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3D sculpting allows designers to manipulate and mold a virtual object as though it were made of clay, letting them introduce details, meshes, and textures that would be impossible to render with other 3D modeling techniques. 3D sculpting design is used to render the surface of objects and is mainly helpful for curved and organic surfaces rather than hard surfaces with straight lines—think monsters in video games or race cars rather than hardwood tables. It's commonly used in CGI, photorealistic illustrations, and prototyping for 3D printing. With its wide variety of uses and unique applications, 3D sculpting is a tool you don't want to ignore.

There are two main approaches to 3D sculpting. The first uses a surface mesh of polygons (2D shapes) that designers can manipulate to create their desired 3D surfaces. This technique allows designers to work at multiple levels of resolution, with some mesh structures composed of small polygons used for fine details and others with larger polygons used for more oversized shapes. The limitation of this technique is that the specific polygons used can limit the designer's possibilities.

The second approach to 3D sculpting is voxel manipulation. This approach is closer to the clay metaphor in that the designer starts by manipulating a blob    of undifferentiated material composed of voxels (3D pixels). Voxel manipulation allows the designer more freedom than the surface mesh approach. Still, it can make it harder to work at multiple levels of abstraction—changing the "big picture" structure of the piece can alter finer details and vice versa. The surface mesh technique tends to be more popular, but some prominent designers still favor the voxel approach.

How 3D sculptors make it happen

Our freelancers are proficient in a wide range of 3D sculpting programs. Let us know if you want expertise in a particular software program! Here are some of the tools used by our professional 3D sculpting firms:

  • ZBrush: ZBrush uses the surface mesh approach and is often credited with bringing 3D modeling to the mainstream. Though it has a steep learning curve, it's a top choice for pro designers.
  • Mudbox: Like ZBrush, Mudbox uses a surface mesh to model surfaces, though it's considered to have a much more intuitive interface.
  • 3D Coat: The leading app using the voxel approach, 3D Coat is an excellent option for designers who want the freedom to manipulate their designs at the highest level of resolution.
  • Modo: Modo uses a unique approach that utilizes vector displacement and is famous for its controlled brush pallet.
  • Blender: Blender uses a densely triangulated mesh to give designers a high control level.

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At Cad Crowd, we'll connect you with the top 3D sculpting freelancers on the Web, whatever your design needs or software preferences. We have vetted professionals whose skills are specifically tailored to the needs of your project and company. We take the stress out of online hiring. With Cad Crowd, you don't have to worry about sorting through stacks of resumes. We'll match you with a top-ranking 3D sculptor with the skills and experience you need to realize your project goals.

Whether your project is big or small, Cad Crowd can affordably, efficiently, and promptly serve your needs for a large enterprise, entrepreneur, inventor, or personal hobbyist. We offer better prices and faster, more flexible services than conventional design firms with no loss in quality. Whatever your needs, Cad Crowd is here to serve you best.

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At Cad Crowd, we'll connect you with top freelance professionals to meet your company's needs, whether they be in animation, 3D modeling, 3D printing, or whatever else you might need. 3D sculpting is only one of the many services we offer at Cad Crowd.

Whether you're designing a video game, producing a CGI film, creating models for 3D printing, or redesigning your home, Cad Crowd has the right designer for you. Our experts in 3D sculpting and other forms of design will provide you with the best possible service whatever your needs and deadline.

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