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When we use a product on a daily basis, we put it under a lot of stress and strain. This can add up and lead to product failure, not to mention some choice words from the user. If the product breaks down soon after purchase, the customer might look to a competitor to replace it. Product integrity testing, or finite element analysis (FEA), is crucial for avoiding this outcome and maintaining customer satisfaction.

Ever had this experience? You’re using a tool in the garage, workspace or kitchen, and it breaks down right when you need it most. Who hasn’t tried to save money by purchasing an inferior product, only to have it break prematurely? Chalk it up to human nature. Companies that fabricate inferior items tend to disappear, while those that put effort into manufacturing quality products become commercially successful by gaining customer loyalty.

As inconvenient as it is for the consumer to make additional purchases of the same item, it’s disastrous for the company producing shoddy pieces. The marketplace is full of poor-quality products and full of companies that produce them. The way to avoid joining their ranks is to put in place a thorough system of product testing. This way you’ll get to know your products’ maximum operating parameters and be able to either advertise their limits or increase their abilities.

FEA is crucial, particularly when a product is frequently taken to the limit of its capacity. FEA services are available for a wide variety of product types, from common tools to parts for the nuclear industry. Regardless of whether a company has just launched a new product, or needs to upgrade their line, stress analysis isn’t just an option: it’s a necessity. A stressed part stitched in time could save a line!

Are all FEA services the same?

Just as some companies’ products are better than others, not all FEA services are made equal. Cad Crowd FEA experts have the skill and equipment to meet their clients’ highest expectations. Contracts are treated objectively to verify that all areas of product use have been considered. Our freelancers are professional and maintain top standards of customer confidentiality.

Cad Crowd FEA services are fortunate to have consulting engineers in practically every field of the profession. In the modern economy, we know that time is of the essence: we’ll get your testing done quickly, without any sacrifice of quality. Cad Crowd FEA services analyze a product through up-to-date CAD programs, with further interpretation from our team of FEA engineering consultants.

What products need stress testing?

The range of products eligible for stress analysis is vast. Whether your product relates to construction, the aerospace industry, offshore marine applications, medical equipment, the automobile industry, green energy devices or something as simple as whether a spatula will handle a heavy cookie dough mixture, Cad Crowd FEA professionals place equal importance on all their contracts.

It’s not just established businesses that should consider FEA services, but also fledgling ones and those not even launched. It’s especially crucial for new businesses to get good product testing in place, as they’re going to want to make a good first impression in the marketplace. Inventors should also be sure to incorporate stress analysis in the drafting of a new design or idea.

A global testing ground

Businesses that export should keep in mind that different countries might have different FEA requirements. Cad Crowd FEA services are well-versed on international regulations so you can avoid surprises when entering international marketplaces. The steel used in one country’s bridge construction may have a different stress coefficient in another. With consulting engineers in place around the globe, Cad Crowd FEA services will make sure all factors are considered. We keep you informed on ongoing developments with your products, making sure that key decisions can be made in a timely fashion.

Cad Crowd FEA services cover a broad spectrum of stress diagnostics: structural engineering using CAD; thermal testing for analyzing operating efficiencies in hot and cold environments; rate of usage that promotes fatigue and fractures; failure analysis; and research into the advantages of alternate materials that could lower costs and reduce part replacement.

For each scenario, there is an optimal solution that Cad Crowd FEA services will work with you to uncover. When you go with Cad Crowd FEA services, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

FEA testing for your successful product launch

Avoid the dangers of launching a product without proper stress analysis. Customers and business owners are happiest when a product is efficient and reliable. Cad Crowd FEA services are proud to be an integral part of past and future successful ventures and projects. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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