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Applying for a Patent? Hire Qualified Patent Drafting Services

Patent drawings are an essential part of any successful patent application. The patent drawing details the unique features of your invention, and it is your patent drawing which enters the official record at the USPTO. Patent drawings are required for both design and utility patents. Through our patenting service, we connect you with expert illustrators with experience in patent drawings. 

Whether you're applying for a simple ornamental design or a highly complex mechanical product, you need a professionally done patent drawing. That drawing you did on the back of that napkin might have been the birth of the invention, but the patent office needs something a bit more sophisticated. Expert patent drawers have the knowledge, skills, and experience to satisfy both your needs and a client and the strict requirements of the USPTO.

Services Include:

Available Patent Drawing Technologies Include:

If you're looking to translate your ideas into workable CAD files for prototyping and manufacturing, you can also use our CAD design services to connect with expert 3D designers. Get a quote now. When you're ready for production, you can take advantage of our rapid prototyping and manufacturing services. At Cad Crowd, we're ready to take your invention from prototype to patent to full production.