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Sheet metal design is an art that reaches many different industries. Products made of sheet metal are used in all of the following fields:

Using computer numerical control (CNC) equipment, sheet metal can be turned into different shapes and styles to match your product needs. The material can be cut, bent, punched, drilled, shaped, or straightened into whatever form you desire. If the product uses more than one piece of sheet metal, the different pieces can be fitted together using several methods that will not ruin the material.

Depending on the size and scope of the project, the designer will include instructions on the best way to join the different pieces of sheet metal together. This could include using screws, rivets, or adhesives, or they might need to be welded, clinched, or folded together. The designer will choose the best method depending on how the product is used and how thick the sheet metal needs.

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The possibilities are endless with sheet metal product design. No matter your field, our designers can create specifications for any sheet metal product to be used worldwide. Not only will the product work exactly how you want it to, but our designers also keep in mind how a product will look after it’s put together. These industry veterans bring unique and stylish design ideas to every product they work on. Designing sheet metal detail drawings is a complicated process that the most experienced people can only take on. The designer must deeply understand how the material works to use it to its highest potential. 

Detailed drawings of sheet metal design have very specific requirements, usually needing two sets of design specifications. One set of designs must be created for the product when it is still flat, and another set of designs is needed after all of the sheet metal has been folded and put together correctly. These design drawings look like blueprints for a house or complicated origami instructions, with many layered dimensions involved. When creating sheet metal drawings, designers have to think about the limitations of the metal material and how it can be molded into different shapes for product designs. 

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Sheet metal, although strong and durable, possesses inherent structural limitations. The inner fold becomes compressed when bent, while the outer fold stretches. Bending or folding the material excessively can weaken it, rendering the metal fragile and unusable. Similarly, cutting out large sections for functionality or aesthetics can compromise its weight-bearing capacity and strength, much like removing a structural beam in a house.

In applications involving electrical equipment or tools that generate significant heat, designers must consider the additional strain on the sheet metal. Design specifications often include features for heat ventilation, preventing overheating, melting, or loss of strength and durability.

Our team of sheet metal designers are experts in their field. Utilizing cutting-edge 2D and 3D CAD design technology, they adhere to sheet metal industry standards and your specific requirements. They strive to ensure that your design remains functional without sacrificing the inherent strength of sheet metal. Recognizing the material's limitations, our designers employ industry-proven techniques to push design boundaries without exceeding sheet metal capabilities.

In terms of heat ventilation, a designer may create innovative ventilation cutouts that deviate from the standard hole-punch shape. This approach ensures that the material maintains its structural integrity while providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance for customers.

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If structural integrity precedes aesthetics, the designer will collaborate with you to ensure your product is as strong and durable as possible while incorporating any specialized features necessary for optimal functionality. Sheet metal designers will assist you in selecting the most suitable materials for your desired product and provide design specifications in the format you require. They will offer insights on the best sheet metals, considering strength, corrosion resistance, assembly process, and costs.

The choice of material can significantly impact a product's outcome. Certain sheet metals should be avoided for designs requiring multiple folds, while others can better withstand such manipulation. However, you need not worry if you're not a sheet metal expert, as our sheet metal designers will guide you in the right direction, simplifying the process and helping to reduce production time.

To achieve the best possible sheet metal design, keep your designer informed about the tools or methods you use for manufacturing. By understanding your production capabilities, they can ensure the design is feasible with your available resources. There is a wide range of tools for shaping, cutting, and bending sheet metal, so before allowing your designer to proceed with their creative process, ensure they are familiar with the equipment at your disposal.

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Owing to the complexity of sheet metal design, it is crucial to collaborate with top-tier designers. Cad Crowd provides access to pre-qualified sheet metal design professionals boasting exceptional design skills and experience. Our services help you maintain cost-efficiency while delivering unparalleled quality outcomes. Discover more about our offerings here. Whether you have a well-defined vision requiring blueprint creation or seek guidance in the initial stages of your project, Cad Crowd caters to all your needs. Don't hesitate to request a free quote to start your project today.