Direct Digital Manufacturing (DDM) Service

Rapid Manufacturing for Your Company — Directly from CAD Files with No Tooling Required

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Fast, Cost-Effective Alternatives to Traditional Manufacturing 

Direct Digital Manufacturing is the process of producing parts and assemblies straight from a digital CAD file. This revolutionary advance in manufacturing technology allows designers to bring their visions to life with minimal overheads and without the need for long tooling times. With advanced technologies constantly being improved upon, our DDM services provide you with reliable, rapid and cost-effective alternatives to traditional manufacturing. 

Using layer additive manufacturing techniques, you can take your project from prototype to production without any extra capital investment. You no longer need to kick an entire factory into operation in order to produce intricate, functional parts from advanced engineering materials. Everything from toys to components for rocket ships can be and is created directly from CAD files in just a matter of days.

Parts can be built in a fraction of the time and cost compared with traditional manufacturing while maintaining a similar quality to injection molded parts. With the extra design flexibility allowed for by modern 3D printing techniques, parts which would have been impossible or extremely difficult are now a piece of cake. Create strong, durable parts from metal and thermoplastics without the lead-times and overhead costs associated with casting and machining. 

DDM is ideal for:
  • Low-volume production
  • Manufacturing replacement parts
  • Creating limited or special edition parts
  • Functional prototypes
  • Concept models

With laser sintering and other 3D printing technologies constantly improving, it's never been easier to transition from design to production. Get a quote now from out network of leading additive manufacturing companies. Whether you're looking to create a few prototypes or a few thousand parts, our experts are waiting to help you start production.

Looking for CAD designers to translate your ideas into a workable CAD design? Take advantage of our CAD design service to connect with expert designers and drafters. Get a quote today. And make sure to protect your intellectual property! Use our On Demand Patent Attorneys Search for expert guidance along every step of the patenting procedure.