3D Printing Services with Color and PolyJet

Create Richly Detailed, Accurate and Cost-Effective Parts and Prototypes With Color 3D Printing

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Fast, Accurate 3D Printing Technologies for Any Application

3D printing is a layer additive technology that works much like a conventional ink jet printer. Most 3D printing machines deposit material or binder from moving print heads to create highly-detailed and functional three-dimensional objects. Our 3D Printing Service connects you with a network of leading U.S-based 3D printing companies. With a variety of technologies at your disposal, we can meet any of your manufacturing needs. 

Although 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, in recent years the technology has advanced considerably. The range of materials now is starting to rival those which can be achieved through conventional manufacturing, meaning the technology can be used for more than just prototyping and modeling. In addition to the convenience and cost-effectiveness compared against the high overheads of conventional processes, additive manufacturing accommodates designs with extremely complex internal geometries that would be difficult or impossible to achieve through casting or machining. This frees you to design for optimum performance, rather than to suit the manufacturing process.

3D Printing in Color

We offer a variety of 3D printing services for creating beautiful multi-colored parts, either for use as concept models, presentation tools, or even end-use products. Combine multiple colors for stunning aesthetics for applications as diverse as industrial or consumer products to 3D portraits and toys. A variety of techniques and materials are available depending upon your needs. Do you need a durable, functional object, or a richly colored decorative object? Whatever your design goals, it can be accomplished with additive manufacturing.


A highly precise technology, PolyJet printers are able to produce layers as thin as 16 microns (0.0006"). More accurate than other 3D printing technologies, PolyJet is ideal for applications where fine detail and a smooth finish matters. Great for creating presentation models that will impress investors. PolyJet is also well suited for creating smaller parts (less than 5"x5"x5" build volume) where detail is important. For larger applications, other technologies may be more cost-effective. 

PolyJet machines can print in multiple colors and materials simultaneously. Different materials provide different structural qualities. You can even print flexible resins similar to rubber or silicone.  

Fused Deposition Modeling

Less detailed than PolyJet, FDM is a cost-effective solution for creating parts tough enough for rapid prototyping or end use. FDM can even be used for manufacturing tools. FDM uses production-grade thermoplastics rather than resins to create durable but accurate materials that will last longer than SLA or SLS. Ideal for applications where toughness and durability are more important than fine texture and detail. 


Less accurate than PolyJet, and less durable than FDM, Z-Corp can achieve a layer thickness of 0.035" in full 24-bit color. A fast and economical alternative which uses high-performance plaster composite powder to create richly colored 3D parts and models. Useful for creating realistic full-color sculptures, 3D images, or presentation models with no need for manual painting. Colors are added directly into the build process, not simply added to the surface. Ideal for those seeking cost-effective 3D printing solutions that don't require a high degree of durability or detail. 

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