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The Patenting Process Begins Before Applying for a Patent

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Do a Patent Search Before You Apply for a Patent

US patent trademark office patent searchDon't waste time filing a patent for an invention that has already been claimed! With a professional patent search, you can begin the process knowing that your new idea is eligible for patent protection. A patent search is part of the comprehensive intellectual property services offered by Cad Crowd's network of expert patent attorneys.

Patent searching is an important early step in the product development cycle. A comprehensive and reliable patent search is strongly advised before too much time and resources are invested in a new invention. The result of the patent search will give you the information you need to properly proceed with the development process. 

Cad Crowd recommends that you begin by downloading and filling out our Invention Disclosure Form. This way you can get your thoughts in order about your invention. Get down on paper what it is all about, what it can do and other necessary information needed to search for similar inventions on the USPTO patent search system. Do not forget to include sketches of your invention and provide as many variations as possible.
Over the years, the process of searching patents has changed considerably. The internet has made the whole process quite a bit simpler, and today patent searched can be done on the USPTO website.  We advice that clients undertake their own preliminary searches online, but this should only be the first step. You should always take advantage of a professional patent search after you have ruled out the obvious with your own preliminary search. The reason for this is that there are thousands upon thousands of registered patents in the system, filed using the somewhat arcane language of intellectual property law. To search through them reliably and effectively requires a considerable degree of experience and knowledge. The modest cost of a professional patent search is a lot more preferable than having to start your entire patent application process from the beginning if you miss something in your search that an expert would have caught.

Because it has become so easy to do a preliminary search, we typically offer patent search services as a follow-up and include it in the quote for our patent drafting services. That said, Cad Crowd still offers complete patent searches for clients who don't wish to do their own preliminary search. The cost of a complete patentability search of US patents and published applications starts at $1,000 for a simple mechanical invention with higher fees for more complicated patents. Contact us for an estimate for a more precise quote.

PCT and Foreign Material

An additional charge of 50% of the base fee is applied for searches that go beyond US patents published in the USPTO system. This includes EPO, foreign applications, and records of published PCT. This cost includes the initial consultation, a report of the search results, a patentability opinion, and a consultation after all the search should the inventor requests it.  

Please allow 3-4 weeks for a complete patent search.

Rush Patent Searches

Rush searches can be arranged for clients who need faster service. We believe we can offer better services when we have the opportunity to interact with the client before and after performing a search, so we only advise rush services to those for whom timing is a major issue. We can arrange for a service in Washington to perform the search to provide results in about two weeks. You can expect slightly higher costs for rush services.
Please note that our Patentability Searches only search for patents that would affect the patentability of the invention. Validity opinions or clearance and infringement opinions are more expensive and time-consuming. These services are also available upon request if you are concerned about potentially infringing upon existing patents.

Ready to start the patenting process? Get an estimate now from our network of expert intellectual property lawyers. We offer legal services and opinions on trademarks and copyrighting, too! For more information on patents and intellectual property, visit the Cad Crowd blog.