Billing Security policy for job contracts

Cad Crowd’s Billing Security policy delivers an added layer of production for hourly and fixed-rate job contracts. The Billing Security feature helps you and the expert to work together with the confidence that your payments are protected.

Billing Security for hourly jobs

How billing security works for hourly job contracts:

  • You can review your expert’s Work Journal to view updates on the job’s progress, confirm billable hours, and review work with activity screenshots.
  • In case the expert logs hours unrelated to your job, you can submit a dispute for the work time recorded in the previous week. You will be reimbursed for the work hours that do not meet the criteria for Hourly Billing Security.
  • The Hourly Billing Security offered by Cad Crowd does not cover bonus payments, manual time entries, or fixed-rate jobs. Please refer to Cad Crowd’s terms of service and Hourly Escrow Details to learn more about payment terms.

Billing Security for fixed-rate jobs

How billing security works for escrow milestones and fixed-rate contracts.

  • You and the expert will decide on job deliverables in the form of milestones and place funds (with a minimum of $25 USD per milestone) in Cad Crowd escrow.
  • Funds will be released from escrow after the expert submits work for your review and acceptance.
  • You can request work revisions or an escrow account refund if necessary.
  • You can submit a fixed-rate job dispute if you disagree about work deliverables or completed tasks.
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