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Think about the last time you took a cruise, visited a friend’s yacht, or spent time on your town’s docks. For that watercraft or structure to accomplish what it did, function within the water, and keep all onboard safe, it required exceptional marine engineering design. Much like a vehicle or automobile, solid engineering ideas must go into the construction of all marine watercraft.

Whether you are a yacht company, a boat manufacturer, or offer marine services, it helps to have solid 2D and 3D marine watercraft designs.

Our team at Cad Crowd understands the level of engineering involved in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing watercraft. From ensuring all regulatory requirements are met to taking the time to confirm that all HVAC design services and electrical systems within the body are operational, our team is here to help. Our freelance designers can take your marine watercraft concepts and turn them into 3D models that you can give to builders to manufacturer your watercraft machinery.

However, before you reach that step, you first have to find a marine engineering design professional that can meet your needs. Fortunately, this is where our team can help. Cad Crowd is a platform that has access to an extensive network of pre-vetted global designers. Our goal is to make it easy for you to find the expert design help you need.

Whether you are creating a boat for leisure, or need it to further your business goals, we want the process of marine engineering design to be straightforward and as error-free as possible.

To find out more about marine engineering design, and how our team can help, stay tuned.

What is marine engineering design?

The role of marine engineering design is a broad one. It’s the practice of designing (and eventually building) a variety of watercraft. This list can consist of anything from aircraft carriers to sailboats and fishing vessels. While marine engineers will have some hand in working on the aesthetics of the ship, their primary focus is on the internal workings of the watercraft (which can include HVAC, propulsion, steering, refrigeration, and other processes). The ultimate goal is to improve the internal functionality of the carrier, submarine, ship, or boat.

What does a marine engineer designer do?

Broadly, these individuals work on designing the internal systems within a watercraft. However, specifically, their job is to handle the design of marine structures from conception to completion. Here are the services you can expect from a marine engineer (especially one who is a part of the Cad Crowd network):

  • The creation of technical drawings that showcase internal systems and processes.
  • Preparing detailed schematic drawings and layouts.
  • Ensuring all specifications and requirements used in the design meet regulatory standards.
  • Utilize premier CAD tools to do your 2D CAD drafting services into 3D models for further inspection and analysis.
  • Conduct Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tests on models to ensure it stands up to the potential internal and external stresses of marine-based environments.
  • May work with contractors to ensure the model is correctly represented in physical form.

This list is not exhaustive of what a marine engineering designer may do. Many will have a more active role in the building process, while others may conduct tests with the actual physical model once it is complete. The level of involvement of your marine engineering freelance designer will depend upon your needs for your specific project.

How we can help with your new marine engineering design project

While the approach of our mechanical engineer freelancers will likely be unique for each project, you can look forward to this general approach to your next marine engineering design project:

  • First, our designers will get a sense of your needs. They will want to know the goals of your business, what the watercraft will be used for, and how it should function. From there, our designers can begin to create 2D schematics and layouts of what you need. This step is the stage where we can help you sharpen your vision of what you want, and solidify the specifications or requirements. Whether you need a massive aircraft carrier or submarine, or a small yacht and fishing boat, these ideas have to start somewhere, and our team can work with you to ensure the preliminary drafts and drawings are best exhibiting what you need. 
  • Next, it’s time to bring these 2D drafts to life and holistically capture your preferences for your watercraft. Our design engineering services are experienced in using the latest premier 3D CAD software to produce photorealistic and detailed watercraft models. Through parametric modeling, exceptional graphic design, and particular attention to spatial relationships, our teams can create well-crafted 3D models of your marine structures or boats. 
  • Adding the extras. Maybe you want a 3D walkthrough, a virtual reality set-up, or aerial footage of the 3D model. You may also want a 3D animation that shows the details of the propulsion system, or breaks apart the boat’s exterior so your stakeholders can see all the equipment used in its composition. Whatever you need to make your 3D model accurately convey your specifications, we can do it. When you present your ideas or get ready to take on the task of investing your stakeholders, additional add-ons can spur engagement.

The goal of each of our designers is to ensure you get the product you need. We understand that you have a lot to manage. Whether you are in charge of fishing logistics, cargo inventory, or trying to create an exciting boating experience for your family, we want to help you accomplish whatever you need these designs to do.

The marine engineering design services we can offer

Again, many design services go into marine engineering designs. Here are the additional services you can look for our marine engineering designers to help with:

Ship design and drafting – Whether you’re looking to remodel or create a new ship entirely, our designers can take any concepts, 2D drafts, drawings, and ideas, and turn them into photorealistic models. Each project will convey the technical and aesthetic features of your ship’s design.

Yacht design, modeling, and rendering – Looking to create an affordable or luxury yacht experience? Our engineers and designers can help you develop plans of the yacht that fits your needs. From creating preliminary designs to developing schematics into realistic renderings, our designers can combine creativity with functionality.

Boat design and engineering – Not only does your boat need to look the way you want, it needs to meet various regulations, have the appropriate machinery, contain robust propulsion and steering systems, and have accurate HVAC systems. Our freelance designers and engineers can combine your aesthetic needs with the technical aspect of ensuring your boat is meeting codes and is safe to use.

