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Solid modeling is one of the newer functions of computer-aided design (CAD) and CAD services. It is also one of the more advanced forms of three-dimensional geometric modeling. Any new product can benefit from having a solid model created using CAD software. The solid model shows all the parts of your product in 3D on your computer and through the use of angles, lighting and shadows, the model is brought to life and intended to look like an exact replica of the final product. This model can then be manipulated or changed to meet any evolving dimensions or specifications of your product.

Traditionally, you would create a physical 2D or 3D model of your product using simple materials to get an idea of what the final dimensions will be. This is often done by using wire frames to represent each part of the product. A computer generated solid model adds the surface layer or material onto the wire outlines. This is what gives the object a solid appearance on the computer and is where the name solid modeling was derived from.

One aspect of solid modeling that makes it so much more complicated than other types of geometric modeling is the need to be as true to the physical form of the object as possible in terms of measurements, dimensions, material, and components. Solid modeling was created as the next step in 3D modeling, so that models could represent not only the physical dimensions of an object, but also how the object will actually move and function in the real world. If the calculations are off, the model won’t work the right way and becomes essentially useless.

Adding 3D animation to a solid model takes it to the next level, but also adds an extra complicated step to the process. When a solid model is animated, it shows exactly how the parts interact with each other and how a machine will work when its complete. Because solid modeling software considers each part of the whole as a separate design component, the flexibility and malleability of the model is nearly limitless. If there are any changes to the design specifications, the program will automatically render a new version of the part or product when the new specifications are entered.

Although it’s difficult to do correctly, using solid modeling software has many benefits for designing a new product. The software will automatically perform many of the complex engineering calculations needed in the design creation process. The process of solid modeling is also a useful way to simulate the construction of your new product. Through solid modeling you can plan out and try different materials to create your product from. The solid model will give you an idea of how the product will be manufactured, what parts are needed, and how they work together.

The biggest benefit of using a solid model in your design process, is that the model will work exactly as the product will once it is created. If the solid model doesn’t look or move the way you want the product to, there is still time to make changes to the design, at even the most minute level. This could save you valuable time and money at a later stage in the process.

3D Solid Modeling Services for jet engine partsWhen creating a solid model, there are certain aspects of the design that the designer needs to keep in mind. These are derived from other design schemes used when representing solids. These include:

  • Parameterized primitive instancing
  • Spatial occupancy enumeration
  • Cell decomposition
  • Boundary representation
  • Surface mesh modeling
  • Constructive solid geometry
  • Sweeping design
  • Implicit representation
  • Parametric and feature-based modeling

The specifics of the product will also affect the design. Whichever material you intend to manufacture your product from will have to be exactly replicated in the 3D solid model. Every material has a different coloring, texture, finish, and shine (among other things). Even different kinds of plastic give off a different hue when light is shone on them. Wood grain may be one of the most complicated materials to replicate in a solid model, but often has a stunning effect when it is finished that makes the extra effort worth it.

While it was initially intended only for machining and assembly, recent innovations in solid modeling and solid modeling software have expanded the industries where solid modeling can be used and how it can be used. Solid modeling is used in engineering and product design to get a feel for how the product would look when it is finished. It is used in architectural design to show the final layout and construction of a building. In the medical field, solid model mock ups are formed for new medical devices and body parts and organs, making it easier for medical practitioners to plan out procedures, treatments, and surgeries.

Jet Engine Assembly DesignSome of the industries to more newly employ 3D solid modeling techniques are:

Solid modeling is another design field where computer-aided design (CAD) can be a useful asset. CAD systems like SolidWorks and AutoCAD can be used to perform many different functions when it comes to design. Solid modeling is only one of the more basic things you can do with the right CAD software. It lets you create a moveable and malleable 3D prototype of your product. With a CAD-created solid model you can shade your 3D prototype in real time and reorient the image to view it from all angles.

Don’t get lost in the technical side of 3D solid modeling. If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, solid modeling can give you an edge when making presentations or pitches to potential investors or buyers. At times it can be hard to accurately describe your idea in a way that will help your audience easily visualize the end-product you’re aiming for, but with an accurate solid model, you can take imagination out of the equation and present exactly what you’re trying to create to those who matter most: the people with money.

Even if you can understand all the tiny technicalities that will go into the creation of your product, businesspeople usually can’t or don’t have the time to let you explain them. A solid model is a fast and simple way for people to grasp the concept of your design or project. It offers a visual component to your pitch that is different from a photo or video and that will cost you a lot less to create.

Since solid modeling is such a complicated process, when hiring a solid modeling designer you’ll want someone who really knows what they’re doing. This is where Cad Crowd can help. We have a database of solid modeling design freelancers from around the world, waiting to take on your next project at an affordable price.

By using design freelancers, you never have to worry about whether you have enough work to keep your employee occupied enough to justify the salary you pay them. You’ll also save on the time and cost of training employees on technical CAD and rendering software, as well as the software itself and the equipment needed to run such complex computer programs successfully.

Our freelancers are available for one-time tasks or long-term projects. When you use one of Cad Crowds pre-vetted design experts, you know you’re receiving quality work. In fact, we guarantee it. If the final product doesn’t match your specifications, we’ll give you your money back.

If you want to know more about how it all works, take a look around our website. When you’re ready to get started, send us your project details for your  free project estimate.  

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