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John Taylor LinkedIn Profile
We had hundreds of drawings that needed to get done. Cad Crowd allowed us to ask dozens of designers to submit a drawing sample, then choose the best person to handle the complete workload.
Rahul Dharod LinkedIn Profile
We were able to get 8 concept prototypes created for a wireless router we’ve been developing. Cad Crowd is worth the money.
Diego Bortolato LinkedIn Profile
Cad Crowd helped me to complete a file conversion from Google Sketchup to Revit and save hundreds of dollars.
Stephen Marskell LinkedIn Profile
Absolutely fantastic! Thank you kindly for all your help and I will be recommending the site for all I know.
Darren Mullen LinkedIn Profile
As a startup, being able to find qualified, experienced 3D designers so easily was invaluable. It took the guess work out of finding the right price and designer and instead let us focus on what was most important, our product. The way Cad Crowd lets you set up your competitions gives you limitless doorways to finding what works best with your goals.
Merichelle Villapando LinkedIn Profile
The freelance 3D designers on Cad Crowd helped us create a trophy design for our annual awards with PepsiCo. We received over a dozen 3D concepts from the contest, which all looked great when printed with our 3D printers. We have ongoing marketing initiatives and the extra support with CAD design has been great.
Katie Keating LinkedIn Profile
I came to Cad Crowd with rough pencil drawings and no proper design communication skills. These sincere gentleman had the patience and professionalism to sift through my sketches, my unintelligible suggestions, and some nearly functional ideas. Armed only with my meager foundation, the Cad Crowd team repeatedly delivered practical, intelligent suggestions in a timely fashion.
Alan Katz LinkedIn Profile
The service was a big help for turning the paper plans for my architectural renovation project into a format that could be used by our construction company. It cost a fraction of what a local architectural design firm would charge and the plans were complete in 3 days. I'd definitely recommend the service for architectural drafting and I'll use Cad Crowd again in the near future." Alan Katz, Vice President, Business Development.
Preston Jones LinkedIn Profile
Thanks again for the help with our 3D design and 3D printing. We are “Redefined Design” on Cad Crowd and on our project it saved us hundreds of dollars in our design.