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As technology develops faster than ever, your company needs more detailed and better quality designs to compete and keep growing. 2D and 3D modelling allow you to construct your concept using variables like measurements, color, and texture to come up with a 2D or 3D dimensional figure. 2D and 3D modeling allow you to evaluate your product before manufacturing it, making modelling a critical part in the design process.

A 3D model is a representation built from combining 2D figures displayed on the screen as a 3D model using rendering. A 3D printer allows you to take this model from the screen into your hands. A 3D model uses points in three dimensions connected with geometrical figures to represent a shape. Using cutting edge design software, Cad Crowd freelancers produce outstanding models to represent the product or structure you are aiming for.

There are multiples applications for 2D to 3D conversion models. The current global market has become more and more visual, making it important that you show the concept of your product as realistically as possible. 2D to 3D conversion is used in engineering, architectural fields, and marketing. These days, a product is measured not only by how well it can perform a task, nor how elegant and practical it is, but how well you can sell it.

Cad Crowd offers global experts able to take your concept to the next level. We will assist you in representing your 2D plans or concept as an understandable and appropriate 3D model to help you accomplish your goals and put your project on the world’s market as soon as possible. Our team is available for companies and entrepreneurs seeking to develop high-quality 3D models from 2D plans.

Our creative designers can provide you with the realistic rendering you are looking for. We take the existing 2D models and put them together to enhance a particular feature of your product. Cad Crowd designers understand how to tailor modelling concepts to the task and product they are representing.

2D to 3D Conversion for Product Design

Product design is the process of converting your idea from the concept stage to something tangible. After you go through different stages of the design process and have exploited the potential of the idea, it’s time to represent your creation in a 3D product. Our team of CAD designers understands the process of representing different kind of products: materials, tolerances, measures or colors, and all data already defined in your 2D model. Cad Crowd can provide you with top designers able to understand your 2D model and put it together correctly to get the results you expect.

When you convert from 2D figures to 3D models, you target a bigger market: more people will find your idea appealing because it is already finished and ready to print or manufacture. Our freelance CAD designers will assist in using your 2D draft to produce a 3D product that accurately represents the user experience you are trying to provide. We add value by producing 3D models or rendering using the top software in the market.

Freelance Engineers and Architects to Convert 2D Plans into 3D Models

2D to 3D modelling conversion is widely used in the field of engineering. Our mechanical and civil engineering experts can transform your 2D plans and specifications to a detailed rendering to be used as a marketing tool or to visualize the project. Showing the form of your mechanical features or right scaled bridge can help you to improve the project or sell it well.

3D models for architects are a useful way to show the appearance of building, parks, decoration or any kind of design. Architects plan, design and construct all kind of structures, using engineering and art as tools to add remarkable characteristics to the structures. Using 2D to 3D conversion we facilitate the visualization of those particular features. Cad Crowd will connect you with highly qualified designers who will meet your requirements.

Wide Range of Application for 2D to 3D Conversion

Industries like entertainment and marketing may also use 2D to 3D conversion. If you need to show a scenario in a video game or 2D animated film, our services of conversion may be what you need. Our top designers have the knowledge to work in any field, including 3D animation, art design, and fashion design. By working in a global marketplace we can offer you not only the best in their areas but competitive prices so you can get an excellent product all while watching your budget.

Once you have your 3D models, you can take your project to printing and present the result to the industry before taking it to mass manufacturing. You choose how long you want to work with our freelancers, leaving you the freedom to hire them for other task involved in the creation of your 3D product. Get in touch for your free estimate!

2D to 3D Conversion Design Services

Whether you’re looking to convert a 2D model into a 3D product, or reviewing 2D models to transform them into renders, our freelance CAD designers assist you in the process of generating a top quality 3D product. Cad Crowd is the expert in bringing client and firms together with top-quality CAD designers: We offer different options to find the professional that best fit your preferences. For entrepreneurs or big companies, Cad Crowd can take care of selecting a CV that suits your project the best.

In rendering, a multitude of options can help you realize your ideal concept. At Cad Crowd we can launch a contest to help get different points of view for your concept. You can review the results to find the ones that fulfill your expectations, and then select your favorite.

Because we want you to have control over what is best for your project, you can also hire a designer to work with you on a daily basis to convert your 2D model into a 3D product.

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