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A creative design process lies between every great idea and every new successful product. The spark of inspiration has struck you, and the next step is to harness that creative spark and develop it into a functional and desirable real-life product. That's where we come in. Our broad range of comprehensive product development, modeling, design, and manufacturing services make Cad Crowd your one-stop shop for all your product design needs.

Our roster of professionals includes drafting technicians, mechanical and structural engineers, CAD design experts, and even patent attorneys. Whatever your project's scope and scale, our global professional network is ready to work for you. We set ourselves apart from conventional product development and design companies by offering a comprehensive selection of design solutions and manufacturing services to meet any CAD project's demands, budget, and timeline.

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We have many professionals ready to help you with your production project. We work with industry-standard software, including AutoCAD, SolidWorks, 3DS Max, TurboCAD, Microstation, CATIA, and Solid Edge. Our experts specialize in creating designs for rapid manufacturing and 3D printing, making it easier than ever to transition from the design phase to production and prototyping. Learn more about how it works

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Yale University School of Medicine
Tiffany & Co.
CNOOC Limited
The Boston Consulting Group

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