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Naval architecture could be seen as a combination of various engineering sub-sectors (automotive, architectural design services, and manufacturing). Specifically, naval architecture is the process of developing marine vessels that can move throughout the planet's waters. Approximately 70 percent of the world is covered in water, so Naval Architecture Designers are necessary. 

Naval architects are the individuals who develop the shape, structure, and inner components of these vessels. Naval architecture firms are concerned with how the structural make-up of the boat or ship fits in with propulsion, hydrodynamics, and resistance. Marine engineering design services likely focus on energy systems (i.e., engines and machinery) and how these elements interact with the ship. 

Whether one is looking to create a cargo ship, mega yacht, cruise ship, powerboat, fishing vessel, or tugboat, a marine vessel is only as good as the naval design. To ensure the aesthetics and internal engineering are accurate, and the naval vessel meets various set standards, the process must start with a highly-skilled and experienced naval architect designer. 

Whether you're working with a naval architecture firm or a maritime ship design company, it's crucial to have access to a talented designer offering CAD drafting services, 3D modeling design services, 3D rendering services, and skills. However, finding the right fit for your next naval engineering or naval architecture project can be challenging. This is where Cad Crowd can provide some assistance. We have a team of pre-vetted and experienced freelance designers skilled in various CAD, 3D modeling, drafting, design, and architectural rendering niches. These naval architect designers are ready to help you take your naval design from concept to completion. From logistics to managing the budget, we know you and your team have much to handle, and this is why we help design firms find the design talent they need.

What a naval architect can provide

Naval architects are responsible for designing naval vessels, determining their structure, and how internal systems intertwine with the ship's aesthetic. They are adept at using design, drafting, and 3D modeling software tools to map out the interior and exterior layout of the naval vessel. While this is their primary purpose, they can also offer other services that add ease and efficiency to your shipbuilding process:

Their ultimate goal is to ensure that the interior and exterior of the ship complement each other. While also adhering to design specifications and requirements, naval architects will have experience with electrical engineering, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, technical drawings, and CAD. A lot depends on a well-crafted naval architectural design. Cad Crowd is dedicated to helping you find a naval architect with the experience needed for a naval vessel construction project.

The benefits of naval architecture

Regarding naval design and architecture, accuracy and precision should be critical when deciding if this process is worth it. While you may feel tempted to bypass this step and move forward with traditional modeling, having a naval architect review your designs and ensure they are ready for the next step is crucial to the design's success. 

Below are some of the benefits of naval architecture and naval design.

Find solutions – What are the problems that are rattling your industry or even your company? Savvy designers and naval architecture firms not only create naval vessels to fulfill a function but also do it to develop a solution to a problem. Do you need more space for cargo? Are there some aerodynamic elements that can be added to the exterior? Do you need more speed? Well, the right naval architect can help you find solutions to these problems and develop a draft, drawing, or 3D model that can be a solution.

Start your project on the right foot – Would you build a house without a blueprint? The answer is likely no. Well, the same should be said for your naval vessel. Exceptional naval designs can provide the springboard you need to begin a detailed and thought-out design process. Schematics, layouts, and the mapping of energy systems are essential to know if you are on the right track regarding naval architecture.

Catch mistakes ahead of time – Determine if your naval design is complete or if design modifications are required. Instead of seeing mistakes as you are heading to the final process, you can see these errors ahead of time and create a plan to fix them. Not only does this save you time, but it will also save you money in the long run.

Share your naval designs with stakeholders – The benefit of digital drafts, drawings, 3D models, and 3D rendering services is that you can easily share them with internal and external stakeholders. CAD software tools make collaboration and information sharing much more straightforward and manageable. You no longer have to mail paper plans or have everyone in the same room to receive everyone's opinion. Uploading the designs onto a cloud platform is enough to have everyone look at the plans and receive their feedback.

Optimize your marketing – How can you sell something you haven't yet built? The process of naval architecture enables you to develop nautical designs that can inform your stakeholders and excite your customers. Your naval architect firm can include drawings and models on brochures, web pages, and other promotional material. While you may not yet have started on the physical design, you can get a head start on marketing it to your clients and potential buyers.

Ensure you adhere to codes and regulations – Each region has specifications and laws regarding boat construction. Not adhering to these standards can prove costly. As a result, it helps to have a naval architect that can design the interior and exterior portions of the ship with these standards in mind.

Many other advantages of naval architecture are unique to your business and project. Naval architecture may positively impact your project logistics, allow you to handle inventory better, or give you the resources to meet your client's needs. 

