Finishing and Post Processing for Prototypes and Parts

Forget About Sanding. Have Your Parts Finished to Match Your Needs

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The Right Surface Finish For Any Application

You don't need to spend hours sanding and painting your digitally manufactured parts. Our network of expert rapid manufacturing companies offers finishing and post-processing for all parts and prototypes. Whatever your needs, your part will come to you ready to meet the world. 

They say you can't judge a book by its cover. But if that were true, they wouldn't print book covers! Your product needs to look and feel its best in order to succeed in the competitive market, and that's where a full range of finishing and post-processing services makes all the difference. Concept models, presentation models, functional prototypes, end-use parts and consumer products all have varying degrees of finishing requirements. With Cad Crowd, you specify the post-processing your product needs, and our experts will handle the rest.

Finishing Options

Maybe you want your part straight from the machine, or you're looking for a masterpiece to impress your investors, or maybe you're somewhere in between. Whatever the situation, you determine the level of post-processing your product needs. Glossy or matte, sanded or rough, painted or unpainted: you decide.

  • Hand Finishing & Polishing
  • Painting & Rubberized Paint
  • Textures
  • Bead Blast
  • Shielding
  • Metallic Plating
  • Vapor Polish
  • Hardware (screws, inserts, fasteners, helicoils, etc)
  • Sand & Seal

Get a quote now from our manufacturing experts, and specify the level of finishing your product needs to look and feel its best. 

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