Fused deposition modeling (FDM) additive manufacturing services

Durable, functional, production grade plastic prototypes and end use parts through our FDM services

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Production grade rapid manufacturing for durable, reliable parts

Take advantage of our FDM additive manufacturing services to create high-performance thermoplastic parts and functional prototypes from your CAD designs. We'll connect you directly with the best FDM 3D printing companies in the United States. 

Fused deposition modeling is a 3D printing technique that builds parts from additive layers of thermoplastics. A moving nozzle deposits layer after layer of liquid plastic to build highly functional parts from various durable materials. Whereas other additive manufacturing technologies, such as SLS or SLA, build parts from resins or nylon polymers, FDM manufactured parts are built from the same production-grade thermoplastics used in conventional manufacturing. 

Advantages of FDM Manufacturing

Because FDM production uses high-quality thermoplastics, parts can be built to withstand rigorous use either as functional prototypes or as end-use parts. FDM uses the same raw materials as conventional injection molding, and parts can achieve a very high strength-to-weight ratio in less time and with fewer overheads than conventional manufacturing. Because parts are built up layer by layer, complex internal geometries are easily achievable, which would be impossible in casting or machining. 

It is an ideal technology for rapid prototyping where functional parts are needed to match the final production precisely. Because of the thermoplastic materials, FDM is also an excellent process for creating low-volume runs of end-use parts. FDM machines can repeat the same part consistently and accurately with greater reliability than other forms of additive manufacturing.

Available Materials

FDM is a precise 3D printing technique allowing for tough and complex assemblies from a variety of plastics. High-performance and high-strength materials can even be combined for highly specified applications. The variety of production-grade thermoplastics available in modern FDM manufacturing makes it valuable in industries with specific mechanical requirements.  Materials Include:

  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS): durable engineering grade plastic
  • Polycarbonate (PC): very durable, high-performance plastic 
    •  PC-ISO: For medical instruments
  • PC-ABS: high strength, heat resistant, and flexible
  • ULTEM: A strong, lightweight, high-performance flame-retardant thermoplastic

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