Cad Crowd has a network of freelance engineering designers who can help your company. We have individuals who can work with you to ensure your company gets the most out of the naval design experience. You don't have to comb through resumes or speak with numerous references. You can hop onto the Cad Crowd platform and use our resources to find a vetted freelance designer. If you would like to see how you can find the right designer, we invite you to learn how it works.

Boat CAD design

How our global network of designers can help with your naval design project

Whether you work for a naval architecture firm, own a maritime logistics company, or are looking to create a boat or mega yacht for family travels, our team can work with you to ensure you get the naval design help you need.

Below is a list of some of the services we provide:

Sketches and schematics – We want to understand what you're looking for before we begin the 3D modeling and rendering process. During the first phase, our designers discuss your specifications and expectations regarding your boat's functionality and aesthetic preferences. From there, our designers will create hand-drawn drafts or offer 2D CAD design services that capture your desires. Once the design is approved, our designers will prepare the plans for the next step in the process.

3D modeling and rendering – It is time to bring your naval design ideas to life. Our 2D CAD drafters can take those 2D drawings and drafts and develop them into photorealistic and detailed models. Everything from energy systems like engines to areas where cargo is stored can be visualized for you and your team. You can then share these designs with your stakeholders for their opinions and buy-in. This phase also allows you to alter specifications or make changes as you see fit.

3D printing – Want to get an even closer look at your design? Why not print a 3D miniature of the naval model to get a physical feel for the look of the final build? 3D printing is an excellent way to get a physical 3D view of various angles relating to your naval design. Also, this is a great place to see if you need to make any modifications or continue with the project.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) – How does your naval design hold up to the stresses brought on by water, rain, and wind? Can it still perform its functions under intense heat? Our designers can help provide the necessary answers to these fundamental questions. Our vetted FEA simulation engineering designers can perform an FEA analysis on your naval vessel design to ensure it is safe and functional, regardless of the environmental stresses it faces.

Support and analysis – Our team of designers will ensure your naval design is ready for the final stage. Various tests and analyses are necessary before the final build, and our designers can test for stability, hydrostatics, motions, resistance, propulsion, hull structure, and specification development. We want to ensure your naval design meets your standards and the building codes and regulations. 

Weight and power analysis – How fast will this boat move? Can it make those deliveries or reach destinations in a specified period? Get a jump on the delivery timeline by allowing our naval architects to do a weight, speed, and power analysis on the model. This process will let you see if the design benefits the boat's efficiency or needs to be altered to meet your desired standards.

Stability analysis – How stable is your naval vessel? Is it set to sail the waters and get your valuable cargo or inventory from point A to point B? Well, our group of designers can help you navigate this process. Whether you are preparing for a new boat or designing to repair a damaged ship, the designers can test the conditions of your boat and ensure that each component is working correctly.

Modification drawings – Do you need to modify the initial naval architecture design, or do you need to alter the finished boat design through repairs? The naval designers on our platform can work with you to ensure any alterations or modifications are accurately applied to the existing design (or physical product).

Project management – We know your team is busy; from ensuring the project stays within budget to communicating with stakeholders, ensuring everything happens as intended can be challenging. Fortunately, many of our marine design professionals are familiar with naval architecture and can move the project from the initial concept stage to the final maritime design. It helps to have someone leading the charge on a project, and in our network, we have designers who can take this process off your plate.

Conversions – Today, the need for platform supply vessels has diminished since the industries that require them (oil and gas) are also starting to fade. This situation has created a demand for many naval vessels to be converted to address other needs. Our team understands that things can change and that you may need to transform your marine structure into something it was not intended for initially. Fortunately, the use of design can come in handy here, as we can virtually develop another purpose for your naval vessel. Whether you need a cargo ship or fishing boat, our team can work with you to convert your platform supply vessel into another naval structure.

There are many services we can offer to you regarding your naval designs. Whether you need to test the feasibility or stability of your designs or create an alteration or modification drawing or draft, our global network of designers can take on your naval architecture project. In addition to the services we can offer your company, there are various other ways our freelance designers can move your design projects forward. So, we invite you to check out our services page to see how we can make running your business much more straightforward.

boat schematics

The vessels Cad Crowd can create naval designs for

We understand you may have various demands regarding naval architecture and the type of naval vessel designs needed. We know that each naval vessel comes with unique energy systems, fueling needs, and aesthetic looks. Our naval architects and designers can handle various naval architecture services, including the examples below: 

  • General ship design
  • Ship drafting and schematic drawings
  • 3D ship modeling
  • Ship rendering
  • Boat design
  • Boat engineering
  • Underwater drones
  • Fishing vessels
  • Barges
  • Dry dock design
  • Workboat design
  • Yacht design, modeling, and rendering
  • Boat propeller design

If your naval vessel is not on the list, please get in touch with us to see if we have a designer on the platform that can handle a specific request. We understand that every naval architectural design project is unique, and we want to do our best to help you get the design help you need.

