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Industrial design is the art of uniting function and form to create the best possible user experience. This skill is central to excellent product design and has the potential to add value to the development of any new consumer product. Rather than a set of steps or a specific method, it is a framework based on knowledge, experience, and expertise for improving existing concepts and ideas. Good engineering makes a product work. Good freelance industrial design creates a desirable aesthetic and user interface that shapes how the end user will interact with the product. 

Industrial design is the design of an object that is meant for mass production. In practice, the field is deep and complex, and it calls upon a wide variety of skills and knowledge. Industrial design is a relatively new approach to designing products and has been in use only since the advent of mass production. For the first time, objects are planned and designed fully before they are ever actually produced. The production process itself then becomes largely a matter of automation. 

Today, we take this all for granted. From electronics to kitchen equipment to toys, talented freelance industrial designers are the driving force behind so many of the objects that make up our daily lives. We're surrounded by these products. They enrich our lives. And in a world of mass-produced items, it's essential to get the design right.

Industrial design is an important component of all new product development projects. Just as product designers always need to consider how the end user will interact with a product, they must also design with an eye towards the manufacturing process. A talented industrial designer combines innovative design skills with a knowledge of production materials and a deep understanding of manufacturing technologies. Successful products need to be made both for the discerning consumer and for efficient production. Design errors can easily lead to unforeseen problems in manufacturing, which can end up being extremely costly. Manufacturing is always a major cost when bringing a product to market. These costs can increase significantly due to poor design choices early on. The best way to avoid these nasty cost overruns is to work with experienced, talented, and reliable product development specialists.

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Freelance industrial design & CAD design servicesfreelance industrial design services

Producing quality products optimized for industrial manufacturing means working with top-quality designers. Cad Crowd connects you directly with pre-qualified, industry-leading designers with a proven track record of successful work. We believe that by taking advantage of the efficiencies of digital and online technologies, we can provide our design services at a fraction of the cost of traditional design firms. Our lower overhead costs and more efficient business practices enable Cad Crowd to connect you with world-class industrial design services firms that will exceed your expectations.

We offer a full range of industrial product design services for any project. Because of the complexity and competitiveness of modern industries, product design has never been so challenging. Having an experienced network of designers and engineers behind you is essential for the production of a new, innovative, and successful product. Our global network includes designers, modelers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and patent attorneys, making Cad Crowd a powerful alternative to conventional design firms. 

It's one thing to design a product that looks awesome. It's another thing to design a product that can be manufactured cost-effectively for the market. We'll connect you with a talented industrial designer who understands the manufacturing process and will work with you to create a product that meets your aesthetic expectations while satisfying the demands of mass production. The key to successful product design is to create products that will look great and appeal to buyers while retaining full functionality and value.

A complete range of design services

Cad Crowd is ready to work with you through every phase of the design cycle. From conceptualization to initial design to prototyping, we've got the expertise you need in the early stages of product development. Our CAD designers are experts at utilizing 3D modeling and virtual analysis technologies to help you transform your idea into an actual product that's ready for manufacturing. Our industrial designers develop top quality products every day.

We set ourselves apart from typical design companies by working with a broad network of production and design experts to provide a range of services that go beyond design. With our prototyping services, it's never been easier to create tough, functional prototypes that can be used to hammer out any design flaws before they become costly mistakes. And once your design has been completed, we can connect you with leading rapid-manufacturing firms based in the U.S. that are ready to bring your invention to the world. 

Get a quote now. We'll review your design project and provide you with a free estimate for design work that will meet your requirements. We'll pair you with design services from one of our top-tier freelancers, backed by our accuracy guarantee. 

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Freelance industrial designers offering top-quality product design services

What sets Cad Crowd apart is the diversity and flexibility of the services we offer. Our product development services are available for both large corporate clients as well as independent inventors and entrepreneurs. Our services are completely customizable to meet the requirements of your specific project. We connect you with reliable freelance industrial design and CAD experts who provide a comprehensive range of product design solutions. 

We can work with you to translate your idea into a workable CAD design, test it through functional prototypes, impress investors with 3D models and presentations, and connect you with the best manufacturing firms in the United States.

No other design company offers the range of CAD services you'll find at Cad Crowd. We also do crowdsourcing design competitions. Post a detailed description of your project, set a fair prize amount, and select the winners from multiple submissions. 

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