Steps to Posting Design Contests

Write what you need

Write what you need

Write your project summary, choose a timeline and set a timeline and decide on your budget.

Review submissions

Review submissions

Based from the submissions of the designers who joined the contest and make changes until you’re 100% satisfied with the design.

Pick your favorite design

Pick your favorite design

Choose the winning designer! After reviewing submissions, choose the design that you like best and award the prize to the freelancer of your choice.


Benefits of Crowdsource Design Contests for Wearable Tech

Crowdsourcing design competitions is a great way to find expert CAD designers and freelance product developers for your new wearable tech ideas. With thousands of designers in our network, your contests could easily get dozens of submissions. You get to select the prize, and you pick the winners. Only pay for the designs that you really love! With our money-back guarantee, you won't have to pay for any designs that don't meet your contest description.

Post a design contest today, set your prizes to suit your project, and you'll have submissions coming in no time. 

Latest CAD design projects

Travel shoe horn

Design a simple yet elegant travel shoe horn with an integrated bottle opener

Under $799
Silicone Toddler Placemat

We want to make a silicone placemat for toddlers with extruding bowls (probably 3 bowls). The shape should be a dinosaur (maybe stegosaurus or t-rex). Please see attached elephant...

Under $799
Pocket Lock-it

This Contest is for a hip and totally cool "Pocket Lock It". This product will need to be trendy and something that every teenager and young adult will love! It seems that with...

Under $799
Mould for Spherical Hollow Ice Ball

I would like to design a plastic/silicone mould that forms an ice ball once placed inside the freezer that is 3D printable. The ice mould needs to make a hollow ice ball. Design...

Under $799
camalapse mini

We are looking to add another product to our successful camalapse 4 product offering. The camalapse mini will operate using a similar internal mechanical/spring wound timer that is...

Under $799

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