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Quality engineering services are an essential part of the development of a new product. An engineer takes your invention from concept to reality: they figure out how to make the thing work. At Cad Crowd, we work with professional design engineers who specialize in creative product development. Our flexible services are completely customizable for the requirements and timeline of your project, whether you're an individual entrepreneur or a firm developing a new product. Our engineers have experience in civil, mechanical, electrical and structural engineering and are able to take on any project, no matter what the size. 

engineering designOur engineers and designers specialize in designing products for rapid prototyping and manufacturing. Cad Crowd is your one-stop-shop for product design, development, and production services. Advanced 3D modeling technology allows your to work with our designers and engineers to produce exactly the design you envision in a way that will function in the real world.

Flexible, reliable engineering services

We provide a comprehensive range of CAD design and engineering services to handle any kind of design project. With thousands of freelance engineers and designers in our network, Cad Crowd is prepared to handle anything from pipeline design to mechanical engineering to PCB design

We take the guesswork out of online hiring by connect clients directly with top-quality, reliable, and vetted freelancers with a proven track record. Our freelancers are available for both long-term and short-term contracts. Whether you're looking for an engineer to help you bring your product to market or to outsource some of your firm's workload, Cad Crowd has got you covered.

Get an estimate now. Based on your unique project requirements, our experts will identify the ideal top-ranking freelancer to help you reach your project goals. 

Service options for Engineering design projects

Design contests

Design Contests

Does your project require a high amount of creativity? By posting a design contest receive multiple designs for your concept and pay for your favorite design. Once you post a contest, you’ll see participation from our global design members.

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Hourly services

Hourly Services

Should you prefer our freelancers to work on an hourly instead of a per-project basis, that’s also possible. Tell us about your requirements so that we can custom-fit a qualified designer to work on your on-going project.

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Private projects


Similar to how freelancing websites work, here is where you can post private projects with a clear scope. Again, we can find 3D experts who can help finish your assigned tasks within the required time.

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3D CAD design services and engineering freelance

Cad Crowd is unique in providing engineering services. Unlike conventional engineering companies, we work with a broad network of design professionals to offer individual and corporate clients a comprehensive range of services, from architectural design to CAD drafting and engineering services.

We love inventors! Cad Crowd works with companies, entrepreneurs, and individual inventors to develop new products, inventions, and patented designs. In addition to our CAD services we also offer patenting services, patent drafting, and USPTO patent search solutions for inventors and entrepreneurs to help you protect your invention. 

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Yale University School of Medicine
Tiffany & Co.
CNOOC Limited
The Boston Consulting Group

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