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In today's wired world, electrical drafting and design is a vital component of many design projects. Technical drawings are the primary tool that engineering designers use to communicate their design plans to the people who are responsible for manufacturing the products. Accuracy and precision are essential for making sure the product meets specifications during manufacturing. And this means working with experienced and talented drafting technicians.

At Cad Crowd, we connect clients with top-ranking freelance electrical drafting technicians who have been pre-qualified and selected for you based on the requirements of your specific project. Whether you need PCB design drawings for a project at work or electrical drawings for your new home, we've got the talented electrical engineers and drafters you need to meet and exceed your project goals.

Modern computer-assisted drafting and design software (CAD) allows for unprecedented levels of detail and accuracy in technical drawings. Our drafters work with a variety of industry-standard software, including AutoCAD, Microstation, and SketchUp. Working with these digital tools also makes it easy to work remotely with engineers and drafters from around the world.

As a digital platform, Cad Crowd can leverage modern technology and efficient business practices to offer clients high-quality services at a much lower cost than conventional drafting and design firms. With services customized to meet the needs of the job, we help clients with both large and small projects. Independent entrepreneurs who need some external design help and engineering firms looking to outsource some of their drafting work to meet an upcoming deadline will find the quality services they need at Cad Crowd. 

Top-tier freelance electrical drafting services

Our freelance drafters are available for all sorts of electrical drafting projects, including electronic, architectural, automotive, and machine design. We work only with leading CAD drafters and 3D designers who have the experience and knowledge to take your electrical project to a successful completion. We offer high quality, accurate 2D drafting and 3D models of your project, whether it be a simple rewiring job or a new complex development project. 

Services freelance electrical draftinginclude:

  • Electrical schematics
  • Single-line diagrams
  • Cable and wiring schedules
  • Sizing and support designs
  • Electrical layout drawings
  • Electronics drafting
  • P&IDs
  • PLC and instrumentation drafting
  • Termination diagrams
  • Instrument loop drafting and flow charts
  • Control panel instrumentation
  • Electrical panel design and drafting

What does an electrical drafting designer do?

The majority of things we use every day, from smartphones to thermostats, rely on electricity to function. Electrical drafting designers are responsible for creating drawings of products that enable us to utilize electricity safely and efficiently. Electrical designers are at the forefront when it comes to developing innovative ways to improve electronic products.

Electrical designers draft the electrical drawings for commercial and residential buildings, which helps to ensure that building components work as they’re supposed to. Not only do they work on electrical drawings for buildings, but they also design and draft the layouts for installation or power lines and other equipment.

Why do we need electrical diagrams?

Technology advances very quickly, and we need electrical CAD drafters must stay up to date with these advances. The drawings they create are utilized in many different fields, including the automotive industry. Modern vehicles are making increasing usage of electronics, and mechanics rely on wiring diagrams to install and service this equipment. Electrical drawings are also necessary in residential and commercial construction for installing lighting, planning wiring runs, and ensuring that panel boxes are sized correctly. Even architects and emergency personnel use electrical diagrams.

Our flexible CAD drafting services are custom tailored to the specific timeline and requirements of your project. Our experts are available for both short-term rush work and long-term contracts.

Make sure your project gets done precisely how you envisioned it. Work with talented drafting technicians with a proven track record and a mastery of modern CAD drafting technology. Work with the industry-leading freelancers at Cad Crowd.

Hire professional help when you need it for cost-effective CAD drawings with a quick turnaround. Get an estimate now, and connect with the world's best drafters and designers.

Professional electrical design drafting from freelance 3D designers

Our global network of designers and drafters can handle any design project, including electric drawings for buildings, power stations, lighting, appliances, computer systems, industrial plants, instrumentation, control panels, telecommunication systems, signal processing equipment, microelectronics, semiconductor transistors, electronic circuits, automotive and aircraft electronics, and industrial machinery.

We pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive range of CAD services for both corporate and individual clients. By working with industry-leading electrical drafting companies as part of a broad network of design professionals, we offer clients a convenient one-stop solution for all design related services, from 3D modeling to industrial design to wearables. Whether you're looking for a 3D designer to help with 2D-to-3D drafting conversions or a freelance drafting technician to streamline your architectural project, you won't find better AutoCAD services anywhere else.

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