Custom cast urethane molding

Highly detailed cast urethane models and prototypes with quality surface finish

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Tiffany & Co.
CNOOC Limited
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Rapid, functional prototypes and early production parts from cast urethane

Urethane casting is an ideal molding technology for creating spectacular presentation models, functional prototypes, and low-volume production runs of end-use parts. Our network of leading U.S. based manufacturing companies is ready to start working to produce your parts.

Advantages of cast urethane molding

Urethane casting allows for the rapid and cost-effective production of prototypes and early-development parts with nearly identical surface finishes, colors, tolerances, and material properties as full production injection molded parts without hard tooling. Soft tooling allows for the creation of complex parts that would be considerably more expensive or even impossible to produce with hard tooling.

This makes it an ideal technology for creating stunning marketing tools to win over investment early in the production process before you've put down the capital for full production runs. Enter the production process knowing you've secured the investment you need to succeed.  Avoid costly mistakes by test casting your master pattern in urethane, and iron out any kinks before investing in tooling. 

  • Alpha and Beta builds
  • Investor shows models
  • Pre-production parts
  • Functional prototypes
  • End-use parts in certain situations
Urethane casting materials

With a wide variety of materials available, you will find the ideal solution for any early-production application. Materials range from flexible and rigid polymers to expanding foam and include the following:

  • ABS-like polyurethane, ideal for prototyping
  • Clear polyurethane for applications requiring transparency
  • Flame resistant polyurethane, yellow card certified for UL 94 V-0
  • Impact-resistant elastomeric polyurethane
  • Glass filled polyurethane for high impact strength and details
  • High strength polyurethane, ideal for production parts
  • High temperature polyurethane 

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