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It’s hard to match the feeling that comes with the successful conclusion of a product manufacturing cycle. Being able to bring an electronic product from concept to completion is rewarding. However, we at Cad Crowd understand that there are many hurdles to jump through to get to this point. 

From laying out deadlines to working with contractors, the electronic product development process can be challenging and time-consuming. Also, with three-quarters of small manufacturing firms staffed with fewer than 20 employees, lean manufacturing teams have their work cut out for them.

This reason is why our team at Cad Crowd uses our platform to connect entrepreneurs and small business owners with pre-vetted and talented design freelancers. Our freelance electrical designers and engineers have a wide range of experience in working with clients to handle their electronic prototyping and design services.

The final design is only as good as the attention you put into the entire design process, and prototyping is critical to producing a high-quality final project.

Our global network of electrical designers and engineers understand this. They know that your time is better spent handling your core business processes and ensuring that your staff has the direction they need. As a result, our designers are prepared to take the task of electronic prototyping and design off your plate so you can handle the tasks that are most important to your business' sustained growth.

We believe in the variety of benefits that outsourcing can provide for your company. There are costs and time savings as well as the opportunity to utilize the skill of an expert designer. As a result, our company strives to help others reach their business and production goals by assisting entrepreneurs and firms to outsource their design needs.

Our team of electrical designers and engineers are ready to handle your electrical prototyping and design projects while using their experience to bring critical thinking and problem solving to your most complex design issues, so you don't have to.

What is electrical prototyping and why is it relevant?

Regardless of where you’re viewing this message, whether on a laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or tablet, these devices first started as a concept. They were a 2D layout that needed to progress to a functioning and working product. 

This phase is where electrical prototyping comes into play. Electronic prototyping is typically the combination of design and engineering. It is the practice of using design to answer the question of whether your electrical product meets your goals and can fulfill its purpose. 

This activity can be done by creating an early version of the product using a physical substance to create a model (like foam or clay), or through 3D printing. These early versions are known as prototypes, and there are two versions of this process, looks-like and works-like. The first is to establish the device's physical aesthetic, while the second reveals its functionality and operation. These two procedures represent the combination of design (aesthetic) and engineering (technical functionality).

So, why is this relevant? Well, you wouldn't step into a building before its foundation and structure had been tested. The same is true for electronic products. You want to ensure they meet your specifications and are safe and operational for your customers.

Therefore, prototyping is a pivotal process in the electronic product development cycle. An accurate prototype gives you an excellent starting point for developing a high-quality final product that is without malfunction or errors.

At Cad Crowd, you will receive the best of both worlds: help from a designer to ensure the exceptional aesthetic of your device, while making sure the device is operational with the assistance of an engineer. Both aspects are essential to the development of your electronic product.

Our electronic prototyping services

We believe in ensuring that your electronic product is market-ready, functional, and adheres to your desired specifications. Through our freelance electrical designers and engineers, we offer electronic prototyping services that are meant to fulfill your most complex design and engineering needs.

Our global network of electrical designers has a variety of experiences to pull from to help bring your electronic product to its final form. So, here are the electronic prototyping and design services we can offer to take your design from concept to manufacturing:

Phase 1 – Concept and Rendering

Concept design – Our designers will help you flesh out your concept while also keeping the production cycle and timeline at the forefront. Our designers can help you create a design from scratch or develop a model from any existing sketches or ideas. 

Paper-to-CAD conversion – You have an excellent concept and are ready to take those sketches from paper to a digital model. Our designers are experienced in converting 2D paper designs into 3D models with the use of CAD (computer-aided design) programs where they can be improved upon and turned into photorealistic digital prototypes. Getting an in-depth look at your electronic product device as a 3D model is crucial for further development. Our designers can help make this process seamless through a paper-to-CAD conversion.

3D modeling services – Now that you have an idea of what you want your design to turn into, our team of freelance electrical designers can then take your concept and turn it into a photorealistic 3D rendering. From there, you can identify alterations, ensure it meets your baseline standards, and feel confident in knowing that your physical prototype will resemble this rendering.

3D product animation – Get a feel for how your product will function and operate in the real world with 3D product animation. Before you go through the trouble of developing a physical prototype that may not be what you envisioned, you can virtually experience the movement and purpose of your product. You can also give stakeholders and customers something to look forward to.

Finite element analysis – A significant part of the pre-engineering process is to make sure your product can take the stresses brought on by customers or the elements. Our electrical designers can run simulations to test the strength of your products by digitally producing a variety of physical phenomena.

