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freelance civil engineering servicesCivil engineering is the discipline concerned with the design and construction of our physical environment. Structures, bridges, roads, tunnels, and cities themselves stand the tests of time thanks to the work and skill of civil engineers. Civil engineering is the second oldest engineering discipline, trailing only behind military engineering. When undertaking the design of any permanent structure — whether public or private — you need to work with a qualified and talented civil engineer. 

Civil engineering can be subdivided into quite a few sub-disciplines, including:

  •  Architectural engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Municipal/Urban engineering
  • Water resources engineering
  • Wastewater engineering
  • Offshore engineering
  • Construction engineering & Surveying

Qualified civil engineers are invaluable. Not only is an unstable structure a major financial liability, but it is a huge safety risk. A poorly designed building or water management system is likely to fail within a few years, which can very easily amount to enormous costs for the developer. It can also  result in serious injuries. The best way to avoid these kinds of costly mistakes is to start with a solid foundation, and that means working with talented and knowledgeable designers from the beginning.

Expert Freelance Engineers When You Need Them 

Cad Crowd offers a full range of professional engineering, drafting, and design services. Our network includes only talented engineers with a proven track record of expertise, competence, and experience. Our flexible engineering services are fully customizable to suit the specific demands of your project. Whether you are looking to bring on a new full-time consultant or engineer or are looking for short-term help to meet a rush deadline, we offer you the professional help you need for the times you need it. Avoid unnecessary costs and overheads while still hitting your deadlines by bringing in the experts only when you need them. 

Our engineers can work with you from conception through construction. They will work with you to produce the ideal design that meets the demands of your project while balancing environmental, cost and other site restraints. We offer both hourly service and project estimates. 

Get an estimate now, and connect with the engineers your project needs. 

Civil Engineering Services & Civil Drafting — Hire a Freelance Engineer

Our network of qualified CAD design professionals includes civil engineers, civil drafting technicians, and CAD designers to provide a full range of design and engineering services. We offer everything from topography plans, roadway and bridges plans, sewage systems and drainage designs to 3D printed scale models and virtual fly-throughs.  

Cad Crowd is a unique alternative to conventional civil engineering firms. We offer a comprehensive array of architecture, design, freelance drafting, and engineering CAD services for professionals, entrepreneurs, inventors and corporate clients. We cater our services specifically for the needs of our individual clients. Whether you're looking for a freelance engineer to review your schematics, or you're looking to hire someone to work with you long term throughout the development of your project, we'll connect you with the services you need.

Get a quote now, and connect with our leading network of engineers and designers. We'll review your project description, provide you with a free estimate, and select one of out leading freelance engineers to work with you.

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