Our company’s story began in 2010 in Calgary, Canada with co-founders MacKenzie Brown & Mikeal Abramoff.

Cad Crowd is a leading marketplace for CAD drafting services, CAD design, 3D modeling, contract manufacturing and patent services. We offer an online platform that helps clients connect with the product development and design services they need to bring their project to market.

We work with builders, fabricators, manufacturers, engineering companies and inventors, allowing them to access the professional services they need to successfully meet their deadlines. Our comprehensive set of services allows clients to leverage freelance talent on a part-time basis or to develop long-term relationships with designers, drafters, and 3D animators.

MacKenzie Brown
MacKenzie Brown

Prior to founding Cad Crowd, MacKenzie Brown worked with Internet marketing, web development, and investor relations. During the past 15 years, MacKenzie has worked extensively with procurement, virtual staffing, and project management systems.

Lucian Cana
Lucian Cana
Business & Software Development

Before joining Cad Crowd team, Lucian earned his BA in Economic Engineering and a postgraduate degree in Business Management and Engineering. "Being a part of this group it's a very rewarding experience, I wouldn't trade for anything."

Mikeal Abramoff
Mikeal Abramoff

Through Mikeal’s past experience in the building construction industry he realized the massive opportunity for leveraging global CAD experts through an online procurement system. Mikeal received both his BBA and entrepreneurship degrees from Mount Royal University where he was the top academic student during all four years of study.

2010 - CAD crowd founded
CAD crowd founded in Calgary, Canada
100 companies signup
2011 - Win $60K Prize
Win $50K TecVenture Prize
Win $10K SBP Competition
2012 - Seed funding from angel investors
Seed funding from angel investors
Relaunch as CAD contest website
30 contests go live
600 CAD experts on Cad Crowd
600 CAD experts on Cad Crowd
2013 - 2,500 global designers
2,500 global designers
$100K in design projects
San Francisco office opened
2016 - 10,000 global designers
10,000 global designers
2021 - 46,000 global designers
46,000 global designers
2022 - Revenue exceeds $1M
Revenue exceeds $1M of CAD design & engineering