Underwater drones – Today, scientists, nature enthusiasts, and even various marine organizations are venturing underwater to view everything from marine life to underwater plants. Many times, these places are a challenge to get to without the help of underwater drones. Our designers can work with you to draw a detailed plan and then build out a 3D model that encompasses all of the equipment needed to create a well-run underwater drone that can stand up to the stresses of marine activity.

Fishing vessels and cargo ships – You have to accomplish a lot with these ships. From carrying cargo to ensuring these vessels have the best fueling mechanisms, there is a lot to keep in mind when designing these. We understand that logistics that go hand-in-hand with these ships, and that they are needed to transport a large amount of inventory from one place to the next. Our team can also handle designs to convert one type of ship to another. As the oil and gas industries decline, we know that many companies may be wanting to turn cargo ships to fishing boats. Our team can also handle these situations.

Barge design – From the propeller to the diesel engine, our designers can craft a photorealistic model of a barge. For these vessels, the goal is to transport cargo from one location to another, and you need a naval structure that can handle this. The last thing you want is to go into a cargo order with a barge that is poorly designed. Our designers can put you on the right path when it comes to developing a barge that can handle your inventory transport needs.

Dry dock design – One of the essential tools you will need for the maintenance or construction of ships is a dry dock. These instruments are hollowed out vessels that fill up for equipment to be transported within it. The dry dock can then be drained so the materials can be taken. Cad Crowd designers can use your specifications to create 2D drafts and 3D designs that ensure your dry dock comes out accurately and can perform its designated function.

Workboats – If you are running a cargo or fishing business, workboats are essential to planning your logistics and getting the job done. Whether you need an escort tug, push boat, or landing craft, our designers can work with you to develop an accurate 3D model of your next workboat.

Whatever marine engineering design help you need, our team is equipped to provide it. We understand that when it comes to marine structures, the stakes are high. Developing marine watercraft can be expensive, and one mistake can send a project into chaos. That reason is why we want to help you along the way. 

Our team of pre-vetted and capable freelance engineers and designers are prepared to assist in your next marine engineering design project from ideation to manufacturing. So, if you would like to take a look at the additional services we offer, be sure to view our services page.

Why marine engineering design is necessary

As mentioned above, we know a lot may be riding on your next marine and yacht design. Whether you are planning to take your family on a yacht ride for next year’s vacation, or need to convert your cargo boat to a commercial fishing boat, marine engineering design provides many benefits. It is also necessary for the proper developing of marine structures. For more insight into the benefits of marine engineering design, take a look below:

Reduce mistakes – One incorrect measurement can throw a wrench in any marine engineering development project. We want to help ensure that doesn’t happen. Our freelancers understand the need for accuracy and precision, especially when your next boat is on the waters. We want it to hold up to the elements. Marine engineering design can allow you to reduce mistakes before you get to the building phase since everyone has a chance to see the visual display of specifications ahead of time.

Invest your stakeholders – Whether you are trying to get your board members, customers, or partners on board, marine engineering design allows you to spur their interest in what you are working on genuinely. Boats and other watercraft, whether for leisure or business, can be expensive. From investing in building contractors to purchasing materials, the costs quickly add up. 

Your stakeholders want to know if they are investing in the right projects. Marine engineering design puts their minds at ease by showing them what they can expect. This technique allows those budget line-items and verbal descriptions to become something everyone can see and interact with. Humans are visual, and utilizing this technique is a great way to bring the numbers and words to life.

Ensure regulations are being met – Our designers understand that your boat has to be in compliance with local and national laws. Floatation requirements, fueling systems, ventilation, loading, lengths, and many other attributes of the boat have to meet federal regulations regardless of whether it is recreational or commercial. This reason is why it is crucial to find a designer who is aware of marine engineering and the codes associated with it. 

Our global network of electrical engineer designers is likely to include someone who has worked in this lane. So, we invite you to take a look at our platform so you can find a marine engineering designer who is the right fit.

Testing and inspection – While you are probably going to test the final product, you want to find costly mistakes before you get there. Marine engineering design enables you to test out your specifications and requirements before you get to the prototyping or even final manufacturing stage. Not only do we have designers who are skilled in modeling and engineering, but many are experts in inspection and design testing. 

FEA analysis is one of the many services we offer that shows if a digital model can hold up to the stresses that will be present once they are manufactured. This technique can measure the impact of anything from heat to pressure. We know you want to ensure that any cargo present on your boat is safe, our designers can use marine engineering design, and the corresponding testing to ensure that happens.

Reduced manufacturing costs – The mantra of many designers is to “work smarter, not harder.” There may be equipment, specifications, and requirements associated with the watercraft design that you don’t need. Also, the designer may be able to come up with a creative alternative that saves on materials and other resources. 

Therefore, when you work with a marine engineering designer, you can expect them to help you cut costs and save on the final product. Our freelancers have handled many engineering and design projects, and their keen eye can help you save much money in the long-run.