Phase 2 – Analysis and Engineering

Skilled product design and analysis – Now it’s time to sharpen these renderings and animations to produce an electronic product that is functional, high-quality, and meets you—and your customers—expectations. Our electronic designers and engineers will continue to refine the product design and ensure it meets quality standards.

Engineering design – At this point in this stage, our team of designers and engineers will begin developing the internal technical components of the product. From PCB design to electrical systems engineering and analysis, our team can start to truly bring your electronic product from a digital model to a physically viable prototype.

Rapid prototype diagrams and plans – Cad Crowd’s electrical designers and engineers will then take your specifications and the digital models and begin to prepare rapid prototype mock-ups, diagrams, and plans. This step is where a prototype is physically produced for further testing and analysis.

Documentation and schematic layouts – It is crucial that you have the entirety of this process documented and have created schematic diagrams for future electronic product development cycles. Our designers will work to create these documents and ensure the information is organized in a way that makes it much easier to analyze this process and refer to these documents for future development projects.

Phase 3 – Prototyping and Manufacturing

Prototype design engineering – During this final stage, our designers and engineers begin the process by developing a virtual model that is ready to be converted into a physical prototype for further testing and analysis.

3D printing design – For the printing of your prototype, we can connect you with a variety of reliable and skilled 3D printing companies who can produce your physical prototype. They can participate in a variety of types of 3D printing that can provide functional products with the correct internal and external materials.

CAD inspection – This process is a way for us to ensure every part of your prototype matches with your designated specifications. We do this by utilizing inspection design freelancers to conduct 3D scans on each part of the prototype to see if there is any deviation from the original standards.

Manufacturing, 3D printing, and rapid prototyping services – Our team at Cad Crowd not only works with a network of expert design freelancers and engineers, but we also have a large group of US-based manufacturers, prototyping companies, and 3D firms who we refer our clients to and also work with.

We believe in providing a one-stop-shop experience for our clients. Bouncing around to multiple design firms, contractors, manufacturers, and 3D printing companies takes efficiency away from your product development process. As a result, we have developed a network of professionals and companies to help you complete the electronic product development process.

Our goal is to ensure your electronic product is high-quality, functional, safe, and ready to hit the physical—or digital—shelves. This reason is why we facilitate the help of skilled designers and engineers who bring a meticulous eye to every project they encounter. Our team is committed to helping you achieve the absolute best through your electronic products.

What you can expect to receive from Cad Crowd

Again, we know that you have a lot on your plate as an entrepreneur or small business owner. Your attention is needed in many places. So, we exist so that you and your team can focus on the tasks that only you all are meant to do. So, when working with us, this is what you can expect from the team at Cad Crowd:

Customization – Every electronic product development project has its own unique needs. Our team understands this, and as a result, will work to ensure that we help you develop a timeline as well as design goals that are for your specific situation.

Transparency and communication – No one needs to be in the dark during a process as involved and influential as product development. Our team, as well as our freelance designers and engineers, believe in being transparent about the work needed, the time of delivery, and how they as well as you can work together throughout the process. Expect routine updates and open dialogue, so you always feel up-to-date on progress.

A seamless hiring process – The designer and engineering hiring process can be time-consuming to undertake on your own. Also, it can take you away from handling the most critical aspects of your business. We have a variety of ways to connect you with a designer who is the right fit for your electronic prototyping project. Each one is meant to take away the heavy-lifting of finding the right person yourself. So, allow us to worry about finding you the right person for the job, so you don't have to.

Cost and time efficiency – Our platform makes it easy to only pay for the actual work that is being done by our freelance designers and engineers. There are no salaries, only blocks of time that you can purchase. This setup allows you to better plan out the design time you and your team will need while also being able to keep your budget in mind.

Time-tested experience – Our designers, as well as Cad Crowd, have years of experience in the world of electronic prototyping and the general industry of design. As a result, you can trust that we have the expertise necessary to take you from concept to finished product. Again, our goal is to make this process easier and seamless for your company, and our experience helps us to accomplish this.

Take advantage of a variety of other design services – You may find that you need a 3D flythrough or inventor support services. Regardless of the design or engineering services you are looking for, we have freelancers who can provide what you need. For a look at the full range of services we offer, be sure to check out our services page for more information.

Our team is ready to help you develop your next electronic prototype. If you are prepared to hand off this task to a capable and talented freelancer, we invite you to submit a free quote today.

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