The benefits of outsourcing your naval architecture services

You may feel you can handle this in-house and want to hire a permanent or part-time team member. However, we would encourage you to consider the benefits of outsourcing your naval architectural services. Here are some vital statistics about the benefits of outsourcing:

  • According to a Deloitte 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, 59 percent of businesses surveyed cited cutting costs as the main reason they were outsourcing. The second highest reason (57 percent) was focusing on core business activities. The third was solving capacity issues (47 percent).
  • Outsourcing higher-level jobs (like naval design) is rising since all creative tasks cannot be automated.
  • Seventy-eight percent of businesses worldwide feel optimistic about their outsourcing partners.

The statistics above show that while it takes strategic planning and understanding your needs, outsourcing your naval architecture services can be a good move for your company. Here are a few benefits to consider when deciding if outsourcing and hiring a freelance designer is right for your naval architecture firm and business.

Access a high level of intellectual capital – This was rated as the sixth-highest reason businesses invest in outsourcing (28 percent). The rise of technologies (i.e., cloud storage, computing, and collaboration tools) simplifies working with experts from a distance. Cad Crowd's platform makes it possible to find a highly skilled naval architect who can handle all your design and project management needs without having to take the time to compile an extensive talent search.

Focus on what matters – This entry is the second-highest reason businesses were looking to outsource. Having your team focus on their talents is a massive advantage for your business. For example, having a naval architect oversee the project management for a naval design allows your team to work with them while enabling them to focus on their work. Outsourcing ensures that your core business activities do not have to suffer.

Cut costs – Paying the salary of a full-time naval architect can be costly. Outsourcing provides the flexibility to offer a fair, mutually beneficial wage that doesn't strain your budget. Also, outsourcing enables you to only pay for the hours of work that you receive. You do not need to pay for office space or supplies for this individual if they are working remotely.

Better manage your business environment – If you have someone taking care of the naval design process, it takes the stress off of having to do it yourself. One of a leader's best traits is knowing when to delegate. The art of delegation gives you the flexibility necessary to manage all the processes happening at your business. When you have to jump into the weeds, you are giving up the ability to manage your business. Outsourcing makes you confident that your business dealings are handled, whether small or large.

Additional support – What happens if one of your team members needs to be out for a few months or if you are hitting a period where you are experiencing a large volume of work? This situation is where outsourcing can prove its worth. You can easily hop on an outsourcing platform and connect with someone who can help you accomplish your needs. Things happen, and outsourcing provides the security you need to know that you can still find help when needed.

Better quality products – When you have a lean team, you may save on labor costs, but you are likely not producing the best products possible. When you strategically grow your workforce, you can ensure that you provide higher-quality products. For example, an outsourced naval architect whose only project is to manage the design of a naval vessel is more likely to produce a well-crafted model—which leads to a better overall product—than someone who has to fit this in with other duties. When you have someone focused on one enormous task, they can likely produce the results you need (since there are fewer distractions or responsibilities to take on).

Cad Crowd wants your company to realize the benefits of outsourcing. The practice can save you time, money, and peace of mind and even improve your work-life balance. Our team can find a vetted designer to assist you with naval designs from conception to completion. If you want to know how we can help you find the best naval architect for your naval design, don't hesitate to contact us for more information or any questions. 

Cad Crowd can help you find an experienced naval architect

There is no shortage of processes that go into creating a naval vessel. From fueling to propulsion and maneuverability, ensuring your draft, drawing, 3D model, or rendering is ready to move onto the final stage is crucial. The right naval design can prevent errors, help you engage stakeholders, and allow you to save more money in the long term.

Our global network of designers is pre-vetted, skilled in various niches, and brings years of experience to each project. They understand that each naval design process is unique, and you deserve a naval design that meets your specifications to achieve your business goals. Whether you are delivering cargo, operating a fishing business, or wanting to enjoy family vacations on a yacht, you deserve exceptional service and attention to detail. Cad Crowd is here to connect you with an expert naval architect. If you are ready to start the process, we invite you to contact us for a free quote today!

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