Decreased manufacturing time – When it comes to manufacturing when one decision is made, everything else is like a domino effect. If you save on equipment and part costs, you will also be saving in other places. For example, cutting down on the materials needed to build your boat, yacht, kayak, or any other marine objects will decrease the amount of time necessary to produce them. Fewer parts also mean a less complicated manufacturing process so that you will need less equipment in the process as well as fewer workers.

Increase your efficiency – As you work with an experienced marine engineering design professional, they will begin to bring a sharp approach to design. They may have practical ideas for how you design your project flow, manufacturing process, and collaboration tactics. They will be able to produce work in a timelier fashion, which will automatically bring efficiency to all of your operations while also pointing out ways you can enhance other systems you have in place.

Get stellar designs – This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning. When you have an experienced professional handling your marine engineering design projects, you can count on receiving exceptional designs that combine aesthetics and function. From 2D drafts and layouts to detailed 3D models that effectively showcase the exterior and interior of your watercraft, you can count on well-crafted designs that allow you to accomplish your business goals. You deserve accuracy and precision, and our Cad Crowd designers can ensure that happens for you.

Better quality products – Again, all of these qualities relate to one another. If you’re getting better designs, have more process efficiency, and have the eye of talented marine engineering designers, you are also more likely to have a watercraft product of higher quality. You will produce products that have fewer errors, better equipment, and more functionality. These products will also meet federal and local regulations.

Have access to the best design tools – An experienced marine engineering designer will have access to premier design tools. Today’s CAD software (AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Microstation, Solidworks, SketchUp, and many others) are ever-evolving and becoming more advanced in what they offer. In addition to these software tools, your designer may also have access to other project management tools that can add efficiency to the design process.

There is a wide range of benefits to the marine engineering and design process. Not only will it make the design process move much smoother, but it will also ensure you are producing better products for your customers and other stakeholders. If you are looking to reduce errors, increase efficiency, and decrease costs, hiring a capable freelance marine engineering designer is critical. For a look at how to find the right person for your next project, be sure to take a look at our how it works page.

What you can expect when working with a Cad Crowd freelance marine engineering designer

Manufacturing isn’t easy, and the processes surrounding it are just as challenging. Ensuring you stay on budget, managing deadlines, hiring the right team members, and dealing with day-to-day business dealings can prove daunting. For almost ten years, the team at Cad Crowd has been helping companies add ease to the manufacturing and design processes. We understand that when you have a talented design professional who takes the work they do seriously, it makes taking your marine design idea to finished project a lot easier.

We want to help make design, manufacturing, and testing a more straightforward process, and our team is ready to help you find the designer to make this happen. Below are things you can expect during your experience of working with a freelance marine engineering designer.

Exceptional CAD and engineering services – Each of our designers are pre-vetted by a team of experienced designers and engineers. As a result, you can expect to work with the best. These are individuals who have already proven they can do the work (and do it well!). So, you don’t have to worry if the professional designs are at a high-quality level. You can go onto our platform and know that the designer you choose is ready to take on your marine engineering and design project.

An eye for excellence – Again, we understand that the design process is just more than creating captivating models and renderings. You want to be sure that you are producing a product that is safe, functional, and well-designed. Our designers know this and they are adept at using techniques like FEA, structural analysis, construction oversight, part inspection, and testing to ensure your watercraft is ready to go to market. The last thing you want to deal with is a recall or product failure. Our freelance marine engineering designers can work with you to produce exceptional designs that hold up when created. 

A fair accuracy guarantee and refund policy – Our team wants to ensure that you walk away from a project confident in what you were given. That is why we have developed an accuracy guarantee. Depending on the project type (private projects, contests, or 1-on-1 projects), if you are unhappy with the design, we are more than willing to mediate any issues that may result in a partial or full refund. Send us a detailed summary of the problem, and we, as well as the designer,  will take a look at the problem. This step is another way that we ensure you get what you need, while also motivating our designers to work with you to produce the best designs for your project.

A straightforward hiring process – Who has the time to go through numerous websites or comb the web for the best designer? If you are running your business, the chances are high that you do not have much time to manage this process. Fortunately, this is where we come in. Through private projects, contests, and 1-on-1 projects, we can help you find the designer that is best for what you need. In the maritime sector, you have logistics, inventory, and personnel to manage, so why not have someone help you find the designer you need so you can focus on tasks only you can do. 

A personalized approach – Each marine engineering design project is unique. It doesn’t need a one-size-fits-all approach. That is why our designers specialize in providing help and services that are personalized to each project. Your products are unique, and they deserve a solution that is just as specialized and different. So, when you work with a Cad Crowd designer, you can feel confident that their approach is developed for your specific product needs.

We are proud to say that we have worked with the likes of Tiffany and Co., Tupperware, the Yale University School of Medicine, and many other companies. We have worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to large corporations, and regardless of the size of the company or complexity of the process, we know that an exceptional designer is necessary to the success of any design project.

The gig economy has paved the way for companies and solopreneurs to find individuals who are experienced in marine engineering design, regardless of where they are currently located. So, if you require help designing your next cargo ship, submarine, dry dock, kayak, tugboat, or yacht, we have a team of designers who can help you go from concept to finished project.

If you are ready to begin your next marine engineering design project, we invite you to reach out with a free quote today!

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