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On Demand 3D Modelers to Help You Visualize Your Custom Furniture Designs

3D modelers to help you visualize your custom furniture designs

Whether you're looking for some unique furniture for your own home, or you're working on custom designer furniture for the market, our freelance furniture designers are ready to work with you to make your project a reality. Cad Crowd connects you with reliable, vetted CAD design and engineering professionals.

freelance furniture designWith modern design and production technology, it's never been easier to translate your furniture designs into real, tangible objects for the market or for your own home. Our fully customizable furniture design services are available both to furniture design companies and to individuals, whether you're looking to bring a new line of designer furniture for distribution or are looking to fill your own home with your unique pieces. Our professional network of 3D modelers and designers understand the manufacturing process and will help you translate your design ideas into workable models ready for manufacturing.

With the variety of materials available in modern direct digital manufacturing, you can create beautifully ornate furniture suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Our designers will work with you to create gorgeous patio, kitchen, bedroom, and drawing room pieces that will impress investors and friends alike.

Our top-tier design professionals are experienced in industrial design and design for manufacturing and will work with you to create furniture designs that are optimized for production and the market. We take the guesswork out of online hiring by connecting you directly with talented designers with a proven track record. Our experts are available to work with you at any point or throughout the entire design process. We provide long-term, short-term, and hourly design services to suit any client's need. 

The many different furniture design styles

There are many different styles of furniture you could use for your space. While some are outdated and you probably want to avoid them, others can spruce up your room. If you're still in the process of designing pieces, it'd pay off to know the differences between furniture styles.


While you can't technically design antique furniture, you can find pieces in shops and clean them up. Everyone needs a piece of antique furniture in their home. Antique furniture has to be, at the very least, over 100 years old. Because it's so old, it's most likely made of wood and has obvious antique details, making them stand out.


Traditional designs combine three different historic styles, being Queen Anne, Sheraton, and Chippendale. What you get is stylish furniture with classic ornamentation, straight lines, and tapered legs.


These are also old pieces, but they're younger than antique and have usually been used recently. They capture the best part that's connected to the era they come from.


Rustic furniture is extremely warm, making you feel comfortable and embraced as soon as you enter the room. They use earthy hues, are often oversized, and have an element of history. They're usually made of natural materials like timber, linen, cotton, or hide. 

Retro design

A lot of people mistake vintage furniture with retro, but they're very different. Retro is actually made up of more modern styles than vintage, but they're actually outdated and out of style. You don't necessarily have to throw a bunch of different colors and shapes together, which is what most people think of as retro. Instead, split it up into different rooms.

Modern furniture

Modern furniture is monochromatic and made up of materials like steel, plastic, leather, and vinyl. It's the child of the early 1900s modernist movement.


Many people mistake contemporary and modern as the same thing, but they're not. Contemporary furniture is anything that was designed recently or in the immediate past. It's typically minimalistic and has sleek lines, though made of non-traditional materials.

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Photorealistic rendering for new furniture concepts

Take advantage of cutting-edge CAD design technology for designer furniture with our network of professional product designers and freelance CAD experts - not only to help you design your 3D furniture design but to create CAD files ready for prototyping or and direct digital manufacturing. These modern technologies make designer furniture production cost-effective and accessible for companies of all sizes, and for creative individuals unsatisfied with what the market has to offer. Our CAD design experts specialize in creating 3D printable models ready for manufacturing, making it easier than ever to transition from the design phase to production.

If you're interested in crowdsourcing, we also offer crowdsourced design competitions. You select the prize, you select the winners! Pay only for the designs that you love from a range of submissions.

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