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What is MicroStation? 

Infrastructure projects include nearly everything that keeps society working as it should, in a physical sense. Roads, sewer systems, bridges and tunnels, electrical networks, and telecom systems all provide the infrastructure for the world. These are necessary for people to live their lives, work, enjoy leisure, and just about everything else individuals do with their time. Without infrastructure, it might be argued that there is no civilization, in fact.

Infrastructure itself, though, needs its own set of internal structure. After all, they must be constructed and maintained over the years. The design of these formations has to be organized and thoughtfully crafted for durability. Robust design is the name of the infrastructure game. To get this drafting and modeling completed, however, it requires draftsmen, women, and designers to model the buildings and roads as needed.

This work is typically done in a computer-aided design (CAD) program. One of the most popular and efficient applications in this field is called MicroStation, by Bentley Systems. It is a design software suite capable of both two and three-dimensional drafting and modeling. Primarily, freelance architects, engineers, and designers use the MicroStation software to draft and model infrastructure projects.

Microstation allows architects, mechanical engineers, and designers to “model, document, and visualize infrastructure projects of any type, scale, and complexity, with a comprehensive set of design and documentation capabilities to reliably deliver even the most demanding projects.” Regardless of the kind of design or engineering information a team may be dealing with or the type of infrastructure project in development, drafters and modelers can use MicroStation's versatility and robust processing capabilities to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

There is good reason that MicroStation is the industry standard drafting and three-dimensional modeling application chosen by so many designers, engineers, and architects working in the field. It allows them to work seamlessly in both two and three dimensions, create computer-aided design models and renderings, draft and draw, animate, generate hypermodels, and develop documented workflow. Utilizing Bentley System’s MicroStation software, designers, and engineers are able to augment geospatial references along with metadata. This enables them to connect designs to their actual environment space and location. From the beginning phases of a design project, all the way through to the end, MicroStation does it all.

The MicroStation suite of applications furnishes all the traditional computer-aided design functionality, along with the capacity and flexibility to accurately assess, draft, model, organize, and conceptualize visual data. This is all completed using high quality two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects of various kinds and magnitude. Designers, engineers, and architects in virtually any design field can perform work on infrastructure projects using MicroStation as their core software foundation.

Who needs a freelance MicroStation designer and why?

If a company or firm is working in the architectural, engineering, or design field within the infrastructure space, they will likely need to utilize a MicroStation designer or team of MicroStation designers. The reason for this is fairly simple. Infrastructure projects are quite often enormously intensive. They can take years to complete, at an extraordinary cost, and employ countless workers. This does not even take into account the physical resources required to complete such tasks.

Countries quite literally run on roads and bridges, to consider one such example. Each one of these must be meticulously planned, designed, and constructed to last for decades, or even centuries. Due to the immensity of these projects’ nature and the complexity of the drafting required, designers are absolutely essential to the process. Designers and engineers of this type most frequently employ MicroStation to execute their work. With this in mind, it is easy to see why the infrastructure space cannot function without the efforts of MicroStation designers.

Consider, for instance, the breadth of a MicroStation designer’s work. They need to produce highly detailed renderings and quickly transition an architect or engineer’s work from conceptual stages through to a lifelike, realized, and finished product. MicroStation designers must maintain industry standards with regard to all parameters within the specified infrastructure project type.

Additionally, they also work to develop fully operational three-dimensional models with working and parametric elements. All drafted drawings and models have to be comprehensively annotated. This is applied to the images themselves in order to detail the scope and breadth of the project’s movement and function. In the end, MicroStation designers and draftspeople are required to furnish comprehensive drawing packets complete with all materials and tolerance data, and any Bill-of-Materials (BOM).

Without the work of an experienced and talented MicroStation services team or designer, infrastructure projects cannot even get off the ground. So, whether it’s for a road, building, bridge, tunnel, dam, or anything else related to infrastructure, it doesn’t make much of a difference. A MicroStation services designer or team is vital to any infrastructure project’s effective completion.

MicroStation design services at work

There are countless instances of MicroStation design services at work. Architectural and engineering projects around the world rely on such drafting and modeling to perfect their designs before construction can begin. One particularly notable example of such work is the Landslide Disaster Protection work done on the National Road Network in Indonesia. The work was recognized and given a Be Inspired award in 2018 by Bentley Systems.

According to the makers of MicroStation, two months prior to the yearly Indonesian Homecoming Festival in West Java, a disastrous landslide impacted the road in between Bogor and Cianjur. This exacerbated already difficult traffic conditions on West Java’s primary highway.

WIKA, a design firm, used MicroStation to furnish a valuable feasibility analysis of the freeway infrastructure. At the same time, the country conducted preventative measures at the road site. Ultimately, the project resulted in several location-specific, environmental obstacles that necessitated the utilization of unified design services technology on the area. This was completed successfully in about five months, an accelerated pace for such a major project.

Another interesting example of a project that required the use of MicroStation designers comes by way of China. Chengdu City experienced a notable increase in its population due to a current revitalization effort in their economy. A consequence of this was that the municipal water reserve volume was not able to keep up with the increased demand of the greater population. In order to remedy this situation, the Chinese administration decided to build a much larger water supply plant for the region.

MCC Capital Engineering & Research Incorporation Limited was brought on to engineer and construct the new, large-scale Jinqiang Shouan Water Plant. According to Bentley Systems, “This CNY 350 million water plant includes 23 facilities, and the project required collaboration among engineers from 12 distinct specialties.” Complicating matters further, the authorities in Chengdu needed to make sure that this modern water facility would not have undue consequences on the surrounding environment due. Neighboring the plant are two major environmental areas: the first is the Wolong National Nature Reserve, and the second is the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

The engineering firm utilized a joint three-dimensional digital design plan employing MicroStation’s building information modeling (BIM) software to furnish a resolution for the complex piping system, pool structure, and the rest of the interdisciplinary project groups. Bentley System’s Connected Data Environment has its basis in ProjectWise. This allows for effective collaboration between everyone on all the different teams. It also makes the communication of complex information much easier between all the research, design, and engineering teams. All this was made possible by a team of MicroStation design services groups working together to build out the best means of researching, engineering, and ultimately constructing the new Chengdu City water systems.

As you can see, there are countless ways to implement MicroStation design services. Infrastructure projects of all shapes, sizes, and varieties, regardless of scope or geographic location, utilize MicroStation designers for their work. From roads and highways to water supply and hydraulic systems, if the project involves infrastructure, it needs a MicroStation services designer or team to be effective, efficient, and successful.

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Bringing Cad Crowd on board with your MicroStation design project means that you can work with an exclusive group of the world’s greatest freelancers in nearly every engineering or design field in existence. We have a community of technical draftsmen and women, designers, and modelers all over the globe with years of experience working across a wide range of software within a diverse spectrum of businesses. Whatever your patent needs may be, Cad Crowd can help you get exactly where you need to go. We can meet every Microstation design services solution, regardless of project field or scope.

We have the ability to help you by utilizing a range of the most updated programs. Our network is made up of the best experts using the highest quality current computer-aided design software. Just let us know if there is a particular application you need us to use, and we will locate the perfect MicroStation design services artist or engineer for your project.

Cad Crowd’s services are at the disposal of clients who currently have drafts or models in-hand and need additional assistance with the task of rendering or further development utilizing a broad range of expert Microstation design services engineers and designers.

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