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Hire naval design engineers & 3D CAD design services for boats & personal marine crafts

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Cad Crowd offers professional design services for yacht and marine vessels. Our talented network of designers and engineers will work with you on any aspect of marine design, from concept models to custom-designed parts to 3D-printable decor. Our comprehensive design services are completely tailored to meet your project's and timeline's specific requirements. Hire professional designers and engineers for either long or short-term contracts. Services offered include:

  • New Boat Designs
  • Remodels/Retrofits
  • Naval Architecture
  • Ship and Submarine Design
  • Specific Part Design and Fabrication
    • Propulsion
    • Steering
    • Hulls
    • Keels
  • Cabin & Chamber Design

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Yacht & marine design & CAD services

Whether you're looking to create a kayak, jet ski, luxury yacht, or anything in between, our experts are ready to help you with any phase of the design process. With our 3D printing and rapid manufacturing services, we can even help with the fabrication of custom parts and assemblies. 

Cad Crowd stands apart from conventional yacht design companies by offering clients a complete range of CAD design, freelance engineering, and custom decor. No other company offers the breadth of services as Cad Crowd's global network of freelance CAD and design professionals.

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Brands we've worked with

Yale University School of Medicine
Tiffany & Co.
CNOOC Limited
The Boston Consulting

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