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Kiel Pattison

Kiel Pattison

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Lau Yeo Shin

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Microsoft Excel

Almost everybody knows how to use Microsoft Excel, but not everyone has the time and energy to create a detailed and organized Excel file that can be used in engineering projects. Because of this, it’s incredibly helpful to hire a freelance Microsoft Excel designer. With this expert by your side, you’ll have someone who can help you organize your data into an Excel file and use it to create data-rich projects.

Microsoft Excel is developed by Microsoft and was initially released on September 1985. Along with the basic features of spreadsheets, it comes with functions that are used for business, financial, engineering, and statistical tasks. It was originally made available for Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh, and it’s now also available for iOS and Android. It has reached a wide range of audience all over the world and is used by both small businesses and large corporations and anyone in between, which is why it has taken over Lotus 1-2-3 as the industry standard when it comes to spreadsheets. 

Microsoft Excel is mostly used in storing, organizing, and calculating simple numerical data, but it can also be used in conjunction with CAD software. AutoCAD, for example, can be used to “graph” the data from an Excel spreadsheet and turn the information into lines, splines, arcs, and blocks. It’s a great way to translate numerical data into an actual AutoCAD entity and use it as a basis for a prototype. 

Microsoft Excel can also be synchronized with an AutoCAD file using a data link, which will insert the Excel table into the AutoCAD document. When certain parameters are set, users can input new information or update existing data on the Excel sheet, and the AutoCAD file will reflect these changes. The opposite also works: with the right settings, the data on the Excel spreadsheet will reflect the modifications that are done on the AutoCAD file. Users will get notifications when either file is updated, allowing them to monitor what changes are made and who made these modifications. 

These are just some of the things you can do with Microsoft Excel and CAD software. Most of them are easy to do especially if you’re familiar with both programs, but they do take a lot of your time and energy. So why not hire someone who’s an expert in Microsoft Excel services? 

Here at Cad Crowd, we have a network of skillful and knowledgeable designers who can help you with your Excel-based CAD projects and assist you from beginning to completion. All of our Microsoft Excel freelancers go through a pre-qualification process before they’re accepted, which means their expertise has been thoroughly vetted and they have the ability to meet and even exceed your expectations.

Hiring a freelance Microsoft Excel designer from Cad Crowd won’t only bring your project to completion. It will also help you free up your time and energy, ensuring you have more hours to tackle more pressing matters and grow your business. Hire a freelancer directly from our list, or send your project details to us and allow us to choose one of our vetted designers for you.

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