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How do the patent services work?

Working with so many inventors, we’ve established professional relationships with some of the country’s best patent attorneys. We’ll connect you with our vetted network of patenting experts, who will provide you with a free estimate for the patenting services you need. It’s as simple as that!

Fees vary depending on the type of patent you are applying for, and the type of product you’re looking to patent. It’s impossible to give a general figure, but you can see our page on USPTO patent fees for an idea of some of the costs you can expect.

There’s no such thing as a provisional patent, there are only provisional applications. See the Patent FAQ for more information.

The duration of a patent application will vary significantly from case to case depending on the specifics and on the complexity of the application. You can expect the entire process to take at least a year.

See the full Patent FAQ for more patent information.

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