancer

We connect you with a pre-qualified expert based on the scope of your work. Most freelancers are available by email and often by phone or Skype.
Deposit & Work

3. Deposit & Work

Purchase a block of 10-hours and immediately start working with the freelancer and view the hours worked in realtime.

FAQ for your hourly contract

What are hourly services?
Hourly services allow you to get on-demand help with CAD drafting, 3D design and engineering work. This is great if you need help with a large projects or have or ongoing work.
How does the screenshot & time-tracker work?
Our screenshot and time-tracker allows you to view the freelancer is work in real-time. This means you'll only pay for time worked (to the second!) and view the freelancer's monitor, mouse and keyboard activity level.
How much does it cost?
We only work with senior designers, drafters and engineers in mainly English countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc.). This means better work, consistent standards and quick turnaround. Hourly rates range between $45-65/hr depending industry.
Will freelancers sign a NDA?
We've got this covered. Our legally binding terms of service ensure any posted work is under non-disclosure. If a freelancer joins Cad Crowd, non-disclosure applies and you can use your own NDA document if preferred.
Why are hourly services great?
You can purchase time blocks of 10 hours that never expire. Hourly services allow you to work with a freelancer on an ongoing basis and reduce inefficiencies caused by re-training different contractors.
Can I communicate directly with the freelancer?
Yes. Unlike contests and projects, you can communicate directly with the freelancer. This may include phone, email, Skype, TeamViewer, etc.
Do I own the designs & IP?
Yes. Our legally binding terms of service legally assign the ownership of intellectual property (IP) from the designer to the buyer any paid work.
Do you offer 3d printing services?
Yes. If you require 3D printing services for your models, please inform the freelancer. Once you have the 3D printer file, you can get an instant quote from 3D printing companies on our Maker6 service.

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