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Most designs don’t start as realistic 3D models. For many, the journey to that final product or architectural design begins as a sketch or basic 2D design. This step is a crucial part of the design process. However, there will be a time when you will want to move from a 2D design to a 3D model that can be used for prototypes and manufacturing. Ultimately, the practice of 2D to 3D conversions is necessary for any designer or design firm. 

Today, changing consumer tastes and the demand for more customized services require considerable attention to detail and high-quality design. For this reason, your company must consider 2D to 3D conversion services. However, you may not have the time or resources to handle this service in-house. 

For reasons like this, Cad Crowd has spent the past ten years helping entrepreneurs and business owners find talented and capable designers. Our global network of freelance CAD designers has been pre-vetted by our in-house designers and engineers, ready to provide exceptional design assistance. 

You may not have immediate access to a designer, or your in-house team can’t handle this task in addition to their other roles. Regardless of where you are in the process, we want you to be able to find the 2D to 3D conversion services that you need. So, for more information about this service and how our team can help, stay tuned. 

What are 2D to 3D conversion services? 

2D to 3D conversion services are the practice of converting “flat” 2D imagery to a three-dimensional model. The goal is to keep the same quality of the original image or even enhance it. This technique is used in a wide variety of sectors. Architectural drawings, manufacturing drafts, aerospace drawings, product designs, and the like can be transformed into 3D renderings. 

Many times, 2D to 3D conversion services are a logical next step for the design process, but they can be challenging if you work with staff or resource limitations. This reason is why our freelance designers offer 2D to 3D conversion services. For a look at how we can connect you to a talented designer, see our how it works page. 

Why 2D to 3D conversion services are necessary 

Here are a few reasons why 2D to 3D conversion services are essential to your next design project. 

Move along the design process—Starting with a 2D draft may be an excellent way to begin, but this will not get you to the final product you seek. As a result, you must add 2D to 3D conversion services to your process to take those 2D drafts and convert them to 3D models that your design team can work on. 

Preserve old records—You may have some helpful blueprints, layouts, and drafts that you need to preserve long-term. A great way to do this would be to scan your 2D drawings and transform them into 3D models. Not only will this give you and your team more significant insight into these 2D drafts, but you can save the information in a way that allows those that come later to work with them further. 

Conduct analysis and stress tests—How do you know if your design can handle the stresses that may come its way once completed? Converting your 2D drawings into 3D drafts allows designers to test and analyze the models. This information allows you and your team to alter the design if necessary. 

Prevent errors—Three-dimensional modeling gives you another look into the development of a design. It makes mistakes and measurement errors much easier to see. 

Develop prototypes—You can’t always adequately print a workable 2D version of a product, tool, or component. However, you can correctly prepare a 3D model for 3D printing, prototyping design services, and manufacturing. Again, 2D to 3D conversion services are the appropriate next steps for processes with this end goal. 

Incorporating 2D to 2D conversion services into your design project has many benefits. However, before you can start, you must find an expert product design service to walk you through this process. 2D to 3D conversions require exceptional skill to get a two-dimensional draft or even a crude sketch to an outstanding 3D model that considers all initial specifications. 

You want someone who can maintain accuracy and precision in their approach to your design project, whether you are moving through an architectural plan or are creating a product. We can help you step in the right direction regarding your design project. If you are ready to start the process, be sure to reach out for a free quote. 

The 2D to 3D conversion services we can offer to your business 

There is a wide range of services that we can offer to you and your team. We invite you to look at how our network of designers can help you move forward in your design project. 

2D CAD drafting—Maybe you have an idea but need help getting a 2D representation or drawing of your product or architectural plan. Our CAD designers can use state-of-the-art CAD software to create accurate and precise 2D technical drawings that can then be converted into 3D models. 

AutoCAD drafting—AutoCAD is a premier design solution for many designers and drafters. This tool allows them to produce detailed and precise drawings that adhere to specifications. There are many tool options, but AutoCAD is a preferred resource for many, and a good reason. Our team can use this tool to get you the necessary technical drawings. 

Machine drawing services—Every laptop, automobile, and aircraft started as a draft. The components used to make these machines began as 2D sketches that were then converted into 3D models. Whether you need machinery for assembly or general operation, our team can work with you to ensure you reach your design goals. 

3D modeling design—3D modeling is at the core of every product, architectural, and general design project. It is the bridge between developing a strategic idea and preparing it for final production. Our team can turn your 2D drafts into 3D models regardless of your design needs. 

3D printing design—One of the optimal reasons for converting your 2D drafts to 3D models is the opportunity to move forward in 3D printing and prototyping. Three-dimensional models can be transformed into designs prepared for distribution and further manufacturing. 

These are just a few services our global network of designers can offer to handle your 2D to 3D conversion services. If you would like a look at the other ways we can assist with your design projects, we invite you to take a look at our Services page. 

Allow our team to take 2D to 3D conversion services off your hands 

We know you have a lot to manage as an entrepreneur and business owner. From handling employee onboarding to ensuring that you are meeting your financial goals, design can make an already full plate overwhelming. Our business is about connecting entrepreneurs with exceptional designers who can take their design projects to the next level. Outsourcing our conversion services is an excellent way to bring efficiency to your team.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing 2D to 3D conversion services: 

  • Affordability—You no longer have to pay for extensive hiring costs; instead, you can hire a capable designer and decide on a mutually beneficial wage. From there, you only have to pay for the work. 
  • Free up your staff—Outsourcing allows you to free up time for yourself and your team. Instead of them having to handle conversion services, they can tackle specialized tasks that only they are trained to do. On the other hand, you can continue to be the face of your company. You want someone handling the core business activities that only you can do, so consider hiring a freelance professional. 
  • Receive an expert opinion—A design freelancer can bring years of exceptional experience to your firm. They can offer insight and expert advice about the design process and help you move your design plans forward. It would be expensive to hire a designer of the same caliber for a full-time salary.

There are many ways your team can benefit from outsourcing and working with a talented designer from Cad Crowd. We know you have a lot on your plate, and we want to help ease the load. So, again, we want to invite you to reach out for a free quote if you are ready to move forward.   


2D-to-3D conversion design services

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