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Producing a finished product animation that both looks good and works well is a difficult task. It can be done though. When a product is being created, there are many minds involved. Often, those people see the same object, the same goal. When this happens, they are able to work harmoniously. Other times, however, teams aren’t on the same page. Given that so much thought and careful preparation are involved, the more detailed the planning, the better.

Technical drawings in two dimensions are a necessary first step for many products. It allows designers and builders to work toward the same result. That said, 2D drawings serve a largely technical purpose. What schematics do not allow for is interaction before manufacturing has been completed. There is no ability to view the object in its intended environment, only in a flat image. A company has to complete the cost-intensive labor and manufacturing process first. This must happen to know whether the product works in a practical sense.

With the advent of computer-aided drafting, though, new software advances allow for somewhat futuristic developments in the design process. Product design services and rendering artists can now use applications to create three-dimensional animations. These go far beyond the flat, technical drawings by engendering an immersive visual experience. Products can be “seen” and “tested” before they are even assembled. For some companies, the items in question are already built. They simply need instructional tutorials for workers or marketing videos for the consumer public.

Given the plethora of products on any particular market, companies must distinguish themselves and their wares. Images and ad copy do an excellent job of this in many cases. Plenty of scenarios exist, however, where a 3D animated video could take a product or advertising campaign to the next level. With a talented and experienced 3D product animator and designer, your company can soar to that level today.

What is 3D product animation?

Most people are familiar with blueprints, those two-dimensional drawings of houses (and countless other things) before they’re actually built. 3D product animation takes those schematics a step further. In three dimensions, you can get a virtual sense of what an object will look like, how it will function, and how the design might be improved or tweaked. All of this can occur before the product is even produced. In other words, before you hold it in your hand, you can experience it with your eyes.

Conceptually, it’s no more complicated than that. In practice, it requires an enormous amount of ability and competent skill to produce. The software that artists and design firms utilize varies from company to company, but some of the more popular ones are Maya, 3ds Max, VRay, AutoCAD design services, or SolidWorks. Lifelike renderings can be generated using any one of these, or several together. These provide the most helpful idea of how a product will appear as well as its functionality. Complex designs, such as in engineering or manufacturing fields, might necessitate that more than one angle is generated. Whatever the needs, there are some fundamental aspects that all 3D product animations should feature.

A well-done 3D product animation will have several compelling qualities. For starters, it ought to seem “real.” The customer, client, or worker should feel like they can reach out and grab it with their own hands. By extension, there should be a sense in which the product comes to life. This doesn’t simply mean that it appears like it would in “real life.” It requires something more, an appreciation for the emotion that the product may invoke. This can be accomplished in many ways, but even a more realistic animation can be improved by also conveying feeling.

The focal point of the animation should always be on the product itself. This means that 3D animations in which the environment is more appealing than the product have failed critically. While bringing attention to the object, though, the best animations remain straightforward and uncomplicated. This fact alone can actually enhance the product’s uniqueness. Simplicity and brevity can bring attention effortlessly. They allow the merchandise to be accessible to all, regardless of skill level. Fleshing the product out and making its functionality intelligible are also essential in communicating its importance.

Why choose a freelance 3D product animator?

To begin with, three is more than two. Simply put, three-dimensional images provide a better overall experience than flat pictures. Consumers can view every angle of the product in 360º and in much greater detail. Due to the more well-rounded image you’re presenting, there is also the sense that you aren’t hiding anything. Showing the object in its entirety adds a feeling of clarity and openness about your business.

Because 3D provides more complexity, your product can stand out against others in the same industry or field. Flat images can certainly tell great stories, but three-dimensional ones go even further. They add literal depth that translates to rich narratives. It lets you really tell the story of how your product works and can enrich lives.

In an economic sense, providing a 3D product animation posted online for buyers can prevent unwanted returns. Potential customers can view the item in question and decide whether it works for them before buying. This can save a company shipping expenses, return inspections or re-shelving fees, and any number of other costs associated with returned products.

Having a 3D animated video on your website or e-commerce location also gives your customers a reason to linger. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to buy. Making your 3D product animation prominent encourages your potential clients and patrons to interact as well. They end up perceiving your business as engaging and professional while becoming attached to your product.

At the end of the day, the more detailed and expressive the video, the less explaining you will have to do. In sales pitches, a stellar 3D product animation can do all the demonstrating for you. Ultimately, this saves you time and money, all while bringing in more sales than you might have without it.

What industries use 3D product animation companies?

The features and benefits of 3D product animation, as seen above, are rich and varied. Nearly every industry and field can benefit from having 3D videos of their goods. 3D design works incredibly well for industrial companies.

Anyone manufacturing pieces or tools for use in warehouses or out in the field profit from product animation. Companies or individuals selling products online can show their goods off more clearly. Pitching a new invention is only a click away.

Marine and aeronautical engineering firms especially benefit from 3D product animations. Their creations are often incredibly complicated and complex. As such, they require a degree of detail and intricacy that only three-dimensional videos can furnish. Flat images are simply unable to dig as deeply into the dynamics of engineering plans and schematics in quite the same way.

Ultimately, 3D animation is suitable for basically any engineering field, whether it’ s mechanical or industrial. This includes but is not limited to gas or oil, nuclear energy, and renewable resources. Fields such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and petrochemicals also greatly benefit from complex 3D animations. Companies involved in mining or refining materials, marine labs, infrastructure or transportation, automation in industrial or manufacturing plants, automotive design, and even arms for military defense use animations. These are just a sample of the many diverse areas in which 3D product animation can work to a business’s advantage and bottom line.

Cad Crowd turns dreams into 3D realities

Giving Cad Crowd the chance to join your team allows you the freedom to manage and grow your business as necessary. You also gain the comfort of knowing that only the very best designers and 3D production artists in the world are building and rendering a work of art that can benefit you and your team for the life of the product.

We make sure to work with only the finest freelance artists on the planet with everything that we do, including 3D product animation. Our network of artists and designers have an incredible amount of experience. They work closely with businesses in just about every industry imaginable. Whatever your 3D product animation needs are, know that the designers at Cad Crowd can create exactly what you are looking for. We’re able to discover a design solution for every company, regardless of industry or specialization.

Cad Crowd can help you immensely by employing a vast array of vetted artists. Our repertoire consists of only the finest, top-notch specialists. They all utilize the very best and newest design software, so you can rest assured you’re getting modern animations. If there happens to be a specific software you need used, just tell us, and we will find you the perfect freelancer for your specific project. Our 3D product animators are available at all times to help a company either get started with a design or build a video from an existing work. Wherever you are in the process, we can help you get to exactly where you need to be to impress your customers and reap the benefits of 3D product animation.

No one else works with the same team of designers and artists that we do at Cad Crowd. We are without a doubt the best place online to have your product turned into a beautiful, three-dimensional animation. Contact us today to find out how to get started.



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