What is the Accuracy Guarantee for contests?

We offer an Accuracy Guarantee for design contests and a Billing Security policy for job contracts on the Cad Crowd platform.

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Accuracy Guarantee and refund policy for contests

The Accuracy Guarantee is a refund policy that ensures you receive designs that meet the design criteria outlined in your initial project scope.

  • Contests: If a design contest ends without any submissions that accomplish a clearly defined function in the initial contest description (i.e., a toy boat that doesn’t float, inaccurate dimensions, etc.), then we’ll issue a refund will be issued within 30 days.
  • Important: Please do not choose a contest winner until you are completely satisfied with the winning design. When you choose the contest winner, the designer is paid immediately, and we may not be able to recover funds if your project has not been finished.

📡 Note: Please allow up to 15 days for refund processing and contact us if you have questions about the refund status.

About the Billing Security policy

Read our article for a complete summary of the Billing Security policy for managed services and job contracts.

About the policy:

  • Managed services: If a designer/engineer does not deliver work that meets your initial project criteria, then we will issue a refund for the percentage of the project that our in-house engineer deems incomplete. We have a 99%+ success rate for managed services with our vetted experts.
  • Job contracts: If you believe the designer/engineer has not met the requirements of your original project scope, please contact us with a detailed summary of the issue. We’re happy to mediate any project issues (mediation is usually successful), which may result in a partial or full refund. If mediation is unsuccessful, then our in-house engineer will review your project scope and issue a refund for the portion of your project that is incomplete. Please report any issues before the end of the weekly billing period for hourly jobs.
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