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Durable, functional prototypes and end use parts

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive layer manufacturing (3D printing) process for creating prototypes and end-use parts. SLS uses CO2 lasers to fuse thermoplastic and metal powders, rapidly creating complex shapes from durable materials. Our selective laser sintering service will put you in touch immediately with the best U.S-based SLS manufacturing companies. Turn your CAD designs into reality in a matter of days.

SLS additive manufacturing provides various material options, making it ideal for applications with specific mechanical requirements. Because the part ends up encased in the un-sintered powders, there is no need for any support structures, saving time on design and post-processing. SLS is valued for the speed with which durable, functional objects to meet a variety of specifications.

Selective laser sintering (SLS) materials

SLS can produce complex geometries much quicker and easier than conventional machining or molding without sacrificing build quality. Various materials are available for SLS production with properties comparable to those used in traditional manufacturing processes. Materials include:

  • Flexible or rigid plastics
  • Metallic materials
  • Rubber or silicone-like elastomers
Available Mechanical Properties:
  • Load bearing
  • Impact resistant
  • Temperature tolerant
  • Water/air tight

While SLS was initially used primarily for prototyping, it is now used to manufacture various end-use products in the medical, automotive, aerospace, and consumer industries. Some applications include high-flex snaps, living hinges, fuel tanks, control surfaces, brackets, clips, and grommets. 

Low Weight, High Function 

SLS production excels at producing lightweight yet functional parts, making it a popular process in the aerospace industry. Creating complex, single-piece parts rather than relying on multi-part assemblies allows for much more efficient designs. The materials used in SLS manufacturing are chemical and heat resistant, durable, and suitable for various applications. With fewer design constraints, you can focus on functionality.

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