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As technology and innovation continue to move the world of design and modeling forward, it is more crucial now than ever to ensure your company has the tools needed to produce detailed models. While some design projects may call for an outright computer-aided design (CAD) approach, others may require a more “traditional” method for drafting and modeling. 

Many times, in the world of architecture and engineering, a paper draft may be the first step in the design process. Instead of starting with AutoCAD or another CAD program, pen and paper may be the most significant design tool. The details of blueprints, machinery drafts, and architectural layouts may need to begin on paper, but it is very likely that they will also need to be converted into a CAD program. This reason is why the process of paper to CAD conversion is so important to the design process. 

Paper to CAD conversion is as it sounds. It is the process of taking paper-based drawings and converting them into digital form. Many times, this is done to prepare for 3D modeling design and the addition of photorealistic features. However, paper to CAD conversion can also occur when designers want to preserve designs or safely store them permanently. 

While there are a variety of tools that paper designs can be converted into, one of the most popular is MicroStation. MicroStation is a leading CAD software platform that enables designers to create 2D and 3D models and drafts. It is primarily used in the architectural and engineering industries, two sectors that are known for their extensive use of paper drafts. 

Cad Crowd's freelance designers are adept at converting paper designs, layouts, blueprints, and other types of drafts to CAD designs, especially for software platforms like MicroStation. Not only are they experts in conversion, but they can also provide MicroStation design services, as well as drafting and modeling assistance. All of our designers and drafters are pre-vetted as well as experts in their field. 

Cad Crowd’s creative designers can provide you with the MicroStation drafting services, conversion, and drafting services that you need. They understand the importance of approaching each conversion, drafting, or design project with focus and attention to detail. 

The importance of MicroStation software for paper to CAD conversions

While AutoCAD is widely used in the industry, MicroStation has also become a favorite tool for CAD services as well as modeling. When it comes to architecture and engineering, MicroStation has become an industry favorite. The software allows designers to view, model, document, and visualize projects of various sizes and difficulty levels. Its flexibility and robust features make it an ideal system for a paper to CAD conversion. The software is known for its powerful BIM (Business Information Modeling) feature that allows designers to more easily streamline workloads, collaborate with team members, and design and manage building models. 

In addition to its BIM capabilities, MicroStation’s Power Draft feature helps designers develop well-designed models and cultivate a cohesive design strategy for all projects. Whether you are looking to create a blueprint for residential property, develop an electrical layout, or create a model of new robotic machinery, MicroStation has many of the tools available for designers and drafters. 

Cad Crowd’s expert designers are well-versed in designing and drafting with MicroStation and other tools like it. Our MicroStation conversion services allow you to find or be matched with a designer that can convert paper drawings to digital models or electronic images with the help of MicroStation conversion tools. Our designers are trained in using MicroStation to capture the creativity and original design intentions of your hand-drawn blueprints, layouts, and plans. Through our designers, we are also proud to offer MicroStation drafting and modeling services. 

Paper to CAD conversion for architecture and engineering 

Again, while many different sectors require the need for paper to CAD conversion, architecture and engineering are some of the primary industries for this service. Many times, even though it can be costly to hire a drafter or drawer, many architects and engineers may still seek out hand-drawn designs and plans. Drawings can provide an initial level of detail and understanding during the first steps of a building project or the creation of complex machinery. However, while these methods may be preferred in the initial stages of the design process, contractors and clients will benefit from detailed and high-quality digital designs. 

While a blueprint may be detailed and offer a more in-depth look into the thought behind a design project, it still has to be fully realized in a program like MicroStation for further understanding. Architectural design firms and engineering projects are likely to have many stakeholders involved, a large amount of money and resources on the line, and time constraints. This scenario means that accuracy and precision are of the utmost importance. As a result, it is necessary to have designers that can convert paper drawings and plans into CAD designs. 

You can save money, time, and stress on your next architectural and engineering project by hiring a freelance designer that can efficiently convert your paper drafts. Also, instead of having to pick right up where they left off, you can take advantage of Cad Crowd’s MicroStation modeling services. In place of sending the designs back to you to figure out the modeling elements, our expert freelancers can create detailed, accurate, and tailored architectural or engineering models that fit your client’s needs and specifications. 

Applications of paper to CAD conversions

There is a wide range of applications for these conversions. First, let’s discuss why they are useful. 

  • Permanent storage – Paper to CAD conversions enable you to permanently save or store your designs and drawings for later use or to refer to during a future project. 
  • Free-up physical storage space – Paper drawings and drafts can take up much space. Getting rid of the paper and converting these drafts into a software program can help you have more area in your office for storage. 
  • Easier collaboration – Working with team members on a design becomes a lot more challenging if everything is on paper. Paper to CAD conversion allows you to share designs and work on models with others quickly. 
  • Efficiently share information – Instead of sending a paper draft through the mail, conversions enable you to send digital designs through email or share them on cloud-based platforms. 
  • Create more detailed designs – Even the best drafter may have difficulties producing photorealistic and high-quality designs on paper. Transferring these designs to a program like MicroStation allows designers to add in the details and realism that is necessary. 

Knowing why paper to CAD conversions are useful helps in understanding their application. This process can be applied to site plans, electrical and mechanical layouts, floor plans, HVAC systems, blueprints, and any other documentation that is drawn on paper. It is important to remember that all drawings have to be large and sharp enough for a scanner. While it is true that technology has evolved to pick up many types of designs, drafters need high-quality drawings for scans. 

Designers will likely engage in some clean-up methods before the conversion process to ensure the design is as clear and close to the right size as possible. However, making sure that a drawing is clear before it reaches a designer will aid in efficiency and productivity. 

Our paper to CAD conversion services

Cad Crowd works with companies of all sizes to help them receive the design and drafting help they need. Our paper to CAD conversion services as well as our MicroStation drafting and modeling services will ensure you are matched with a designer who can convert your drawing to a vector that can be easily edited or altered in a CAD software program. 

Whether you are working with building contractors, engineers, or architects, we want to help you focus on your business goals and the outcome of your projects. We do this by taking care of the designer hiring process. We can facilitate a “design contest,” that sends offers to you, allow designers to send you private quotes, or help you set up an on-going work contract with a designer or drafter. 

Our drafters and designers have been pre-vetted, and bring years of experience to their design areas. They are individuals who take their work seriously and are committed to working with entrepreneurs and business owners who need professional assistance. 

From paper to CAD conversions to MicroStation design services, Cad Crowd is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and business owners by connecting them with expert freelance designers. We invite you to see who we have worked with and reach out to us for a free quote

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